Posh Nosh

Season 1 Episode 1

Architect's Fish and Chips

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 2003 on BBC Two

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  • Simon & Minty show how to "up-scale" an everyday dish.

    The fun of a sharp Britcom in a concentrated dose, as Richard E. Grant and Arabella Weir, as Simon and Minty Marchmont- owners of the Quill & Tassel restaurant- explain and show how to make an up-graded fish & chips. In order to bring a bit of class to what they believe to be the boring and dull life of their architect.

    edited for spelling.

  • A little filler program on the local PBS station, something new to this area. Inventive, funny and original, it pokes fun at what we have come to expect from the Brits.

    This episode has Simon tasting olive oil as you would wine, swish and spit style, but his aim isn\'t what it could be. Minty taunts and teases vegetables and fish on the auger. With a bit of English class snobbery, they hope to impress their handyman with lunch. As luck would have it, he knows more about food than he does about being handy. Simon gives a wonderful rendition of a snobbish peer of the Realm, and Minty is all manor-born, country charm. A short, sweet dose of tongue-in-cheek British humour, gathered \'round the table.