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  • 12 years later...

    This was a popular dramedy show back then, but then, not only its was discontinued in the wrong time, the second season was completely messed up by the WB's TV critics for no reason at all. This show deserves to be reboot in the future, but this time, it wont' be messed-up nor discontinued by then. The rebooted version needs new actors and new actresses with the close resemblance as the first ones and the only network that would accept it will be ABC Family by Fall 2019 Season.
  • a hilarious show about highschool and clicks. filled with strang occurnces and sometimes unrealistic situations! I love watching sam and brooke as they developed from not knowing each other to being enemies to being sisters.

    how can u not love this show!!! it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I just can't believe it ended like this!!! it left me wanted more!! why did the wb have to cancel it before they can answer the many questions that were left unanswered at the last episode? i hate u the wb (now cw). I have never seen a show like popular though, it stands above all the other highschool shows. And unlike the rest, it's unpredictable and it is very unique!!! Who doesn't love popular?? I just wish they had left it on for 1 more season.
  • A stroke of genius that was way ahead of its time.

    While Popular started off all serious and chock full of teen angst like every other teen drama out at the time, it soon pulled ahead of the pack. This show hit its stride about midway through season one when the writers decided to break the mold and do something new. A butterfly emerged from its cocoon when Popular turned from a teen angst clone into pure comedic genius. The writers managed to maintain some of the seriousness while also laughing at themselves. Sure, it was over the top at times, but that's what made it so great. It was a brilliant show that was killed much too soon, and there hasn't been anything since that has even come close.
  • A great show that should have never been cancelled!

    POPULAR was one of the best shows on television. It had witty and hilarious dialogue along with genuinely likable characters and fine performances. It showed the dark side of high school life in an often humorous way. The scripts were always fresh and funny and gave the actors a lot to work with. The actors themselves all did fine jobs, especially Sara Rue as Carmen Ferrera, the real heart and soul of the show. This show was abruptly canceled after an unsatisfying season finale that featured a cliffhanger ending. It should have never been gotten rid of and should still be on the air today!
  • Popular is an amazing show, anyone who watches it will love it

    this was my favorite show in te world and i cant believe how its just left hanging there Pplesae please please bring popular back, there isnt a better show in the whole world and its not being run. SO please start again, I beg you, I love this show soo much!
  • 0nly the good die young!

    For some reason I come late to the party with a lot of my favorite shows & I regret POPULAR is on that list. I started watching merely as a curiosity & fell in love with the show. This was first satire of the high school experience. John F. Kennedy High Schools are a dime a dozen & here we had Jacqualine Bouvier Kennedy High. The girls bathroom was called The Novak in honor of Kim Novak. The cheerleading squad was called the Glamazons. This show was so adept at interspersing goofball comedy with serious drama. We were promised a third season, the cast was promised a third season, the crew was promised a third season but those bastards at the WB lied. That lie left us with loose ends that still haunt us & the show now a decade after Its summary execution. In light of GLEE & NIP/TUCK & the fact that Ryan Murphy is now considered a television god, the CW(the WB's reconstituted form) can give us the reunion movie that will tie them all up. We the fans & the cast & the crew deserve closure. A POPULAR movie will end the show on proper terms. This show died a senseless, needless, premature death. Let us breathe a final blast of fresh air so we can say goodbye to it the right way.
  • So many words can describe this show but Underappreciated hits the mark. This show truly beings the words "Dramedy" life, with the ability to make me laugh out loud in one scene and then cry in the very next.

    I only recently started watching Popular in the month of July and still watch it every chance I get. The characters, the stories, the humor, it never grows old. It still keeps me interested even months after viewing the entire series. It instantly became a favorite of mines and I absolutely love it.

    The best thing about the show is that it took the name "Dramedy" to a new level. The show is high on slapstick comedy but it's still considered a drama in its own right. It takes the genre to a new level and was way ahead of its time.

