Postcards from Buster

Season 2 Episode 10

Back to the Bayou (Louisiana)

Aired Unknown Feb 19, 2007 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Postcards from You: Buster receives a postcard from Lucas in West Hartford, Connecticut. Lucas reveals that he just moved there, but he's already made new friends. It turns out that his neighbors had kids who were the same age as him. He notes that he still keeps in touch with his old friends, through e-mail, instant messaging and postcards.

  • Quotes

    • Girl: When you stilt-dance, do you rest your feet on the stilts or like, your knees? What do you rest on your stilts?
      Niya: Well, actually, I rest when the show's ever.

    • Buster: Wow, Dylan. Keep up the good work.
      Dylan: Are you going to film or help me rake?
      Buster: Uh, right. Heh. I forgot. I'm supposed to be raking.

    • Buster: Dylan was doing some work for Habitat for Humanity and he invited me to come with him.
      D.W.: What's Have-a-Rat for Humanity?
      Arthur: It's "habitat."
      Bo: They build houses for people in need.

    • Buster: Did you evacuate?
      Dylan: Well, my Dad's like a real, real, uh, he don't like, um, he don't like evacuating. He likes staying.

    • Buster: Brittany and her brother Reginald write their own music.
      D.W.: That's so perspirational.
      Arthur: Um, I think you mean "inspirational."
      D.W.: (sighs) Arthur, why haven't you ever written a song with me?

    • Brittany: It really took me by surprise that water can do so much damage.

    • Buster: When we came back home, my family and Arthur's got together to see the special postcard I made.

    • Bo: Okay, it's time to make an airmail delivery direct from Elwood City to the Gulf Coast.

    • Buster: The first time I visited Louisiana, I met great friends. When I heard about Hurricane Katrina, I really wanted to make sure they were safe, so my friends and family collected food and clothing to donate at the Los Viajeros Hurricane Relief Concert.

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