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  • For Girls, Hipsters and D-Bags everywhere!

    This is a show written, and performed for a very select audience. Everything in the show is so precious, and is meant to elicit "Ahhh"s and "Teehee"s as opposed to genuine laughter. This is a show for people who wear glasses with lenses that are just glass and only there as an affectation. It's a kitsch show and nothing more. If you like this show, good on you, many of my friends do, though the ones who do are all girls. I was raised on Mr. Show, The Kids in the Hall, and britt stuff like Big Train and Brass Eye. Those shows were are clever and meant to be laugh out loud funny. Portlandia, is a lazy, masturbatory in joke for hipsters, to fake laugh at, and pretend they are both the butt of the joke as well as in on it. For me, this show is painfully unfunny with actors trying way to hard.

    On a positive note, it does have some decent production values, and often the cinematography is great for a sketch show, they should have invested more effort in comedy than in the aesthetics.
  • liberalism is a mental disorder show

    Any show that mocks liberals for the wack jobs they are is #1. lol this show personifies the shallow mind and vacant irrational thoughts in a liberal mind... lol reminds me of the east village in NYC in the 90's and Austin, Texas in well whenever.....
  • Portlandia needs more skateboarding

    This show is rad, but I want to see more skateboarding! PDX is a skate town! Burnside, Brooklyn, and the dozen or so sick parks we have is definitely part of the Portland culture! I'll be at Street League on July 14th for the biggest pro skate contest to come to PDX ever! Street League knows PDX is all about skateboarding!
  • stuff!

    i am in love with portlandia! it's real!

    you have got to do an episode on working class acupuncture! it is soooo woowoo funky

    where are the people of color? i know portland is white but it is not THAT white. there are enough black/bi and multi racials in this town to do yet another episode on. latinos too!

    thanks for the entertainment!

  • Check it out....

    I stumbled onto this show quite by accident and I found it very entertaining. Fred Armisen is the heavy lifter here, being an SNL alum, but Carrie is a gem. She is hilarious. The show is set in Portland and most of the skits have to do with the area, so I sometimes feel like I'm not in on the joke. Despite that, the show is funny and grabs your attention right from the start, If you like SNL, this is a good show for you.
  • Hysterical!

    It's a shame this show isn't on mainstream television because it's really funny and deserves to be watched by more people then it will be by the time it airs. Fred Armisen is very good on this show (better than SNL) and it's filmed entirely on location in Portland which is cool as well. There are a lot of interesting guest stars in the pilot like Steve Bushemi and Jason Sudekis who all nail their parts. And of course theirs Carrie Brownstein who can sing and act! I look forward to the next 5 episodes of this season and I hope that it gets renewed, it deserves to.