    Every character was colorful and brung a light to the show. Even the minor characters who were only used as a joke most of the time. It was honestly the most original humor I've ever had in a long time. It's amazing how this show gets overlooked all the time. With shows like Dawson's Creek, Beverly Hills 90210, and Melrose Place getting instant recognition, it amazes me how much this show fell under the radar. It's nothing short of perfect.

    Please, give this show a chance if you. You'll LOVE it.
  • Should not have ended so soon!

    At the time this was such a breakout show, such a surprise hit and yet I still wonder why its run was cut so short. Ratings, shmatings. This show really had A LOT of potential. I watched it every single week, never missed an episode and I always got something out of each episode.

    Main character Brooke gives other main character, Sam a run for her money even though their parents marry each other. Popularity, sexuality, health, wealth, and so many more issues are covered in this comedy-drama, well dramedy.

    This show was underappreciated without a doubt and should have been given more than 2 seasons.
  • A truly underated show that was cancelled way before its time.

    Popular was a dramedy on the life of high school through the eyes of two groups: the popular group led by Brooke McQueen and the unpopular led by Sam McPherson.

    Popular was in my opinion before its time, it is much like its creators new show glee, with many of the comedic sequences in glee reminiscent of Popular's own unique comedy. Glee has been able to become a pop culture icon and popular was unlucky not to experience this too.

    Popular has a unusual look at the life of teenagers and brings out some of the funniest characters and events that you will ever see in TV while also having some of the most hard hitting and dramatic stories as well. Along with this is the appeal of the characters who are all very different to each other but all suffering the problems of high school.

    This was a truly great show with many fantastic episodes to choose from, it is unfortunate that is was cancelled early but the 2 seasons that were made are still a highly enjoyable experience for viewers old and new.
  • Amazing show; explored so many common issues.

    One of the main reasons I loved this show, was because it explored so many issues that teenagers go through. There was a little bit of everything; popularity, divorce, stepfamilies, cheating, cliques, bullying, cancer, relationship issues, fights with friends, alcoholic or abusive parents, financial struggles... there was just so much covered in the two seasons that this show ran for. Most shows I watch last for four or five seasons and never cover as many issues as this one did. Every episode left you with some sort of a message, while mixed in with humor at the same time. I loved how there was always a serious half of the show, while mixed with something absolutely ridiculous (usually something Mary Cherry related) . Amazing show. So sad that it ended (and especially on such a cliffhanger).
  • Hot Hot Brooke McQueen and Hot Hot Sam McPhearson are bitter social rivals at school, who soon become step sisters. The program is half comedy half drama, but all social satire on the many levels and aspects of what it takes to fit and still be yourself.

    "People either got it or they didn't." These sentements are from one of the commentary tracks from Popular's season 2 DVD. Their second year I found to be undoubtedly stronger that their first season. When the show first aired, it was apparent in the early episodes that they were still trying to find an identity amongst the other teen shows airing at the time. This was more a counter to that type of programming.
    Popular was abundantly silly, with amaturish production value.There were bumbling teachers and adults, and every sterotype you could think of. But beneath the surface, the show tapped into some tough issues, some of which never get recognized on other programs. What really hooked me, was a certain "truism" to some of the situations that arose. In one episode, there is a beauty pageant, where "Miss Popularity", Brooke is a shoe-in, but the girl with "character and a good heart" Carmen, is starting to look like the underdog winner. Nope. Brooke still wins. And that's life sometimes. The same goes for Lilly, the activist who sometimes has to learn the hard way that you can't win them all. Or Harrison, the gawky kid that will always be seen as "just a friend" to the love of his life. These episodes are where the show really shines.
    The strongest actors were Leslie Bibb, Christopher Gorham, and especially Tammy Lynn Michaels as the super b*tch, Nichole. Charicatures like "Sugar Daddy" probably weren't as appealing as they hoped. Another favorite of mine was Mary Cherry the texas heiress that provided most of the biggest laughs on the show. (they tend to run too far with her character at the end of season 2, however).
    I'm not surprised the show got cancelled, but it was cut short after a nail-bitting finale, leaving one of the most infamous unresolved endings I'll ever remember. Closure would be nice.
  • Pure genious! Comedy, drama, important issues, brilliant acting (Harison and Mary Cherry of course hehe). Ryan Murphy is a God among men! hehe

