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ABC (ended 2003)





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  • "Port Charles" started off slow as a traditional soap about a hospital but was reinvigorated when it broke from the traditional soap mold in telling supernatural storyline arcs with a beginning, middle and ending, similar to Mexican novelas.

    I personally loved this show! I was and still am a big fan of "General Hospital" and looked forward to this spin-off show. At first, I thought the show started off slow with storylines that weren't very unique and used before in other soaps. Added to that fact were the constant cross-overs from its big sister soap, "GH" and the show had trouble finding an identity of its own. At first, the show focused on the lives and loves of a group of medical interns at "General Hospital" (think ER as a soap opera). Ironically, at the time, "GH" was not focused on the hospital, but focused on mob storylines so "Port Charles" picked up the slack regarding hospital-related storylines. However, after three years, producers decided to try something different. Borrowing a concept from the Mexican novelas, producers introduced short term story arcs, called books, which had a clear beginning, middle and ending. The story arcs mostly focused on supernatural elements such as vampires, angels, magic candles and time travel. Initially, I was skeptical about the show breaking format, but when the show introduced its 3rd book, "Tainted Love," I was forever hooked. "Tained Love" was probably the show's most popular and highly rated book. It introduced the villainous but oh-so sexy vampire Caleb and after that the world of "Port Charles" would never be the same. However, after 3 years of the book format, ABC cancelled the show citing low ratings and a need for cost-cutting. I was extremely disappointed, especially since I thought the show had plenty of mileage and stories to tell. Luckily, SoapNet still reruns the show (only the story arcs and not the pre-story arc episodes) so I can still get a daily dose of my favorite show.