Posh Nosh

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Unknown on BBC Two

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  • A Spanish dish, and Simon's love of...tennis, is offered up in this episode.

    Another fun episode. We see, as LadyDragonfly mentions, the family dog, Sam and a brief look at Minty and Simon's wedding photo. Simon's reaction is hoot-worthy even as it's cruel.

    What I especially enjoy are the subtitles used to "clarify" the cooking instructions and website addresses! I believe this is also the first mention of, and letter from, Jessica the Adopted Free-range chicken!

  • Good old Minty and Simon!

    Minty and Simon are up to their usual tricks, although this episode shows us more of their passions, both secretive and obvious. Simon, with his usual toffee nose aires, corrects Minty on the proper way to pronounce Paella. Minty says \"pie ella\" and Simon says \"pie YAY uh.\" His correction leads to something closer to \"pie YAY lah.\" Ah well, she is still \"exciting\" and \"startling\" the food stuffs. (One wonders if she goes to Marks & Sparks to intimidate the turnips.) We have a glimpse into Simon\'s \"bit on the side\" and why Minty has a bit on her back side. Expect the usual name dropping, and be prepared to admire the auger. You\'ll be treated to a wedding photo remembrance as you are introduced to the dog. As usual, if it weren\'t for the presence of Richard E. Grant, this spoof might pass for the real thing.
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