Port Charles

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  • Season 7
    • Ep. #1626
      Ep. #1626
      Episode 89
      Rafe and Alison wed with their family and friends in attendance. Caleb and Livvie wed as well, but without their family and friends. Jamal realises that Imani is a werewolf.
    • Ep. #1625
      Ep. #1625
      Episode 88
      Caleb spies on Alison, who tries to convince Rafe that their troubles with Caleb are finally over. Ian saves Christina from falling off of the cliff, and Lucy tells him that being a vampire isn't always the curse he thought it was. Casey appears and she hints that she may return to earth. Jamal questions Imani, but he is knocked unconscious before she gets the chance to tell him her secret.moreless
    • Ep. #1624
      Ep. #1624
      Episode 87
      Rafe has a bad feeling, but Alison assures him that she is fine with them getting married without their loved ones. Caleb informs Livvie that they will be getting married at a bed and breakfast, which happens to be the same place that Alison and Rafe will be getting married. Ian suddenly senses that Christina is in trouble, so he and Lucy head into the woods, where they find Christina on the edge of a cliff.moreless
    • Ep. #1623
      Ep. #1623
      Episode 86
      Jack and Jamal argue with the officer, then Jamal bites him, and he vanishes. Later, Jack recalls Livvie becoming ill after her encounter Imani, when Jamal starts feeling sick. Ian lashes out at Elizabeth for turning him into a vampire. Lucy doesn't know that on her way up to the cabin that Ian and Elizabeth are stuck at Christina stowed away in her car and once Lucy arrives Christina runs off into the woods.moreless
    • Ep. #1622
      Ep. #1622
      Episode 85
      Livvie finally feels secure with Caleb. Alison and Rafe arrive at the bed and breakfast. Jack tricks the sheriff into thinking he is someone else so Ricky can go warn Imani and Jamal, but his plan falls through and he is caught by the sheriff.
    • Ep. #1621
      Ep. #1621
      Episode 84
      Madea warns Imani that she believes Jamal will not understand her secret. Elizabeth gets stung by a bee and Ian must tend to her. Alison meets Joel at the gym. Shortly after, Joel offers her and Rafe his reservation at a retreat. Allison takes him up on his offer. Later, it is revealed that Joel is actually Caleb.moreless
    • Ep. #1620
      Ep. #1620
      Episode 83
      Livvie and Alison each shop for a wedding gown and wind up having to share a fitting room. Even though it is awkward at first, they end up laughing together and then they wish each other well. Kevin walks a few steps and tries to reconcile with Lucy. Hoping to make Chris jealous, Elizabeth goes to Ian's cabin. Her plan works, and Chris slashes the tires on both of their cars, which strands them there.moreless
    • Ep. #1619
      Ep. #1619
      Episode 82
      Alison angers Rafe when she tells him she talked to Caleb. Jack is followed by the sheriff on his way to warn Jamal after realizing the sheriff was looking for him. Imani almost lets her guard down with Jamal, but ends up remembering something and she scratches him. Livvie questions the lyrics Caleb wrote.moreless
    • Ep. #1618
      Ep. #1618
      Episode 81
      Elizabeth is hurt when Chris makes plans to go on a date with a nurse. Alison finds out Caleb and Livvie will be getting married soon, and later Caleb tells her no matter what their lives will always be connected somehow. Livvie reads Caleb's newest lyrics and is startled by them. Rafe tells Lucy about his decision to give up being a slayer, and she supports him.moreless
    • Ep. #1617
      Ep. #1617
      Episode 80
      The sheriff is set on finding Imani and Jamal, while across town they are growing closer. After assuring Livvie that he has really forgiven her, Livvie agrees to marry Caleb.
    • Ep. #1616
      Ep. #1616
      Episode 79
      Rafe and Alison meet with a minister. They talk with him for a while and he says they need to trust their love. Caleb tells Livvie that he is always thinking about her. Later, he secretly vows to get revenge on Rafe, Alison, and Livvie. Across town, Madea tells Imani no good can come of her relationship with Jamal.moreless
    • Ep. #1615
      Ep. #1615
      Episode 78
      Casey informs Ricky that it is time to let her go so he can move forward with his career and life. Jack tries convincing Livvie that she needs to get over Caleb. Then, he asks her on a date and she accepts. Meanwhile, Caleb can't get Livvie out of his head. And later, he sees her prepare for her date with Jack. Lucy watches Ian tell Danny good-bye, and then she and Ian part. Later, Lucy catches Kevin's manipulation when he tries consoling her. Lucy then tells him that he should move out.moreless
    • Ep. #1614
      Ep. #1614
      Episode 77
      Alison has a nightmare about telling Rafe about her time with Caleb. Reese leaves alone for Europe. Although Madea wants Jamal to leave when Imani arrives, he ends up staying following Imani's invite.
