Postcards from Buster

Season 2 Episode 3

Buster's Baseball Merengue (Dominican Republic)

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 2006 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Postcards from You: A boy named Florian from Romania makes a piece of origami paper dance as he folds it into various shapes.

    • Although some of the easier Spanish words and phrases in this episode are closed-captions, captioning for extended Spanish dialogue simply read "Speaking in Spanish."

  • Quotes

    • Buster: ¡A mi me gusta beisbol!

    • Harry: The merengue sure beats doing the wave.
      Buster: Whoo! Merengue!

    • Buster: (to Patty and Bellenia) Thanks for your help. Gracias por tu ayuda.

    • Buster: And this is Buster Baxter reporting a victory for La Liga Nelson Rodriguez. 7-0! This has been a Buster Baxter and Ebos Schmecter sports special, direct from the Dominican Republic.

    • Buster: (in flashback) Woo hoo! I got the losing ball! (flashback ends, Buster speaks in a dreamy voice) And I've still got that ball.
      Ebos: Kid, it's loyal fans like you who really make the team.

    • Buster: It's you! I know who you are!
      Ebos: You do?
      Buster: You're a scout for the Kings!
      Ebos: (removing a pair of sunglasses) I'd quit baseball before I'd work for those rotten Kings!
      Buster: Ebos Schmecter, shortstop for the Grebes! I was there the day you blew the game against the Hornets.

    • Buster: (regarding Carlos and Moras' merengue album) Sorry, they didn't like it.
      Carlos: Why not?
      Buster: They said something about rhythm --- the tempura and the guido?
      Mora: Of course. We're not using the tambora or the guira.That's what makes merengue merengue.
      Carlos: We've got work to do.

    • Buster: This is Buster Baxter giving you an inside look at baseball training in the Dominican Republic. (reads banner) "Mini Compleo Liga de Nelson Rodriguez." That's the name of the league that Danny plays in. I wonder who Nelson Rodriguez is.

    • Javier: And sometimes we eat johnnycakes.
      Buster: What are johnnycakes?
      Javier: They are round things of flour, fried. It's very good.
      Buster: Mmm. Fried flour. Do you think we could try one before we find Danny?

    • Buster: I love surfing! How do you say "I love to surf" in Spanish?
      Patty: "Me ecantia surfiar" o "yo adoro surfiar."

    • Buster: I'm learning Spanish, but I'm not very good at it yet.

    • Harry: The Grebes just can't afford to pay their players as much as the Kings.
      Buster: So what do we do now?
      Harry: The Grebes will just have to develop new talent.

  • Notes

    • Some Spanish phrases that Buster learns in "Buster's Baseball Merengue" include:

      me encantia surfiar / yo adoro surfiar - "I love to surf.
      bat - bate, ball - bola, pitcher - pitcher, catcher - catcher
      Gracias por to ayuda. - Thanks for your help.
      buen juego - good game
      A mi me gusta beisbol! - I love baseball!

  • Allusions

    • Buster: (reading from book) Juan Marichal was the first player from the Dominican Republic voted into the Hall of Fame.
      Bo: He was a pitcher, right?

      In this episode, Buster learns about Juan Marichal. Marichal was a pitcher for San Francisco Giants in the 1960s. He had an impressive ERA and repeatedly led the National League in victories. However, his career was scarred by scandal when he was ejected from a game and suspended for beating a players' head with his bat following an argument over return throws from the catcher that the player felt were too close to his head.

      His son, José Rijo, was a World Champion pitcher with the Cincinnati Reds.

    • Buster: Baseball Greats from the Dominican Republic. (begins reading from book) Over ninety players in the major league are from the Dominican Republic.
      Harry: Some say it's the baseball capital of the world.You should make a scouting video while you're down there.

      In this episode, Buster learns that many players in Major League Baseball, the MLB, originate from the Dominican Republic. Some major baseball stars from the Dominican Republic playing in the MBL include Sammy Sosa, Albert Pujols and Manny Ramirez.

    • Buster: I can see Playmon and Bateria...
      Harry: Uh, Buster, I've got some bad news and some more bad news. Playmon and Bateria got traded last night --- to the Kings!
      Buster: B-But they're Grebes! They helped us win the world championship! Why would they suddenly go over to the other side?

      In the Arthur story titled "The Curse of the Grebes," Buster and Harrys' favorite baseball team, the Elwood City Grebes, won the world championship for the first time in many years thanks to the help of three new players --- Playmon, Bateria and Winlin. The events of this story largely mirrored the real life events of the 2004 World Championship victory of the Boston Red Sox, a team that was said to be "cursed" by legendary New York Yankee player Babe Ruth. Before this Arthur story appeared on the air, Johnny Damon and Edgar Renteria, two of the players who lent their voices to the animated characters (the other being Mike Timlin), were traded to the "enemy" --- the New York Yankees. In this episode, Buster and Harry learn that Playmon and Bateria have been traded. However, they find that the legendary Ebos Schmecter (voiced by Andrew Pifko) remains a loyal player.