Posh Nosh

Season 1 Episode 5

Bread & Butter Pudding

Aired Unknown Unknown on BBC Two

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  • Painful comedy, an Aga, a cameo by Sam, and the Quill and Tassel's signature dish- what else do you need? *g*

    I don't think I laugh harder than at this goofiness. It's so silly (with a bit of mean/cruel on the edges), that it's refreshing. Especially after the murder mysteries that precede it on my public television station.

    This time we have Simon and Minty show us the signature dish of not only their restaurant, but the 90s! as they tell us, it's the "&" that makes the difference; well that and the fennel.

    I also love simon's adoration of Sam, their dog. He's a lovely boy and you can see what/who has Simon's heart.

    I love Minty, but I have to wonder why- aside from the cash and Simon's looks- she married him. I love Minty despite her goofy snobbery and wonder about her when the cameras are off.

    I believe this is the first mention of the [i]Posh Nosh Cookbook[/i] as well.

    I highly recommend this to Britcom fans, fans of Richard E. Grant, and future fans of Arabella Weir.