    • Ep. #1613
      Ep. #1613
      Episode 76
      Jamal finds Imani's grandmother, Madea, who later drugs him. Livvie's attempt to seduce Caleb doesn't work. Ian wants to continue his work on the serum that ages him normally, but Lucy and Chris don't want him to. Later, Ian tells Lucy that he feels he needs to move out.
    • Ep. #1612
      Ep. #1612
      Episode 75
      Livvie confesses to Jack that she used the ring to force him to be nice to her. Jack then tells Livvie that he has fallen back in love with her. Caleb tells Alison that he can't use the ring to change the past.
    • Ep. #1611
      Ep. #1611
      Episode 74
      Caleb fires the band after Ricky questions him on his level of commitment. Meanwhile, after Rafe tries surprising Alison by bringing her to the barn, she runs out looking for Caleb, hoping he can undo what happened between the two of them.
    • Ep. #1610
      Ep. #1610
      Episode 73
      Chris and Lucy search for Ian, who is across town and attacks Kevin after taking the serum. Jamal thinks he knows where Imani is.
    • Ep. #1609
      Ep. #1609
      Episode 72
      Ian injects himself with a large dose of the serum after he steals it from Chris. Caleb secretly vows to continue his fight with Rafe.
    • Ep. #1608
      Ep. #1608
      Episode 71
      Jamal finds Imani, who is about to leave town. Alison tells Rafe she wants to get married as soon as they can after he informs her that he is thru with his war with Caleb. Caleb asks for and then gets his ring back from Livvie, and shortly after that he throws her out.moreless
    • Ep. #1607
      Ep. #1607
      Episode 70
      Livvie wishes Caleb will have the most passionate night of his life. Jack can't figure out why he is drawn to Livvie. Meanwhile, Alison tells Caleb she is going to tell Rafe what happened. Ian tells Lucy he is going to move out.
    • Ep. #1606
      Ep. #1606
      Episode 69
      Imani learns Jamal was investigating her. Caleb figures out that the ring Livvie gave him was a fake. Across town, Livvie wishes on the ring that Caleb would have the most passionate night of his life, she also wishes that Jack would no longer hate her. Rafe returns from hell. Later, Caleb informs Alison he feels that Rafe is back.moreless
    • Ep. #1605
      Ep. #1605
      Episode 68
      Caleb again refuses to help Alison bring Rafe back from hell, so she takes Caleb's hand and makes a wish on the ring for Rafe to return. Then, they are both surprised when nothing happens. Caleb is angry and starts to realize that the ring is just a fake. Lucy sees Ian's anger from taking Chris' experimental drug cause his vampire symptoms to surface. Livvie meets with Kevin.moreless
    • Ep. #1604
      Ep. #1604
      Episode 67
      Rafe wakes up in hell. Michael visits Caleb, claiming that Caleb feels guilty about hurting Alison because he's developed a conscience. Caleb refuses to believe that and he sends Michael away. Livvie ponders wishing on the ring about making Alison suffer, but then she realizes that even if Alison died she still wouldn't have what she wants.moreless
    • Ep. #1603
      Ep. #1603
      Episode 66
      Chris is bothered when he wakes up and finds Elizabeth and two others working on her designs. Jamal keeps the fact that he found the newspaper article from Imani, but she senses something has changed. Later, Jamal secretly begins looking into Imani's past. Caleb's decision to speak with Alison upsets Livvie. Later, Livvie is nervous when Alison pleads with Caleb to use his ring and bring Rafe back. Later, after hearing Ian out about how badly he wants to try the experimental drug, Chris gives in and hands it over.moreless
    • 07.01.03 - Tuesday: Desire
      Frank remembers when he and Karen were happy. Alison blames herself for Rafe and Jamal's deaths. Kevin crashes Karen's memorial.
