Postcards from Buster

Season 2 Episode 6

A Capital Egg Hunt (Washington, DC)

Aired Unknown Jan 15, 2007 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Postcards from You: A boy named Alec from Newton, Massachusetts sent in a claymation video. From Aago Productions, it's titled "A Very Short Film: The Little Blue Ball." it features the story, set to music, of, well, a little blue ball.

  • Quotes

    • Buster: (regarding Amazonia) Hey, there's a lot of fish in here for a rainforest. Ooh, maybe those are piranhas.

    • Buster: (sighs) I've been a little behind the entire day. Well, I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too.

    • Adriannah: (saying grace) Thank God for fixing our food. Thank God for waking us up. Thank God for keeping us safe. Thank God for giving us life and not death and I hope we win the lottery.

    • Alyssa: Look at all this. Casserole, turkey, sweet corn. This is just like Easter at my house.

    • Mother: Is there anything you don't like, Buster?
      Buster: Being hungry.

    • Buster: What's in the bag?
      Keith: (He opens it, showing Buster the contents.) Got drumsticks.
      Buster: Drumsticks? Why are you bringing drumsticks to church?
      Keith: You'll see.
      Buster: (arriving at the church and realizing the purpose of the drumsticks) You get to play drums in church. That's so cool.

    • Muffy: (signed online as "Princess M") Well, are you coming to my party or not?
      Buster: No! In fact, I've said yes to three different things tomorrow and there's no way I'm gonna make them all.
      Muffy: You've triple-booked yourself. Happens all the time to the novice socialite.
      Buster: What? I'm not a socialite. The Baxters always vote independent.

    • Buster: Mt. Bethel Baptist Church.
      Alyssa: Get out! This is the church I used to go to when I was growing up. It hasn't changed a bit.

    • Buster: Hey, I double Dutched. But it wasn't for very long. Maybe that was just a single Dutch?

    • Female Librarian: I do have some books on ice cream.
      Buster: Ah, that's okay. Reading about it will only make me hungrier.

    • Buster: Hey, look! An ice-cream truck! And it's a biggie. Jackpot! Hi, ma'am. I'll take a chocolate vanilla swirl with extra sprinkles, please.
      Female Librarian: Hi! This isn't an ice-cream truck. This is the D.C. Public Library's extreme mobile.

    • Muffy: Buster, you have to come to the Crosswire egg hunt! You're the star. You always find Big Bertha.
      Buster: Big Bertha! I'd forgotten about her.

  • Notes

    • "A Capital Egg Hunt" formally introduces the character of Alyssa, who is now part of the Los Viajeros band. Though Alyssa was seen previously, this is the first time she is heard speaking or featured in any major role. No voice credit appears in the closing credits for Alyssa's voice actress.

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