    This show is my all time favourite show ever! It was so well written. It had all the things a good show needs: Comedy, drama, important issues, brilliant acting!
    "Two Weddings and a Funeral" was the funniest series finale I have ever seen, no-one else could get away with it other then that Brilliant man Ryan Murphy! That lip-sync song was utterly hilaroius!
    The episode "Ch Ch-changes" completley changed my perspective on life. It was so heart warming to watch a teen show that teaches that its not whats on the outside that counts but whats on the inside. I loved that this show delt with real life issues: eating disorders, high school popularity, cancer, homophbia, poverity etc... while still having a completley insane sense of humour (mary cherry of course hehe, the best character ever written)

    While i write this review of the best show ever I would just like to commend Christopher Gorham (aka Harrison John) on his fine fine acting. I have never seen a cancer patient be played so well, it brought tears to my eyes! Honestly hes the best male actor i've ever seen. All he needs is to get the part in one big box office movie and he'll be mega famous forever. P.S. Chris i love you in Ugly Betty too hehe!
  • Truely Sad...

    Ok it's truely a sad day here in Canada... Cuz they took off Popular from the schedual grid on the Family channel... And instead put in its place "Corey In the House" Now there's no choice but to buy the DVD... Yes people it is worth it... You can catch a few episodes on Youtube... There's not much to say about it, pretty obvious... Popular vs Unpopular, but it's not only about the feud between the two groups through-out the whole series... Watch as every single character even the so called freaks April Tuna and Emory Dick develope... Watch as new relationships are formed, while others are destroyed... It was genious! Pure genious! There's the stereotypical pretty popular blonde girl Brooke McQueen, with self-esteem issues, evil takes a human form in Nicole Julian, she's the one you'll love to hate, the all so lovable psychotic southern rich-girl Mary Cherry, then comes Josh Forde, all around Mr Popularity, and his best friend Sugar Daddy Burnadino...

    On the other side of the social food chain of Kennedy high is the unpopular group... The leader of the group Samantha "Sam" McPherson, a bit cynical sometimes hyopcritical but with good intentions, her best friend Harrison John "Jo", sweet and honest even when it hurts, Lilly Espasito is an environmentalist tough and stubborn, and last but not least Carmen Ferrara, positive and upbeat, really ambitious yet sensitive...

  • woah

    The popular ones, the unpopular ones, the geeks. Kennedy High is the set for a big war: the popular against the unpopular. On the popular side: Brooke McQueen, a Barbie doll prototype, the head cheerleader with Nicole, her best friend and the Devil in person. Her boyfriend, Josh Ford, star of the football team; Mary Cherry, the psycotic multi-millionaire Texan girl and Sugar Daddy. On the unpopular side: Sam McPherson, the girl who is always looking for justice; Harrison, the not-so-hot boy; Carmen Ferrara, the fat girl with the warm heart and Lily, the confused girl with the boyish look. Brooke and Sam, enemies by nature, have to deal with their parents' marriage and school problems. A drama A comedy an over all good show!
  • Omg why did they have to cancel such a terrific show i now personnally hate WB just for this. Popular was such a great show canceling it with out a proper ending was a shock for me

    I know Popular was a long time ago 6 years in fact but I personally think that if they brought it back it would be a huge hit becasue Popular still airs on Family Channel and it is such a great show i dont think words can descirbe it but thats all i have to say about popular for now what i think is the greatest comedy/drama there ever was considering how they left all the main plots left unsolved it jsut shocked me when i saw pormblems and the next day i sat down with my popcorn ready to watch, what i thought woudl be the greatest episode yet just to find out its the very first episode.:'( Please bring it back
  • Hilarious !

