Postcards from Buster

Season 1 Episode 28

A City View (Manhattan, New York)

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 2005 on PBS
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A City View (Manhattan, New York)
When a magazine quiz helps Francine discover that her lifestyle is perfect for the hustle and bustle of New York, she asks Buster to get her as much information as he can when he pays a visit there. Buster meets up with a Jewish family who he hopes can be a big help, since Francine is Jewish. He learns about high-rising apartments and rising taxis, but also learns that aside from prayer services, the school that his new friends attend is a lot like his own. As a girl named Mattie helps him to learn about Hebrew and Jewish traditions, he urges her to go slow, worried that Francine might be way behind. Francine is a bit embarrassed when she finds out about this because she knows plenty of Hebrew and is largely up-to-date on her Jewish traditions. She also sets Buster straight on why she eats things like cheeseburgers, explaining that the family Buster is visiting practices strict Orthodox Judaism, while her family practices a more relaxed form. Still, she's curious about how that family celebrates the Jewish holiday Shabbas and is surprised to learn that they completely abstain from using any electricity for an entire day. Overall, it's a great learning experience for both Francine and Buster.moreless

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      • During Mattie's Bat Mitzvah when she and Buster are talking, you can see the camera guy ("Buster") in a mirror towards the right.

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      • Buster: "I Visited a Muslim family
        It's kind of odd that Buster mentions a MUSLIM family and what they do, especially with the conflicts between Muslims and Jews in the war."

      • Francine: They're Orthodox and we're not! But I am kind of curious to see what Shabbas is like at their house.
        The Jewish family Buster visits with in this episode practices Orthodox Judaism, which means that they eat kosher foods (no mixing of meat and milk) and observe traditions very closely, such as abstaining from the use of electricity during Shabbas. Francine comes from a family that practices a non-Orthodox form of Judaism, so she can eat foods such as cheeseburgers and many of the traditional tenets of Judaism that may be seen as not fitting with modern culture are relaxed.

      • Mattie: Well, my bat mitzvah's coming up in a week and I have to know a lot of Hebrew.
        Buster: Is that like a bar mitzvah? Francine's cousin had one of those.
        In the Arthur story "Francine's Split Decision," Francine gets in trouble when she tries to attend both a bowling tournament and her cousin's bar mitzvah. Since the Jewish family shown in this episode practices strict Orthodox Judaism, they have a very specific age at which a boy or girl must have their mitzvah and take on the responsibilities of an adult. However, some forms allow more leeway, such as viewers saw with the character Grace Polk in a recent episode of the hit CBS drama Joan of Arcadia.