Season 1 Episode 8

Tonight's the Night

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1999 on The WB
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Tonight's the Night
Brooke and Sam both make a bet in which Brooke must win Josh's affection without intimacy and Sam must get a boyfriend. Sugar Daddy hits things off with an online buddy, but is shocked to discover the charming woman's identity. Harrison and Lily's friendship heats up, leading both asking the burning question.moreless

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  • One of the cutest and most moral episodes.

    Rampant hormones are affecting the cast of Popular, all are a bit randy and wanting to loose their virginity. I like this episode it deals with one issue in multiple ways and shows the various viewpoints, no one has the same perspective or experience and almost all characters are involved (except Mary Cherry and Nicole, although I guess a lack of male characters on the show could be to blame there, and well Nicole is apparently not a virgin anyway).

    The scenes with Harrison are very cute.moreless
  • A fabulous episode!A must see for all fans,and one of the reasons I watch this show.

    Once again,the writer of \\\"Popular\\\" does an immaculate job of entertaining the audience.In a laugh out loud episode,Sam and Brooke make a bet:Brooke has to proove her and Josh connect in more ways than one,and Sam has to find a boyfriend by the end of the week. Meanwhile, a song has attracted the attention of all the students at Kennedy High.Carmen and Sugar Daddy meet online and lie about themselves,but in the end fess up to eachother.Harrison and Lily on the other hand decide to try and have sex with eachother,but in the end Lily backs out,claiming she\\\'s not attacted to Harrison.Twisting up the plot a little,Sam convinces Carmen\\\'s hot older brother Leo to pretend to be her boyfriend,and Brooke and Josh finally go all the way,but break up in the end.moreless
Rebecca Lin

Rebecca Lin


Guest Star

Ron Kellum

Ron Kellum

Dancer # 1

Guest Star

Keith Kuhl

Keith Kuhl

Dancer # 2

Guest Star

Diane Delano

Diane Delano

Nurse Jessie

Recurring Role

Anel Lopez Gorham

Anel Lopez Gorham

Poppita "Poppy" Fresh

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Mandy Freund

Mandy Freund

May Tuna

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (13)

    • Jane: I'm not going to be one of those parents that lives in denial.
      Sam: Please be one of those parents.

    • April Tuna: Loli Pop rocks!
      May Tuna: ...and I love cat food.

    • Lily: All I need is permission from a health administrator and I can pass out condoms. Can I have your blessing?
      Nurse Glass: Sorry, troublemaker. I'm sucking the Mercury right out of your rule-breaking thermometer. See, I've taken the temperature of your little pro-sex plan and I'm throwing down a big ol' bucket of ice chips.

    • Josh: Why do you think Brooke and I have lasted so long?
      Sugar Daddy: Dude, cause you both look like models.

    • April Tuna Here's the 411, nosy butt-face. Leo, here's, a broke dreamer looking for direction in his life and to make money until he finds his way, he's offering tennis lessons. Any sport with 'love' in it is a sport at which he excels. Got it?
      May Tuna: I can't wait to smack your tennis balls around on the court, Leo.

    • Sam: If I want a boyfriend, I'll just have to sign up for one.
      Carmen: Wait. Are they giving them away somewhere?

    • Lily: Have sex with it.
      May Tuna: It's a poodle.
      Lily: Yes, have sex with it.

    • Lily: Wow Nicole. I'm impressed that you recognised these as condoms while totally sober.

    • (Harrison hands the hotel clerk a drivers license)
      Hotel Clerk: Fake?
      (Harrison nods)
      Hotel Clerk: Virgin?
      (Harrison nods)
      Hotel Clerk: Hooker?
      (Harrison shakes 'No')
      Hotel Clerk: Can you pay for the room?
      (Harrison hands him the money)
      Hotel Clerk (gives him the keys): There you go.

    • Sam: (about her ankle) I think the swelling has gone down.
      Jane: Her swelling has gone down, but you know his is just beginning.

    • Nicole: Let me give you some advice, girl to stick figure. Endorse something you know a little bit about. If you're looking for a worthy cause, may I suggest breast implants. You're boyish figure is absolutely chilling.

    • April Tuna: Loli-Pop's number one smash single has single-handedly put me in touch with my own sizzling sexuality.

    • Sam: Mom, we have Cinemax. We don't need to discuss sex.
      Brooke: Sam's right. For once. With books, the internet, Lil' Kim videos, we're really educated.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Sam: She watched Sleepless in Seattle again this morning.

      Sleepless in Seattle is the famous 1993 romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

    • Sugar Daddy: Yeah, man, like Jada and Will.

      Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of the most famous couples in Hollywood, Will best known for his roles in Men in Black and I, Robot and Jada best known for Collateral and Set It Off.

    • Nurse Glass: Stay home on Friday nights, pet the cats and watch Providence.

      Providence is the Rhode Island-set family drama about a doctor played by Melina Kanakaredes.