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  • "Port Charles" started off slow as a traditional soap about a hospital but was reinvigorated when it broke from the traditional soap mold in telling supernatural storyline arcs with a beginning, middle and ending, similar to Mexican novelas.

    I personally loved this show! I was and still am a big fan of "General Hospital" and looked forward to this spin-off show. At first, I thought the show started off slow with storylines that weren't very unique and used before in other soaps. Added to that fact were the constant cross-overs from its big sister soap, "GH" and the show had trouble finding an identity of its own. At first, the show focused on the lives and loves of a group of medical interns at "General Hospital" (think ER as a soap opera). Ironically, at the time, "GH" was not focused on the hospital, but focused on mob storylines so "Port Charles" picked up the slack regarding hospital-related storylines. However, after three years, producers decided to try something different. Borrowing a concept from the Mexican novelas, producers introduced short term story arcs, called books, which had a clear beginning, middle and ending. The story arcs mostly focused on supernatural elements such as vampires, angels, magic candles and time travel. Initially, I was skeptical about the show breaking format, but when the show introduced its 3rd book, "Tainted Love," I was forever hooked. "Tained Love" was probably the show's most popular and highly rated book. It introduced the villainous but oh-so sexy vampire Caleb and after that the world of "Port Charles" would never be the same. However, after 3 years of the book format, ABC cancelled the show citing low ratings and a need for cost-cutting. I was extremely disappointed, especially since I thought the show had plenty of mileage and stories to tell. Luckily, SoapNet still reruns the show (only the story arcs and not the pre-story arc episodes) so I can still get a daily dose of my favorite show.
  • Best and most underappreciated soap ever!

    I miss this soap a lot. I hate that it's on in the middle of the night now. It was a lot of fun to watch and the acting was better than you see on most soaps. The stories were inventive too. Everyone thinks of it as the soap that was out there with vampires, werewolves, angels, etc. and it was. What I like though is that it was out there from the start, with the general homicide storyline that kicked it off. But it had a human element too and I loved that all the characters were interrelated.
  • "Port Charles" is a soap that took daytime TV to a whole new level.

    A spin-off to the long-running "General Hospital," the show debuted on ABC in 1997. Originally, PC centered around the lives and loves of a group of interns, as well as familiar faces from GH, like Scott Baldwin, Kevin Collins, and Lucy Coe. But as the series progressed, it evolved into a format very similar to Spanish-language telenovelas and storylines began to focus on the supernatural, including ghosts, vampires, and angels. Despite having a cult following, PC was canceled in October of 2003. And even know it's been off the air for almost five years, the show continued to make a huge impact on soap fans.
  • This is a great show with memorible characters, great polt lines, and amazing twists. Unforgettable scenes in this great soap opera spin- off!

    This is a great show with memorible characters, great polt lines, and amazing twists. Unforgettable scenes in this great soap opera spin- off! Lucy and Kevin are a couple you can always route for, Livvie is a character you can feel sorry for and always forgive no matter what happened. Ian and Eve have a bumpy time, but you will always cheer for the love between them. Caleb may be evil, but his plans will leave you at the edge of your seat waiting for more. Watch Port Charles!!
  • Port Charles was never a true “Soap Opera”. It was a dynamic, unpredictable, romantic, supernatural story that kept you spellbound with every episode. It was only a one half hour show, but it was packed full of an entertainment beyond words.

    Considering all of the shows on ABC, the one show that should NOT have been canceled was “Port Charles”. What-a-show! A classic in every respect. Reruns of this show are now aired on SoapNet. So, if you get this cable channel, I highly recommend that you watch it. There is nothing on TV that even comes close to this type of story telling. “Dark Shadows”, back in the 60’s, was another classic and Port Charles came close to this type of show. But Port Charles, in my opinion, topped even that show. The cast, the electric chemistry between the characters, the storylines, and the heart-racing episodes come second to none. I loved this show like no other, and there are many that stand in my shoes that love and miss it as much.

    Please bring this show back, or at least make a two-hour movie event of it.
  • Amnesia, doctors on drugs, angels, ghosts, twins separated at birth, monsters, vampires, and vampire slayers, this spin-off of General Hospital took soapsters to fantasy land and beyond. See it on SoapNet in your local area, and see what you missed!

    Port Charles: Time travel, bombings, vampires and jealous passion are just some of the soul-searching situations Kevin, Lucy, Ian, and the rest of Port Charles must confront both inside and outside the walls of the town's General Hospital. But thankfully, there seems to be no cure for the dramas, as schemes and scandals seem to unfold from every part of town.
    Joy Bisco - Casey Leong
    Michael Easton - Caleb Morley
    Kiko Ellsworth - Jamal Woods
    Brian Gaskill - Rafe Kovich
    Lynn Herring - Lucy Coe Collins
    Thorsten Kaye - Ian Thornhart
    Kent Masters King - Imani
    Jon Robert Lindstrom - Kevin Collins
    Eddie Matos - Ricky Garza
    Kelly Monaco - Livvie Locke
    Nolan North - Chris Ramsey
    Mariam Parris - Reese Black
    Jay Pickett - Frank Scanlon
    Brian Presley - Jack Ramsey
    Erin Hershey Presley - Alison Barrington
    Nicholas Pryor - Victor Collins
    Carly Schroeder - Serena Baldwin
    Rebecca Staab - Elizabeth Barrington

    From Episode 1100 - Monday September 3, 2001 to Episode 1627 - Monday October 06, 2003 we were blessed with half-hour slots of fun and adventure, mystery and love, triumph and tragedy.
  • The lowest rated daytime soap when it was on, but the best written, best acted one.

    When Port Charles was on it was the best in its category. At its peak, the writing was awesome. Afterwards it suffered but was still better than some of the other daytime shows that were on. And the cast was always great; it was a true ensemble, and no matter who was in a scene, the actors all had great chemistry together. That's really important in an ensemble, especially a soap.

    I give this an 8.7 however because I couldn't watch the last year of it. The arc system the show had implemented was no longer working and the writers weren't going for something fresh. They were trying to fix it by the end, and the show was getting much better, but ABC gave it the ax for having such low ratings; nevermind that it was ABC's fault, having sold the show to the local affiliates; in the half the country, the show was on at 2 in the morning, including where I live. Some places in the US didn't even get Port Charles. Otherwise it would have had much better ratings. Oh well, what can you do? Nothing. This was a great show while it lasted and I will remember it for its awesome storylines.