Season 1 Episode 6

Truth or Consequences

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 1999 on The WB
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Truth or Consequences
Food, food everywhere and not a piece to spare? All hell breaks loose in Kennedy High's cafeteria and both Brooke and Sam are responsible. Its midterm week at Kennedy, and the popular kids have the "perfect" plan to get the "perfect" grade. But when Sam digs deep to decode the in crowd's agenda, everything goes up in flames.moreless

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  • In the Cheat of the Night

    Popular is back on form with this extremely funny episode which finally lets Brooke and Sam go all-out catfight on each other!

    We see Truth or Consequences in flashback, with the events leading up to a giant food fight between Brooke, Sam and everybody else at Kennedy High. Meanwhile Nicole, Mary Cherry and Popita cheat on Miss Glass' mid-terms and Brooke passes out.

    This episode moves along at a frantic pace and it's surprising that the writers manage to pack in so much stuff into 45 minutes! The build-up to the food fight is excellent and the moment half-way through the episode where Brooke tells Sam that she was wrong about her all along is actually believable.

    I loved the Charlie's Angels spoof in the episode and the scenes with Nicole, Mary Cherry and Popita were awesome, in particular when Mary Cherry distracted Miss Glass by asking her about "feminine douching"...

    Truth or Consequences has a lot of memorable scenes and some genius writing.moreless
Chad Lowe

Chad Lowe

Mr. Grant

Guest Star

Wesley Mann

Wesley Mann


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Diane Bellamy

Diane Bellamy

Principal Hall

Recurring Role

Anel Lopez Gorham

Anel Lopez Gorham

Poppita "Poppy" Fresh

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Hank Harris

Hank Harris

Emory Dick

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • People assume that Luke Grant was fired in Episode Three, but he was either suspended or given a stern talking-to by Principal Hall. There's no mention of Mr. Grant having his employment terminated.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Brooke: Don't you ever get tired of hating me?
      Sam: Sometimes, but then I remind myself that you're a liar and that you and your father are ruining my life and that pretty much gets me back on track.

    • Nicole: Is this the part where I'm supposed to apologize because I'm a teenager and under stress and nobody understands me? I'm not gonna do that Principal Hall. Let me fill you in on my world view. My Dad cheated on my Mom and vice versa. I grew up with it. Recently, I read that over 70% of the population cheated on their taxes. I came of age in a decade ruled by a president who told the nation that he cheated in several forms. He was never punished, his popularity ratings improved. So am I sorry I cheated? Hell no, I'm not sorry. I'm the norm.

    • Nurse Glass: Miss McQueen, are you using drugs? Pills, crank, dope, smack, juice?

    • Mary Cherry: Y'all, I so admire our Miss Brooke. Even though I'm a little hurt that she won't sit with us 'cause she says we talk like crows on a telephone pole.

    • Miss Glass: So, let's hit the books, my Bio-lings, because next to creating macaroni art, my favorite hobby is holding people back a grade. [chuckles]

    • Nicole: Oh, Hey Spam.
      Sam: Hey Satan.

    • Mary Cherry: God bless Brooke. And God bless meticulous skin care.

    • Nicole: (Charlie's Angels montage) Once upon a time, there were three little girls, who went to the cheerleading academy. And they were each assigned many hazardous duties. He took us away from all of that and inspired us to cheat. Now we work for him. His name is Charlie.

    • Mary Cherry: (stalling) Miss Glass, sir. I have a question for you on this fine afternoon.
      Miss Glass: What is it, Cherry?
      Mary Cherry: I was just wondering, uh... biologically speaking... what are the... pros and cons of feminine douching?

    • Nicole: Jennifer Lopez has no shame. If I had an ass that big, I would never leave the house.

    • Miss Glass: (reading doctor's note) Dear Miss Glass, please excuse my patient, Carmen Ferrara, from Bio mid-term today, on the account of the fact that she has... a distended anus.

    • Miss Glass: Here's a 'D' to go with your D for Distended Anus, Ferrara.

    • Nicole: I admit it. I cheated. So book me.
      Miss Glass: Anybody else...
      Mary Cherry: (quickly) Nope, that about covers it.

    • Carmen: You can run, but you can't hide, Emory. Distended Anus?! You are going to pay for that, and I mean literally. I want my $150 back.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Sam: You can wash [your hands] all you want, we both know they'll never be clean.
      Brooke: I appreciate your Lady Macbeth treatment...

      A reference to the Shakespeare play "MacBeth" in which wicked Lady MacBeth goes insane and begins to see the blood of the man her husband murdered, she tries to scrub it from her hands, but it will not go away.

    • Nicole: There's a Charlie's Angels marathon on cable tonight, I gotta get the Farrah on so let's make it quick

      Charlie's Angels was a television series broadcast from 1976 to 1981, about three women who work for a fictional private investigation agency, the Charles Townsend Agency. Farrah Fawcett starred in the series.

    • Nicole: Okay Tippy Typewriter, it's time for a Celebrity Deathmatch

      This is a reference to the MTV animated reality show Celebrity Deathmatch which pits celebrities against their rivals.

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