Port Charles

Season 1 Episode 1

Ep. #1

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jun 01, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

At General Hospital, a new class of interns is invited to a reception in their honor. One by one the interns arrive. They include the lovelorn Dr. Jake Marshak, who's just broken up with his girlfriend Danielle; the ambitious Dr. Chris Ramsey; the wealthy but secretive Dr. Julie Devlin (posing as Dr. Julie Morris); the headstrong Dr. Joe Scanlon; the paraplegic yet determined Dr. Matt Harmon; the brash Dr. Eve Lambert and the sympathetic Dr. Karen Wexler. Before the reception, former Port Charles resident Karen runs into Joe, her old childhood friend. The interns all arrive at their reception and are surprised to find it held in an abandoned wing of the hospital. However, they are more surprised to find themselves trapped by Greg Cooper, a disgruntled ex-intern who was dropped from the intern program three days before. Wielding a semi-automatic weapon, a laptop that overrides the hospital's electricity and secret files of the new interns, Cooper announces he's the host of their faux reception and vows revenge against the intern who took his spot.

Meanwhile, Lucy Coe arrives at the hospital for her doctor's appointment and learns great news- she's expecting a baby from her lover Dr. Kevin Collins. After her appointment, she enters the elevator and becomes trapped when Cooper turns off the hospital's main power. The elevator falls and becomes trapped on the floor where the interns are held hostage. When Lucy cries out for help, Cooper responds by firing into the elevator.

Elsewhere, in Canada, Scott Baldwin's peaceful life with his young daughter Serena is shattered, when he learns strangers have picked up his daughter from school. Suspecting that Serena's surrogate mother, Lucy, has kidnapped the girl, Scott charters a plane and heads for Port Charles.

Back at G.H., paramedic Frank Scanlon runs into nurse Audrey Hardy and the snooty Dr. Faulk, chief resident and supervisor of the new interns, and mentions the interns' reception, which his younger brother Joe is attending. Dr. Faulk becomes suspicious and takes Audrey to the "reception." Surprised by their entrance, Cooper fires his gun and shoots and kills Dr. Faulk. When Audrey tries to calmly lead the interns away, Cooper hits her over the head with his gun and she quickly loses consciousness. When Audrey begins to seizure, the interns ask Cooper to get her immediate help. However, he won't let them go and suggests the new interns operate on her. With a power drill and some medical tools, Joe decides to perform the surgery while Chris announces he wants no part of it.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kevin Collins learns of the hostage situation and realizes Lucy's at the hospital. Once there, Kevin meets Frank and they decide to hotwire the elevator Lucy's trapped in and rescue the interns. After Cooper fires into the elevator again, Lucy escapes from an upper panel and then holds onto a beam when the elevator plunges further. After Kevin and Frank rescue her, she and Kevin ascend higher to reach the elevator's control panel, while Frank enters the elevator to rescue the interns.

Meanwhile, Scott arrives in Port Charles and runs into his father Lee whom he hasn't seen in years. However, Scott's immediate concern is finding Serena- and Lucy.

With assistance from Karen, Eve and Matt, Joe performs delicate surgery on Audrey, while Cooper taunts him and the other interns with information from his secret files. After the surgery, the interns wait for signs of Audrey's recovery. Frank opens the elevator doors and whispers to Karen to distract Cooper. Karen announces she's the intern who took his spot, and, after Cooper reveals that Karen was a teen stripper, she diverts his attention by performing an impromptu striptease. The men, led by a wheelchair bound Matt, overpower Cooper and wrestle the gun away from him.

Meanwhile, Kevin works to restore power, but nearly loses Lucy who faints and almost falls. Kevin grabs her and holds on for dear life, and, after she regains consciousness, he restores power. Frank and the police then burst in and Cooper is arrested while Audrey is immediately taken away to surgery. As the interns leave, a devious Chris steals Cooper's file of Julie.

Kevin and Lucy emerge from the hospital and immediately are taken to the police station for questioning. When Lucy fails to provide a full account of her day's whereabouts, she is arrested for Serena's kidnapping. Scott then bursts in and demands to know his daughter's whereabouts.

As the interns exit the hospital, they are met by the Chief of Staff, Dr. Alan Quartermaine, and learn they are to go the police station for their statements on the hostage crisis. Privately, Alan tells Joe that he will have to face the review board for his unauthorized surgery on Audrey, but Joe vows he will be an intern at G.H. The interns all leave, anxious to start their first day of work at the hospital…

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