Posh Nosh

Season 1 Episode 1

Architect's Fish and Chips

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 2003 on BBC Two
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Architect's Fish and Chips
A re-imagining of fish and chips is on the menu for this episode.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The brand Simon chose as the most extra virgin of the extra virgin olive oils was OLIO EXTRA VIRGINE D'ORIGINE FACHINELLI.

    • The item from The Posh Nosh Range for this episode was Dried John Dory Thins in Basil Aioli. John Dory is an expensive fish, so it's, essentially, bits of fish in a basil sauce.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Minty: Welcome to Posh Nosh.
      Simon: Hello.
      Minty: Extraordinary food for ordinary people.

    • Simon: (holding up a chip/french fry) Look at that. Would you eat that?
      Minty: (while eating one) Certainly not.
      Simon: I would rather starve to death.

    • Simon: When I'm creating a dish, I always ask my favorite architect, Angus Paxton-McLeish, to build me a model.

    • Simon: There are so many other root vegetables crying out to be chips.

    • Minty: By the way, Barry's hard at work upstairs, so if you hear someone banging away in the bedroom-
      Simon: (chuckling) That'll be a first.
      Minty: laughs

    • Minty: Simon's mother, Lady Marchmont, gave me this colander right before she died, which was sad,but also happy because it's a lovely colander.

    • Simon: (with blindfold on for the olive oil test) I'm looking for that extra virgin purity. (First brand) That's been around the block a couple of times. Common old tart. (Second brand) What mummy would've called a vile little hussy. (Third brand) happy noisesPerfect, perfect. That's an absolute Brittany!

    • Minty: If you haven't got an Aga...(trails off, thinks a minute, then shrugs with a half-smile.)

    • Simon:Beauty is food. Food is beauty. Batter hides beauty. Imagine Brad Pitt coated in this hideous, crispy, orange gunk. What a desecration. I know which side of my bread is battered.
      Minty: laughs
      Simon: I'm not joking.
      Minty: sobers immediately

    • Simon: There's a famous saying: Like school boys, rieslings are best enjoyed young.
      Minty: (off-screen,whisper- prompting) School days.
      Simon: What? Yes.

    • Simon: (about the wine's tastes) Green apples, lime, peach, honey, raisin, rose petals, cherry blossom, freshly-mown grass, and on the finish, that characteristic hint of petrol. And I don't mean that pathetic unleaded stuff. I mean the old-fashioned four-star.

    • Minty: ...Introduce your fish to your vegetable chips and marry them on a duvet of rice paper.

    • Minty: (about the cookbook) Which is also available in paperback if you're not serious.

    • Simon: Fabulous work, by the way. I don't know how to thank you.
      Barry Clark: (flatly) Pay the bill.
      Simon: Mummy'd always pay the tradesmen with rosebushes.

    • Minty: Join us next week, when I'll be disabling a partridge in it's au jus.
      Simon: (petulantly) Unless Barry has a better idea. (storms off)

  • NOTES (1)

    • The four substitutes for potatoes are parsnip, turnip, swede, and beetroot. In the U.S., the swede is better known as the rutabaga. They were also captioned "NOT CARROTS."


    • Minty: Matisse the oil-sparingly- over your vegetables...-- a reference to the artist's period as "King of the Fauves(Wild Beasts)" for applying paint straight from the tube onto the canvas. The result was startling to the critics, who dubbed the artists Le Fauves for the passion in their works.

    • The Posh Nosh Cookbook is the "WINNER OF THE 2002 WHATBREAD AWARD."--a reference to the Whitbread Book awards, which are presented to works by folks who have lived in Ireland or Britain for at least three years.