    This show is one of the funniest i've ever watched, the characters are so interesting and never get boring throughtout both seasons. This show was my favorite when I was about nine or ten so i had to buy the dvds to jog some memories and i didn't regret it, this show definately needs to come back to television, even if it's only with reruns because everyone should see it, it's an amazing show that was cancelled way too early with barely any closure because the series finale was definately a letdown but besides that, this show needs to come back !
  • I think this show is amazing and that they should make more episodes and not take anyone out of it. its greeeatt

    This show is so amazing.
    I watch it everynight!
    its so fantastic.
    i think it should win awards and they should make new episodes and keep this running
    yeeee boiii
    I was just watching the show like usual when i saw something come up on the screen that said to go to a website and vote who should get voted off.
    well i dont think anyone should be voted off
    how is it going to be popular without those people?
    all of them make the show!
    but if i had to pick one i think it would have to be sugardaddy. not that i dont like him or anything, but hes never really there or he dosnt say much
    i mean i would rather have them all stay. f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c
  • why did they end it?

    i have just started to get into this show and they end it. that is so not cool. i think they should bring it back because it is a really good show and the script for it is great. i love all the characters in it. Mary cherry is so funny. i love how each character stands up to what they believe in. i have not watched all the episodes yet but i am trying to watch everyone and when i heard that there is an end and there not continuing i was so shell shocked i really wanted this show to go on.
  • THE BEST SHOW EVER!!..i cant believe the ending..

    This show is the best show ever...i know all the characters have moved on and are in other shows and movies but i just wish they made more episodes i would of for sure bought the new seasons, i just cant get enough, all the drama and comedy and the situations they always get into, its pretty exciting. Except for the ending...we all were disappointed with the huge cliffhanger..but i can safely say that most likely he choose Sam thats why Brooke was walking away in anger..but u never know, anything could of happened in that last episode. They should make a movie to end it off..it doesn't have to be a major motion picture something small..on the shelves or something plz just to make us happy..but we all know its not happening... all in all its been a great Tv show.. r.i.p :P
  • It is a great show lots of twists and thing you will never expect

    I have to say i watch this show like EVERY NIGHT It has great characters who go throught real things that i can realate to I hate how they ended the series though BRING IT BACK
    i want to know what hapend to brooke on the last epeisode Basicly the show is about teenagers in a school with
    the "popular" kids
    the nerds keep trying to brooke to the poulr kids that they are all the same
    with of course some raltionships and ilnesses in the mix
    the only bd thing about this show is some of the carachters are repetitive
    they keep telling you the same this over and over agin but at the end of the day this show is one of my favs
  • Wow. I definitely think this show is wayyyy underrated.

    Okay, basically nobody watches this show, and it's flipping amazing! I loove it! I think it is so amazing how everything is planned out, and Mary Cherry is my life.. haha. My favourite episode is by far Caged! It's hilarious! Haha. Every show is soo amazing, and I can't believe so little people watch it. Josh & Brooke, Josh & Carmen, Josh & Nicole, Josh & Lilly, oh my! It's so intense at times. Nicole is hilarious.
    Sam - Smart, serious
    Brooke - Popular, Nice
    Nicole - Popular, mean, hilarious
    Mary Cherry - Popular, hilarious, follower
    Harrison - Goes with the flow Josh - Goes out with pretty much every girl!
    Wow, this show is amazing, and soo underrated!
  • One of the best highschool dramedys there was!

    I recently bought both seasons of popular because I remembered getting a kick out of it when it was actually on. So glad I did. I just didn't remember it being this funny. I love the crazy characters and over the top acting. Mary Cherry expecially, the end of the series when her twin B. Ho shows up, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. It was to much. It wasn't a show without its sad and heart wrenching moments, Harrisons leukemia and his experiences showed us that. I have to say I liked the show more when Brooke and Samantha hated each other, they were just mor entertaining when they were at each others throat. I also liked the first season finale more then the second. It was very original and hilarious the way they crammed in all the usual end of season cliffhangers.
  • A wild and wacky show, but lovely and heartfelt.

    "Popular" is a show that will take you for a ride while watching it. It is wacky and weird, but has its emotional and heartfelt moments too.

