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What is Portal? PORTAL - Host Cybernaut Dave Meinstein explores the fantasy-laden virtual worlds of massively multiplayer online games. This is a cool show about a computerized dimension. The good guys need to defeat the bad guys to keep the peace. FAQs When did Portal first air? May 1st, 2002 When did G4 cease to air new episodes? Wednesday, February 25. Why was Portal Cancelled? I do not know. Does Dave post on these boards? Yes ( at G4TV.com), he used to(under the username G4Dave). However, I don't know if he'll continue post since his departure with G4. Will Dave ever return? That is an unknown. However, you can contact him by e-mailing him. When will Season 1 episodes be aired? Season 1 episodes are being aired along with the 2nd season episodes. Check the schedule for airtimes. "Portal should get more airtime" Are there Portal DVD's? No. Well, not officially. Are there ever going to be Portal DVD's? Perhaps. Wait for time to pass. "Portal should get more airtime" Why isn't Portal in better time slots? Portal is in night time slots since the show is cancelled. So, the show is going to be pushed into the later time slots. Why doesn't Portal have a holiday special? Portal has had plenty of Holiday specials. There was Virtual Arbor Day, the two Crapoween's. Death list: Episode - Person - Occupation(if given) - Time of life(if given) #101 - Mark Adams - Journalist - Born: 29436 Died: 29476 #102 - No death #103 - Brian Stone - Journalist - Born: 14235 Died: 14265 #104 - Sondra Simmons - Journalist - Born: 14245 Died: 14272 #105 - Toodeloo - Death Expert #106 - Todd Dimon - Journalist - Born: 12255 Died: 12278 #107 - Dominox - Necromancer #108 - Janet Lorenzo - Journalist - Born: 14273 Died: 14301 #109 - Mitch Myler - Journalist - Born: 16641 Died: 16680 ------- - Gary Greene - Journalist #110 - Trimona - Born: 17483 Died: 17501 #111 - Alligator Tamer - 2025-2050 ------- - Septor - Drifter sidekick volenteer #112 - Rick - 3105-3145 #113 - Sacred Sam - Monk - 2447-2487 ------- - 4 of Drifter's allies(unnamed) ------- - Relko - Drifter enemy #114 - Jebedia - Drifter ally ------- - Zyzow - Drifter sidekick volenteer #115 - Bo Hogan - Host of "Phobia Face off" ------- - Nastion-Dwarf - contestant of "Phobia Face off" ------- - Swoozell-Human - contestant of "Phobia Face off" ------- - Shukee-Kobold - contestant of "Phobia Face off" ------- - Fireheart-Human - contestant of "Phobia Face off" ------- - Thrusher - Bachelor #1 of "The Courting Game" ------- - Porgo - Bachelor #2 of "The Courting Game" ------- - Hunkaar - Bachelor #3 of "The Courting Game" Viewer mail: Episode - Person(s) #101 - Kelly #102 - Paul #103 - Anonymous(Alter ego: PIK) #104 - Sid #105 - Blackwolf - The Ultimate #106 - Drole - Railgun 91 #107 - C.S. #108 - Grey Fox #109 - No viewer mail #110 - Zaradis #111 - No viewer mail #112 - Dogma 972 #113 - Resident Alien #114 - Odrogon #115 - Hyberfro Thanksgiving tips: During the Turkey Day marathon. There was "Behind the Scenes" info that was givin out. I typed them all out here. With no edits of my own. Keep in mind though. That this info was givin out before G4 decided to cancel the series. Therefore, some of the tips do have information about there being more to the 3rd season. That never made it passed one episode. #205 - Ferocious married beasts, Murray & Nancy, made their first Portal appearance in this very episode. How very...beastly! ---- - If Portal did not recieve complimentary accounts from game publishers, their monthly bill would be over $500 per month! ---- - Who is that very mysterious woman who was seeking Dave in The Hub? The answer will finally be revealed next season! #206 - The first virtual charactor to ever speak on Portal was "Swordsman Supreme," way, way, way, way back in Episode 1. ---- - Every single member of the dedicated Portal team has at least 10 pounds of MMOG strategy guides stored at their desks.PD ---- - This episode marks the very first appearance of Bob Klaws, a villian who wreaked havoc on this season of Portal. #207 - Portal uses six high-speed computers to create the virtual scenes for the show. Dave is real-he only seems virtual. ---- - To date, the purpose of "the tube" remains one of the biggest mysteries on Portal. "The Tube" fanfic, anyone? Anyone? ---- - Dave had to hold his breath while filming the infamous tube shots. Rumors of him crying like a baby are exaggerated. #210 - Dave gave serious consideration to turning The Great Fernando into a regular character. Perhaps one day he'll be back... ---- - It takes nearly two weeks to film all of the in-game footage from a single episode of Portal. Two long hard weeks. ---- - Next season on Portal you can expect to see City of Heroes, Lineage 2, Dragon Empires, Ultima X: Oddyssey, and more! #212 - The hospital room in this episode is really a conference room at G4! And there was a meeting going on in it at the time! ---- - Dave is a memeber of SMUTLUV: Strong Men Unafriad To Like Unicorns Visibly. Wait. How do you love a Unicorn...nevermind. ---- - Portal films in "secret locations" or "shadow worlds," where players can't