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  • Two Weddings and a Funeral (1)
    Its Mike and Jane's plus Cherry Cherry and Erik Estrada's double wedding, but before the ceremony begins tension arises. The gang seek revenge on Ms. Glass after she ruins their skip day which leads to unexpected consequences, Brooke begins reconnecting with Josh, Carmen reveals a life changing secret, and a ghost from The McQueen's past returns to stir the pot.moreless
  • What Makes Sammy Run
    Sam is missing. She ran off to San Francisco to find Brooke's mother, who denies having a daughter. The girls are worried that Sam might have been kidnapped and be in danger, so they try to go on with Jane's bridal shower acting like nothing happened. The boys try to go in Caesar Crouton's Breast 'n Thighs Chicken Buffet / Strip Club, but they're underage and not even fake id's can get them in.moreless
  • We Are Family
    We Are Family
    Episode 20
    Jane and Mike's wedding is approaching. Sam and Brooke are making plans on how to stop them. Nicole gives Sam a wig in trade for a column in the paper. Nicole refuses to give Lily and Carm their wigs, and along with Mary Cherry they decide to torture them for that.moreless
  • Hard on the Outside, Soft in the Middle
    After the three girls experience several fallouts due to their hair color, the unpopular girls make a bet with the popular ladies that blondes do have an advantage. This creates huge shock waves through Kennedy with the blondes becoming brunettes and the brunettes becoming blondes. The only downfall: the losers get Mohawks. Meanwhile, Sugar Daddy and Josh compete for the affections of an attractive foreign exchange student.moreless
  • Ch-Ch-Changes
    Episode 18
    Beloved shop teacher Mr. Don, makes the shocking announcement that he is becoming a woman, leaving the class very confused. Despite a possible social downfall, Harrison along with Sam, Carmen, and Lily support the transformed Ms. Debbie. Meanwhile, Cherry Cherry becomes the new home economics teacher and teaches her class a positive lesson which teaches the popular kids to accept Ms. Debbie as well.moreless
  • Lord of the Files
    Lord of the Files
    Episode 17
    The women of Kennedy are in a full-on war to win the affections of Calvin Krupps, the school's new vice-principal. This leads to all of the girls signing up for Calvin's new tai-chi but a few girls go a little to far to impress him. Harrison's newfound passion for music leads him to write a song that parallels Josh and Carmen's roller-coaster relationship. It is further complicated as Brooke finds herself still attracted to Josh.moreless
  • All About Adam
    All About Adam
    Episode 16
    Newcomer Adam joins the Kennedy High scene, where he befriends Brooke to express his secret desire to become a male cheerleader. Nicole, Poppy, and Mary Cherry are not at all interested in Adam joining the squad - until Adam exposes heavy dirt on the three girls. Meanwhile, Brooke's loyalty to Carmen is put on backburner when Carmen submits a photo of Sam for the new "Power Girl" commercial.moreless
  • Booty Camp
    Booty Camp
    Episode 15
    After Brooke and Nicole's fallout, the two are no longer on speaking turns. But their rivalry gets more heated when Nicole bullies Freddy Gong. Lily wears a sexy outfit that creates uncomfortable reactions from the boys. But most importantly, Ms. Glass's brother is recruiting new members for his "Booty Camp". Who will get a surprise invite?moreless
  • Caged!
    Episode 14
    When the boys realize that the girls have gone a little chaotic, they decide to lock the girls in the Novak to teach them a lesson. Hours later, Nicole has an interesting plan. After stealing secrets from an assignment in class, she posts the secrets in the Novak for each girl to respond. When the secrets come full circle, everyone's life is destined to changed.moreless
  • Hope in a Jar
    Hope in a Jar
    Episode 13
    The awaiting dance has everyone worried about their looks and personalities, which creates a bit of trouble. Both Josh and Harrison compete for Brooke's affections and in the end, but both guys find themselves in a bit of "pain". Sam decides to have a "big" change when she goes to the dance with Josh. Lily decides to go with Emory and Carmen flies solo hoping that "special" someone will dance with her.moreless
  • The Trial of Emory Dick
    After a Biology fallout, Emory Dick sues Kennedy High. This creates a full on strain between the populars' and unpopulars' as the two groups battle to win the lawsuit case. But it appears as if Carmen is stuck in the middle, to which group will she stay true?
