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  • best comedy of all time

    this comedy is the best real shame richard beckinsale died so young his daughter the actress kate beckinsale should be proud he was a great comedy actor. also great acting in ronnie baker.
  • One of the all time best

    Although made in the 70's, you could still watch Porridge today and still be laughing most of the way through. Ronnie Barker is perfect in every episode.
  • What a prison to stay in!

    A truly enjoyable 1970's comedy based in prison, focusing on the life of Fletcher, who later escapes from the prison in a feature length film version.

    Always unexpected laughs from the very beginning and always a pleasure to watch.

    Ronnie Barker is a great comedian and this comedy highlighted this, but his comic due Ronnie Corbett was not in the show.

  • Ronnie Barker stars in this classic English sitcom!

    Absolutly brilliant, i've seen hundreds upon hundreds of sitcoms in my time, but this has to be the cream of the crop. It's amazing how even after 30 years it's still hilarious! This has to be one of Ronnie Barkers best performances, which cracking jokes and a character that you'll soon love porridge has it all. It's a real shame that there was only two series, allthough there is a limit to how much Porridge two guys can do. Looking at Porridge now, it's ashame both main actors arn't here to see how long Porridge has stayed in the hearts of viewers!

  • I've seen some great sitcoms in my time - and some not so great. But this is definitely one of the great ones.

    Ronnie Barker is perfect as Fletch. He's nobody's fool, and doesn't suffer other people who are fools, but underneath is a heart of pure gold - he just doesn't show it very often. This is to his credit when it is displayed, for Godber (Richard Beckinsale) or Blanco (David Jason). As with everything, Barker's timing is superb, and the simplest little line can have the viewer in stitches. This man will always be the guv'nor!

    Richard Beckinsale as the first-offender Lennie Godber is just as wonderful. He takes it at a slower pace, highlighting the contrast between the two characters. A gentler man for the role it is hard to envisage. And who would want to!

    Not forgetting Fulton Mackay (Mr Mackay) and Brian Wilde (Mr Barrowclough) - similarly fast and slow-paced. There is never any doubt that Mackay is an authority figure over them, and can make their lives hell if he chooses to, whereas the long-suffering Barrowclough is the perfect foil, like Sgt Wilson to Cpt Mainwaring.

    This is of course due first to the wonderful writing of Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, whose names grace the credits of many wonderful shows. They have created a masterpiece. A wonderful with believable characters. Everything fits together perfectly. Not one line needs changing.

    Great cast, great writers. The best sitcom ever!
  • Porridge

    This comedy is yet another classic. This show is about a lot of people in prison one of them being the late Ronnie Barker. The prisoners try to have fun despite being in prison and they play games sometimes. This show is O.K but everytime I flick it on its always the first episode but this show is enjoyable anyway.
  • Porridge was about Norman Stanley Fletcher (Played by the Late Great Ronnie Barker, who died October 3rd 05) who shares a cell with Godber who is in for robbery

    Porridge Was a Superb Great TV Show although the Characters listed on this website is wrong it is a very good show yhe who character listings on here is RUBBISH. how could youn forget FLETCHER come on where have you been living mars? no i didn't think so Ronnie Barker was great
  • A prison comedy with a old time allways in prison Flecher shares a cell with Godber a first time convict. Flecher shows Godber the ways to sevive being locked up for 24 hours a day. this show is definatly worth seeing great television and allways a laugh.

    I'm too young to have seen this when it first came out seen as I was born in 88. ever since i got shown this program it's been in my top few with every episode being good. The jokes arnt slapstick which I do also like but i prefer clever thought out jokes as you always get from Barker. From the first scene of the first episode meeting Flecher you know he will be allway be up for a scam. Within minutes hes lying to the doctor about his 'bad' feet. This comedy also has a side of drama when Flecher gives many pep talks to Godber. I give this 9.1 out of 10 and I recomend it to everyone hopefully (most likely) you will love it.