    • Ep. #1602
      Ep. #1602
      Episode 65
      Alison panics about Rafe's disappearance, she asks Jack's advice, but goes against it and looks toward Caleb for help. Lucy is happy to see Kevin gaining more movement in his hand. Later, she and Ian decide Kevin should keep living with them for the time being. Jamal cooks dinner for Imani. Later that evening, he goes through her belongings and finds a newspaper clipping. Jamal reads the clipping, which is about a professor's murder and a woman who is wanted for questioning. Livvie hides the ring, but later fells guilty about it when Caleb tells her how much he loves her.moreless
    • Ep. #1601
      Ep. #1601
      Episode 64
      Alison watches Rafe read an incantation he found inside of Caleb's book and then vanish. Livvie is angered to see Alison and Caleb share a close moment... So later, at home, she finds the copy of the ring and while she gives Caleb a massage, she switches it for the real one. Kevin moves one of the fingers on his left hand. Lucy isn't happy about Kevin leaving soon, Ian comforts her and says she doesn't need to apologize for caring about Kevin. Later, Kevin tells Christina that will be moving back home and she is devastated.moreless
    • Ep. #1600
      Ep. #1600
      Episode 63
      Imani moves in with Jamal. Alison tricks Livvie and Caleb to come with her to Elixir in order to give Rafe an opportunity to break into Caleb's loft and find her charm. At Elixir, Alison ends up admitting to Caleb that she lost her charm, and he returns it to her. Meanwhile, while searching the loft, Rafe finds an ancient book that he believes may hold some answers about the ring. Ricky invites Reese to a family cook out. Later, he suspects that Casey is responsible for Reese's near accident. Jack has conflicting fantasies about Livvie.moreless
    • Ep. #1599
      Ep. #1599
      Episode 62
      Kevin and Lucy discuss their situation. Alison tells Rafe that she left the charm from her bracelet at Caleb's loft in hopes that Livvie would find it. At his loft, Caleb spots the charm and grabs it to prevent Livvie from finding it.
    • Ep. #1598
      Ep. #1598
      Episode 61
      Rafe accuses Jack of wanting the ring. Casey and Ricky arrive back in Port Charles. Later, Reese kisses Ricky, and right after she is almost hit by a falling lamp. Lucy reveals to Ian that Caleb's ring grants wishes and then she tells him that that is the reason Kevin is living there... So he convinces her that Kevin must leave, because if Caleb has to do with it, no good will come of the situation. Later, on her way to tell him he needs to move out, Lucy sees Kevin bond with Christina. Imani decides she will move in with Jamal.moreless
    • Ep. #1597
      Ep. #1597
      Episode 60
      Rafe warns Jamal to stay away from Imani, but Jamal refuses and continues to search for her. The photographer Rafe hired to watch Alison tries taking a picture of her with Caleb. Jack and Livvie share a kiss.
    • Ep. #1596
      Ep. #1596
      Episode 59
      Jamal arrives at Imani's place, to pick her up for their date, but she isn't there. Kevin gets angry at Lucy for spending time with Ian when he needed her. Rafe tells Lucy that Caleb's ring grants wishes, and then she realizes Kevin is only living there because Christina made the wish. Livvie and Jack look through photos from when they were together, and almost end up kissing. Alison meets with Caleb and later the two agree on having a friendship.moreless
    • Ep. #1595
      Ep. #1595
      Episode 58
      Rafe lets Alison in on his plan to get the ring from Caleb, and she tells him she wants to help. Jack and Livvie continue to argue, but he insists that what he meant what he said about her. Later, she goes over to his place to pick up some of her old things. Lucy tries helping Kevin get well, and later his scream interrupts her and Ian's alone time.moreless
    • Ep. #1594
      Ep. #1594
      Episode 57
      Caleb runs into Alison at the park and she tells him she can't trust him ever again. Imani has doubts that she and Jamal can have a relationship, but he ensures her that they can, and he would never regret it. At Elixir, Rafe overhears Jack and Livvie discussing Alison, and Jack encouraging her that Alison could be a treat to her and Caleb's relationship. Rafe tells him not to use Alison in their plan, and Livvie walks out, sees them together, and starts to catch on.moreless
    • Ep. #1593
      Ep. #1593
      Episode 56
      Ian and Lucy bring Kevin to their place. Later, Chris tells Ian that he is a fool for letting Kevin move in. Livvie's bite of Imani has no effect. Jack tells Jamal that he doesn't have feelings for Livvie. Later on, Imani and Jamal kiss.