  • Ex, Lies and Videotape
    Both Brooke and Sam must put aside their differences in order to create a story for Entertainment Today revolving around Josh. But soon Josh and even Brooke and Sam realise that the media can go to far to cover a story. Meanwhile, Carmen discovers she has a new fan-club run by April Tuna. Uh-oh?moreless
  • Fall on Your Knees
    Fall on Your Knees
    Episode 10
    Nicole finds herself becoming the female Scrooge for the holidays and is shortly afterwards haunted by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. But will Nicole learn how to give instead of receive?
  • Wild Wild Mess
    Wild Wild Mess
    Episode 9
    Brooke strains her relationship with Josh, since she fears she might be pregnant. The unpopular kids decide to elect George Stephanopoulos for Guest Principal with the help of Harrison's mother. But an unexpected secret threatens Harrison's status. Meanwhile the popular kids want the "lovely" Gwyneth Paltrow as Guest Principal and go to desperate lengths by kidnapping her personal shopper.moreless
  • Tonight's the Night
    Brooke and Sam both make a bet in which Brooke must win Josh's affection without intimacy and Sam must get a boyfriend. Sugar Daddy hits things off with an online buddy, but is shocked to discover the charming woman's identity. Harrison and Lily's friendship heats up, leading both asking the burning question.moreless
  • Queen B.
    Queen B.
    Episode 7
    Brooke, Mary Cherry, Poppy and Carmen find themselves in a "dog eat dog" competition to win the title of being Kennedy High's homecoming queen. But when a devastating photo threatens Brooke's status, Sam is put in odds.
  • Truth or Consequences
    Food, food everywhere and not a piece to spare? All hell breaks loose in Kennedy High's cafeteria and both Brooke and Sam are responsible. Its midterm week at Kennedy, and the popular kids have the "perfect" plan to get the "perfect" grade. But when Sam digs deep to decode the in crowd's agenda, everything goes up in flames.moreless
  • Slumber Party Massacre
    Carmen decides to have an all-girl slumber party for her sixteenth birthday and decides to invite Sam and the popular girls. Sam believes Carmen is making a huge mistake, and is proven right when the popular girls take advantage of Carmen's amicable nature. Harrison is desperate to become Brooke's leading man, but how far is he willing to go? Meanwhile, Sam spots her mother in a sticky situation.moreless
  • Windstruck
    Episode 4
    Josh experiences a "personal moment" with Sam which leads to the revelation of an even bigger secret that involves both Brooke and Josh. Lily must swallow her strong opinions and beliefs in order to keep her new job. Meanwhile, Sam begins connecting with Josh and Harrison connects with Brooke.
  • Under Siege
    Under Siege
    Episode 3
    Both Mr. Vincent and Coach Peritti are in fierce competition to win over Josh's stardom. Sam gets involved in a class scandal and goes way too deep. Lily's personal beliefs force her to carry more "pet weight" than expected. And the McQueen/McPherson clan are in for a nightmare.
  • Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems (2)
    After learning that she did not make the cheerleading squad, Carmen decides to skip classes - making Brooke feel guilty. Sam tries way too hard to impress the popular crowd and Mr. Grant, which creates upset amongst her friends. While both the popular and unpopular crowds are in for a surprise that will flip their high school lives around.moreless
  • Popular, Round One (1)
    It is said that first impressions last, and that is the first lesson the kids of Kennedy High learn on their first day of school. We are introduced to Sam McPherson, a strong-willed reporter, along with her small circle of unpopular friends: Carmen Ferrara, a pretty girl desperate for a spot on the cheerleading squad; Lily Esposito, a passionate activist; and Harrison John, the geeky guy who is in love with the head cheerleader. On the other side of the cafeteria sit the popular kids - Brooke McQueen, the head cheerleader and Queen of Kennedy High, along with her cohorts: Nicole Julian, the evil power-hungry best-friend; Josh Ford, the popular jock boyfriend; Mary Cherry, the dim-witted millionaire heiress; and Sugar Daddy, the wannabe gangster. The two groups collide and come to realize they are a lot more similar than they previously believed.moreless