Season 2 Episode 10

The Consequences of Falling

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 2000 on The WB
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The Consequences of Falling
Clarence dies peacefully while talking to Harrison. His death has a deep impact in Harrison's own view of life, and he decides is not worth to keep the treatment for his cancer. He goes to extreme measures and decides to put an end in his agony, attempting suicide. But Clarence comes back as an angel to give Harrison a view of what the world would be if he had never been born. We see that April would have become a rich successful owner of a fish market (Tunaville); Brooke would have died from anorexia, Lily would have married Josh after pregnancy and they would have become the first family, and among other twisted things, Nicole and Mary Cherry trying to make a living as whores with Sugar Daddy as their pimp.moreless

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  • Harrison is sick, Clarence, his roommate dies and Harrison decides to give up the fight and jump off a roof. Clarence, his guardian angel shows Harrison what would have happened if Harrison had never been born. And what would have happened if he lived.moreless

    I was sixteen. I was sad, scared, and thinking about suicide. I was in South America so I watched all the American TV I could. Fresh out of the psychiatric ward, I saw The Consequences of Falling. It's beautiful. Still, to this day, and I've seen it about a thousand times, it makes me cry.

    This is Popular at its best, most altruistic and, somewhat ironically, most honest and real.

    This episode of television saved my life in many way (in addition to other things). But watching things like Brooke and Harrison's interaction and Sam's downward spiral, I just thought, "huh, maybe I do matter."

    The Consequences of Falling is just about my favorite episode of television ever. I give it a perfect score for its sensitivity, its story and for just being beautiful!moreless
  • The best Christmas episode I have ever seen of any show.

    In this parody of It's A Wonderful Life, Harrison takes on the lead role and sees what the world would be like if he had never been born. It is a more serious turn for Popular, but there are still the classic series moments that are funny.

    Harrison is in the middle of a serious storyline, where he is suffering from leukemia. While it is a difficult subject, the show treated it delicately and with sensitivity, leading up to this episode. Harrison reflects on his life, and it is very revealing and emotional.

    Every year at Christmas since the episode aired, I break out my VHS tape and cry my way through the show. Christopher Gorham gives a brilliant and poignant performance as Harrison, and the other actors are tremendous as the supporting cast in this episode. Harrison's illness really puts not only the season but life into perspective and is a reminder to be grateful for all the little things in life. It is a beautiful episode.moreless
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    • Harrison: Nicole and Mary Cherry are whores? This is all my fault!
      Clarence: Don't beat yourself up too bad, Nicole would've turned out this way even if you'd lived.

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    • Lily: Let them eat cake!

      Marie Antoinette supposedly said that insensitive remark when she found out peasants had been complaining about not enough bread going around. However, the accusation that Marie Antoinette said that was indeed not true.

    • This whole episode is a homage to the 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra. In the film a depressed George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) attempts suicide and is stopped by his guardian almost-angel Clarence and shown what it would like if he were never born. George's daughter was named Zuzu, which is what Harrison calls Lily in this episode.

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