Season 2 Episode 18

The Brain Game

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 2001 on The WB

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  • carmen takes salsa lessons from mario lopez. the rest of the gang is studying for SATS, and josh doens't think he is smart enough to date lily. so he goes on a game show and faces off against other ppl and in the end, the team wins.

    i think this season is so different than the first season. carmen really goes into her own and takes dance lessons with Mario Lopez.this season, although more plot oriented the whole gang gets along so there is none of that unpopular vs popular theme anymore.
    Lily is obsessed with her SATs and she doubts her relationship with Josh b/c he isn't as smart as she is. to prove his intelligence he goes on a game show with Brook, Sam, Nicole and Mary-cherry to face off against Mary cherry's mom's team. to get ready for this face off, harrison helps josh study for the game show. this never would've have happened in the first season. ties are formed between all the ppl in the group, especially with Nicole being harrison's bone transplant donor.
    i thought that josh's secret knowledge about poultry was really weird and random.
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