    • Ep. #1565
      Ep. #1565
      Episode 30
      Alison tries to convince both Rafe and Livvie that there is nothing going on between her and Caleb. Rafe admits to Alison that her easy ability to confide their problems in Caleb worries him, and Caleb walks out on Livvie, unable to deal with her continued jealousy where Alison is concerned. Jamal wonders if he could cure himself of vampirism simply by wishing it now that he knows the powers the ring has to offer.moreless
    • Ep. #1564
      Ep. #1564
      Episode 29
      Lucy is surprised to see Kevin admit to social services that he filed the complaint because he was angry with Ian, and hopes that this means he is returning to his old self. Jamal wishes he knew what Imani was thinking and is shocked to realise that he can hear her thoughts. Rafe is upset to find Caleb comforting Alison.moreless
    • Ep. #1563
      Ep. #1563
      Episode 28
      Rafe denies being upset with Alison about her having nearly slept with Joshua, but he is upset that she confided their personal lives in Livvie and Caleb. Ian and Kevin argue over Kevin's having reported Ian to social services, but Kevin has a change of heart not long after Jamal and Lucy wish that he would.moreless
    • Ep. #1562
      Ep. #1562
      Episode 27
      Jamal uses Caleb's ring to save Imani from bank robbers. Ian is thrilled to learn that Chris is working on developing synthetic blood but upset to learn from Lucy that he could lose Danny because Kevin called social services.
    • Ep. #1561
      Ep. #1561
      Episode 26
      Livvie continues to search for Caleb's ring, unaware that Jamal has it.
    • Ep. #1560
      Ep. #1560
      Episode 25
      Lucy gently tries to get Kevin to understand they have no future together. Jamal finds Caleb's ring then a young woman comes crashing into his apartment. Alison has a nightmare.
    • Ep. #1559
      Ep. #1559
      Episode 24
      Rafe is able to kill Joshua with Livvie and Caleb's help, but Allison still feels guilty. Jamal is distressed to learn Joshua's death didn't free him from being a vampire.
    • Ep. #1558
      Ep. #1558
      Episode 23
      The citizens of Port Charles watch the Inside the Music special on television and many regret what has happened in the past.
    • 06.30.03 - Monday: Desire
      After Karen's death, Ian realizes Karen is Lucy's guardian angel so he & Chris perform a blood transfusion on Lucy and Karen's body and Lucy miraculously recovers. Before Frank can kill Jamal, he gets a call from Karen asking him not to do it. Frank calls Karen's cell phone and Ricky tells him to get the hospital ASAP. After Frank hurries off, Jamal escapes. At the hospital, Kevin, Elizabeth and then Frank learn of Karen's death. Scott arrives and Lucy sadly breaks the news to him as well. Karen goes to Heaven and is greeted by Casey, who tells Karen that her journey has just begun. Lucy thanks Karen for saving her life.moreless
    • 06.27.03 - Friday: Desire
      Chris has to sedate Kevin to keep him from interfering in the attempt to save Lucy, who sees Karen, now an angel, by her bedside. Caleb brings an injured Rafe to the loft, but Rafe knows Caleb is only helping him because if one dies, they both die. Jamal tries to get Alison out of the mansion after she tells him she killed Rafe.moreless
    • 06.26.03 - Thursday: Desire
      Frank tries to turn Karen when she refsues to get back together with him and while fleeing she is hit by a car. Alison is horrified to realise that she attacked Rafe believing that he was Joshua. Ian rushes Lucy to the hospital and demands that Chris perform the blood transfusion so that he can save her life.moreless
    • 06.25.03 - Wednesday: Desire
      Christina tries unsuccessfully to wake Lucy, who has lost consciousness. After making love, Alison sees Joshua in Rafe's place and attacks him. Ian rushes to get to Casey to use her blood only to learn from Ricky that she returned to Heaven after they made love.
    • 06.24.03 - Tuesday: Desire
      Livvie believes that Caleb is plotting Lucy's death, but he tells Ian exactly what will save Lucy's life -- a transfusion with the blood of an angel. Casey wants to make love, but Ricky doesn't want to risk losing her to Heaven if they do. Alison sees Joshua's face when she looks at Rafe.moreless
    • 06.23.03 - Monday: Desire
      Ian agrees to videotape Lucy's goodbye message to Serena and Christina then seeks further help from Caleb, who refuses. Jamal tries to get to Rafe to warn him that Joshua has turned Alison against him. Livvie remains jealous of Alison.
