Season 1 Episode 5

Slumber Party Massacre

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1999 on The WB
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Slumber Party Massacre
Carmen decides to have an all-girl slumber party for her sixteenth birthday and decides to invite Sam and the popular girls. Sam believes Carmen is making a huge mistake, and is proven right when the popular girls take advantage of Carmen's amicable nature. Harrison is desperate to become Brooke's leading man, but how far is he willing to go? Meanwhile, Sam spots her mother in a sticky situation.moreless

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  • Diet Hard

    An average episode which evolves more on Carmen but ends up being slightly repetitive, Slumber Party Massacre doesn't exactly live up to your immediate expectations.

    In the episode, Carmen throws a 16th birthday slumber party and invites Brooke, Sam, Mary Cherry and Poppy to Sam's disgust. Desperate to get on the cheerleading squad, Carmen hopes that if she does exactly what the popular girls want her to do, she'll make it. Meanwhile, Brooke and Josh plan to have sex and Sam finds her mother and Mike having sex on the kitchen floor.

    Sara Rue gives an excellent performance in this episode and it's good that the writers didn't stuff the episode full of "overweight" clichés where Carmen spends the whole episode dieting or something. It's a shame, however, that the writers seem to of dug themselves in a hole with some of the storylines. How many times can we see Brooke and Josh about to have sex when something comes along and ruins the moment before we get bored of it? I know I already am.

    The chicken-hypnosis scene is the low point of the episode. Not just because it's an especially mean thing to do to Carmen but just because it goes on for so long and you just get annoyed with it after a while.

    Despite some annoyances, Slumber Party Massacre is still a watchable Popular hour but hardly anything too special.moreless
Christopher Wiehl

Christopher Wiehl

Leo Ferrara

Guest Star

Nicholas Andrew

Nicholas Andrew

Young Harrison

Guest Star

Caitlin Wachs

Caitlin Wachs

Young Brooke

Guest Star

Anel Lopez Gorham

Anel Lopez Gorham

Poppita "Poppy" Fresh

Recurring Role

Diane Delano

Diane Delano

Roberta "Bobbi" Glass

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Nicole picks up the picture of Carmen's family, her mother appears to be thin and blonde. Later in the series, when Carmen's Mom is seen again, she's heavy-set and brunnette.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Brooke: No. Nicole, I don't wanna be the person Sam McPherson thinks I am. I ... I'm not that person, okay?

    • Carmen: When we were little, we used to invite everyone in our class.
      Sam: When we were little, we used to eat Play-Doh.

    • Nicole: Hi, 911? I have several E! Fashion Emergencies to report at the home of Carmen Ferrera!

    • Nicole: We've managed to clear our schedules.
      Sam: Wow, did Satan find somebody else to guard the gates of Hades that night?

    • Nicole: Why isn't Mary Cherry in?
      Poppy: She said that fast-food joints breed E.Coli poisoning. She's way too much of a lady to get the lady diarrheas.

    • Mary Cherry: You wanna hear my new poem: 'On the occasion of being a chicken'?

    • Mary Cherry: (as Gwyneth Paltrow) I'd like to thank the Academy, my hair colorist, and of course Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and all my other beaus, whose fame and fortune I've now eclipsed.

    • Carmen: So, you want to hear the song I wrote? It's called 'Decapitated Rat'. (sings with guitar) "I'm a prize, drug in by a cat. Like a mouse, like a bird, or a decapitated rat..."
      Mary Cherry: Yeah, okay hon. You're a good fiddle player. We get it. Thanks.

    • Lily: My boss-from-hell put me on the schedule Friday night.
      Carmen: Lily! You said you were going to ask off.
      Lily: I did, but Julio got hepatitis, so now i have to...
      Harrison: Remind me to never eat at that particular Mr Cluck's.

    • Nicole: Okay, did you just hear the father of my future spawn majorly hinting to meet him at the party?

  • NOTES (0)


    • The name of the episode is an allusion to the 1982 horror film Slumber Party Massacre.

    • Ms. Glass: I smell sex and candy.

      This line is from the Marcy Playground song "Sex and Candy".

    • Leo: How are things at the Daily Planet?

      This is the second time on the show that Sam has been compared to Lois Lane, a journalist at the Daily Planet paper in the Superman comic books from DC.

    • Sam: Five minutes with them and my best friend becomes a Child of the Corn

      This is a reference to the series of Children of the Corn horror movies about psychotic children in a small town.

    • Harrison: My mission, if I choose to accept it

      This is the memorable phrase used in the 1960's spy series Mission: Impossible as well as the three hit movie versions starring Tom Cruise.

    • Harrison: This party has some serious Carrie potential

      This is a reference to the Stephen King book Carrie about a bullied, telekinetic girl which was made into a successful movie starring Sissy Spacek.

    • Mary Cherry: I've never seen Brooke's Eartha Kitt impersonation before.

      Eartha Kitt is an actress and singer born in 1927. She is mostly remembered for her role as Catwoman on the 1960s television series Batman.