disturb the in-game filming process. #213 - The limitless costumizability of Second life makes the game a creative godsend for the Portal team. Yay, Second Life! ---- - In Dirk Ruddy's first Hollywood role, he played a bystander in a feature film starring Portal's very own Grooter. ---- - Dirk Ruddy's movie career was initially ruined by Portal arch-villian, Apex. Yay, Apex! Ummm...ignore that last bit. #214 - Portal requires special in-world tools from game devolpers to make production of this show possible. Portal is special. ---- - Performing the gruff voices of the beast couple can cause the voice actors to erupt in spontaneous coughing attacks. ---- - The Portal team often uses real life MMOG players to film the virtual crowd and, mob scenes for the transmission. #215 - Bob initially used his own mother(!) to track down and secure the services of his assitant Truggy. Oh, Bob. Bobby Bob. ---- - In the early days, Portal was more about information, but G4 quickly aggreed to the value of a story-based series ---- - Eternally red: The actor who voices Truggy is a redhead in real life as, well. And you know what they say about redheads... #216 - The worst continuity error of Season 2 is in this episode. Can you spot it? Want a hint about it? Yeah? Too Bad! ---- - Bob Klaws, Sargeant Moe Tuesday, and Grooter are three Portal characters who have gone "live action." Who will be next? ---- - The warehouse clerk in this episode is also a regular and, valued member of the Portal team. Gooooo Team Portal! #217 - This episode marks the Debut of a spiffy new blue flight suit. We like to think of it as Portal's Blue Period. ---- - First appearance alert! This episode introduces Krex, a reptillian creature who's taken an unhealthy interest in Yoodle. ---- - Sir Blue Claims to have studied acting with the other great "Sirs"... Sir Alec Guiness, Sir Anthony Hopkins, etc. #218 - Portal begins filming in many digital worlds weeks and, sometimes months before they are opened to the public. ---- - Did you know VAL never overcooks turkey? And her cranberry sauce is to die for. Don't even get us started on her pie... ---- - Grooter's early years (see ep. #117) bear a remarkable resemblance to the origin story of Superman. Makes you think. #219 - The walls of The Hub were painted darker after this transmission...can you tell? Don't lie, you couldn't tell. At all. ---- - The orange alien's voice is loosely modeled on Sports commentator Marv Albert. Can you tell? You couldn't, could you? ---- - Yoodle and Grooter first met way back in episode 13 of season 1. Can you tell? Oh, wait that doesn't make sense. #221 - New title alert: Watch for "Everquest 2" as an important location in Portal's upcoming 3rd season. Yep. Everquest 2. ---- - Dave learned that Berney lost his ability to understand language 19 episodes ago! We're shocked he ever had it all! ---- - The soul of Portal's spiritual advisor Rick has occupied 5 bodies including green slime, an old man, and a tree monster. #222 - Prior to working at glamorous G4, Portal's Dave worked in the marketing department at E! Entertainment Television. ---- - Arena's own Kevin Pereira created the intentionally annoying music track that accompanies Snuggy's unbearable singing. ---- - This episode features Snuggy Dove's first appearance, but Rick learned of a Dove sister 11 episodes earlier. #223 - The Ultimate was Portal's first arch villian, introduced way back in episode 2. That's waaaaaaaaay back there. ---- - Dave is also Portal's writer. He can often be found behind his laptop in Hollywood coffeehouses planning the show. ---- - The Portal team had to be very careful not to damage the dummy... In truth, it was a "rental." Yes, you can rent a dummy. Backround information: Season 1 In the first season many events occurred. You get tours of the virtual worlds. The reporters are many at first. Sadly they dwindle down in numbers. In the beggining there is talk of a mysterious stranger. Known only as the Drifter. Once the Drifter appears it is clear that he is on the side of good. Then an evil force is there as, well. Coming about at the same time of the Drifter, the Ultimate. All he wants is to destroy everything and, become master of the Portals. The viewers respond to this and, ask why can't he just get his own show(in viewer mail). The Ultimate has a minion as, well. Darwin is the first minion of the Ultimate. He has a club made by the Ultimate and, he reaks havoc with it. No one would ever be able to stop him(Darwin) with mere strength. The Drifter challenges Darwin and, they meet. Face to face they stand ready to fight. Darwin cheats and, takes a potion so, that he is even more powerful then ever. The Drifter taunts Darwin. Darwin is confused. The Drifter has a potion of his own and, before the Drifter can take it. Darwin snatches it away and, drinks. The Drifter and, Darwin start fighting. The Drifter appears to be losing with his armor and, sword useless. The Drifter smirks. Darwin is even more confused. The Drifter had poisend Darwin. Darwin falls and, now all there is to take care of is the Ultimate. Spread your opinions on the Portal forums!moreless