    This was a show that revelled in what it was. It knew it was a teen dramedy and it celebrated that fact by making fun of itself (literally--for example, by having characters comment on the cliche things that happen on the season finales of their favorite shows, and then proceeding to do every one of them in a checklist). However, it was incredibly sweet at times too, for example, when Harrison gets leukemia and his friends (and enemies) rally around him.

    Pulled from the airwaves after a huge season 2 cliffhanger, there were talks of a TV movie, but the WB never responded, and the fans lost out.

    It's never too late for that TV movie...
  • One of the best series cancelled way before its time

    this was such a great show back in the day (god i sound so old) with all the high school drama elements in it to make you watch and also manage to identify with some one from the show.
    i kinda missed some of the epis in both the series but when i rmembered how funny and how cliche and funny the first season finale was (totally brilliant) it made me want to go out and download the whole of the first and second series which never fails to make me laugh much more than some og the new teen sitcoms.
  • sam mcpherson, brooke mcqueen, harrison john, nicole julian,carmenferrarajosh ford, lily esposito, mary cherry, sugar daddy, ms. glass (bio/chemo), april tuna, george austin, emory dick, may tuna, hane mcpherson, mike mcqueen, poppy fresh

    popular was a typical teen drama series. it dealt with all the topics (anorexia, sexuality, love, etc.). popular was seriousbutalways had that funny spin to it (some of the charcters names like, poppy fresh,and mary cherry). the intensity and excitemnet reallybuilds half way through the first season, to the end. the last few episodes were amazing, and the last episode ("promblems") was so shocking and very awesome!:)
  • Very exciting. Full of tears and emotions. Great for teenagers in highschool!

    This show is very influential, dramatic and exciting for teenagers like myself. I really enjoyed watching this show and it's almost exactly like real life as a teenager. In some episodes actually made me cry and feel bad for someone. Thumbs up to the director of this show and who came up with the idea. The characters were amazing! I was find of hoping that there would be a second season for Popular, because of the suspensful ending. I want to know what happened with Brooke, and how Lily's and Josh's marrage went. I LOVE this show. Bravo and good job on this.
  • Why I use to love it back in the day

    So i was looking at when it first aired and that iwas in 1999 i was only 13 years old..Im 21 now..that was such a long time ago Oh my god and it stopped in 2001..i don';t even remeber like the last episode ive ever seen of the show was when someone died thats it.and im like thats it..my bro said usally when they kill someone off the air it means it sgoing ot end that was honestly the best show ever...well one of them..brooke mqueen was my favriote characte i remeber that show i miss it so much. I hate when they take off really good shows and not end it good Man im going on strike Miss the show so much

    I think its fair to say that this show will never return, but it really should!

    This show is a classic when it comes to Teen Drama/Comedy. Alot of shows tried to pull it off, but Popular did it with ease and class.

    Just the right blend of sarcasm and seriousness...something that no teen show has achieved since.

    Popular was easily the best teen series ever made. It had a brilliant array of characters, and a storyline that I personally think was more insightful and interesting than any other American show that was made for its target audience. It could smother crap all over 'The OC' and 'One Tree Hill'. Though people may disagree with me on that comment.

    Popular set an alternative to all the teen TV series there were around. It was funny but it dealt with issues that matter. Whereas TV shows nowadays revolve around what hot and what not, so to speak.

    The original storylines made it highly addictive to watch, and its humour and methods would have been highly respected if it did live up to its name.

    It definatly deserved more veiwers than it got and also not to get cancelled after the second series.

    In my personal opinion, was the greatest TV show I've ever watched

    ok, even though i just started to watch it, and they are reruns, IM HOOKED!!! I love no I absoulutly ADORE this show. The actors are sooo talented and the ideas genius!! Please bring it back, even for one episode!( id rather another season but hey!) There will never be a show that measures up to this show, i was heartbroken when i heard it ended, i thought that the season was over!! And what a great way to end it(not) that is the best cliffhanger ever!!!! PLEASE bring back Popular!!!

    ~~Symara C. Canada
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