    • 06.20.03 - Friday: Desire
      Caleb tells Livvie that Joshua is controlling Alison, but warns Livvie not to hurt her. Rafe enjoys a picnic with Alison and she asks him to make love to her. Ricky confesses to Casey about the deal he made with Joshua.
    • 06.19.03 - Thursday: Desire
      Rafe is overjoyed when Alison returns home, but Caleb soon realises that she is acting on orders from Joshua. Lucy turns down Ian's offer to save her by biting her.
    • 06.18.03 - Wednesday: Desire
      Alison and Rafe briefly reconnect but Joshua's hold on her proves too strong. Ian and Lucy have a sleepover with Christina and Serena, then Ian suggests turning her into a vampire to save her.
    • 06.17.03 - Tuesday: Desire
      Ian and Lucy realise that transfusing her with Rafe's blood didn't help, and she asks him to take her home. Joshua finds Alison in a dark room and manages to get her under his spell. Roderick gives Caleb a ring to protect him.
    • 06.16.03 - Monday: Desire
      Ricky confesses to Karen about the deal he made with Joshua to get Casey back to Heaven. Jack realises that Jamal has been double-crossing Joshua in his attempts to protect Alison. Ian manages to get Lucy the transfusion of Rafe's blood, but she ends up having seizures.
    • 06.13.03 - Friday: Desire
      Ian is forced to knock Rafe out in order to get him to the hospital to help Lucy as Rafe is determined to help Alison escape from Joshua. Karen manages to convince Kevin not to inject the drugs into his arm.
    • 06.12.03 - Thursday: Desire
      Ian begs Rafe to save Lucy's life by giving her some of his blood. Joshua is furious to realise that Alison had no intention of marrying him. Frank ends up with a faceful of acid.
    • 06.11.03 - Wednesday: Desire
      A hospitalized and delusional Lucy loses touch with reality. Chris breaks the news to Casey and Ian that Lucy's dying and he can't save her. Caleb urges Rafe to team up again to bring Joshua down. Realizing Caleb has his powers back, Rafe suspects Caleb only wants his ring back from Joshua but Caleb makes Rafe agree to help him. Rafe tells Caleb he needs to get to Alison right away. Alison confides in Jamal that she's not sure she can marry Joshua but then she reluctantly goes through with the ceremony. After wed, Joshua accuses Ali of betrayal after she tries to get Caleb's ring from him and vows to make her pay.moreless
    • 06.10.03 - Tuesday: Desire
      Joshua is concerned that Alison isn't ready to accept the vampire way of life, but she wants to get married that very night. Frank agrees to give Karen the drugs that she needs for Kevin. Lucy doesn't understand why Rafe wants to turn his back on his destiny.
    • 06.09.03 - Monday: Desire
      Caleb loses consciousness after Livvie bites him but when he awakes both are pleased to learn he is a vampire again. Joshua eavesdrops on Alison's conversation with Jamal, where she tells him that she knows she has to marry Joshua but will always love Rafe.
    • 06.06.03 - Friday: Desire
      Ian and Lucy share a passionate kiss, but he flees after he can't stop the vampire part of him coming out. Reese takes a special homemade meal to Jack. Karen reluctantly helps Kevin get more drugs, hoping she can slowly get him off of them.
    • 06.05.03 - Thursday: Desire
      Ian is willing to do whatever he has to in order to save Lucy but when they get to where Caleb hid Lucy, neither Lucy nor Livvie is there. Joshua asks for Alison's help in understanding what love is. Rafe turns his back on being a slayer.
    • 06.04.03 - Wednesday: Desire
      Alison tells Rafe that she is staying with Joshua in order to save his life. Caleb arranges for Lucy to disappear from her hospital room and tells Ian that if he wants to see her again, he has to help him find the antidote. Livvie threatens Lucy.
    • 06.03.03 - Tuesday: Desire
      Alison doesn't buy Joshua's reasons for wanting to make her his bride, and is later overjoyed when she is reunited with Rafe. Chris agrees to get more blood for Ian after realising how worried Ian is about what he might do to Lucy. Elizabeth rushes Lucy to the hospital after she collapses.moreless
    • 06.02.03 - Monday: Desire
      Alison is devastated when Jamal tells Joshua that she's faking her breakdown. Ian admits that he switched Livvie's antidote and tells Rafe that he can't trust him. Casey is upset when Ricky doesn't want to join the battle. Caleb looks forward to being able to take care of Joshua.
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