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Popularity Contest

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Popularity Contest is a show on CMT that sticks 10 contests in a small town and people vote the least popular resident out.
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  • Great Show!

    I loved this show, and maybe its because I'm a little biased. I am right near Vega, Texas, and the town I'm in is exactly like Vega, just a bit bigger. So for once, I actually got to see places on TV I've actually been. (Yes, that part is trivial, but how often do you see White Deer, Texas on TV?)

    I thought the town of Vega was portrayed quite well for the situation they were thrust into, they showed the kindness of the people in the Texas Panhandle, and how living in a small town isn't as easy as it sounds. People talk, and they talk alot. "Newbies" to small towns do have a hard time fitting in, because in a small town it isn't about who YOU are, but who your FAMILY was. Its all about your last name in a small town. A day never goes by when I introduce myself to someone that they don't ask if I'm releted to so and so, and thats usually how people make thier first impressions: If they know your family or not.

    I think Popularity Contest was good for the town and the people involved. The town got to see a bit of the world that us around here hardly get to see and hear some opinions that are hardly ever heard. The contestants saw how a small communtity bonds together, through good times and bad, and both the townsfolk of Vega and the contestents were reminded that even though they're from two diffrent worlds, they're still all the same.moreless