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  • The Great Equalizer

    I've been a fan of "Arthur" since it debuted in '96, and Buster has always been my favorite character because he's so funny. I thought it was really cool that he has his own show now. He travels with his dad who chaufers a Latino band to concerts and studios across the continent, including Canada, Central America and the Carribean. While they're there, Buster meets kids of different cultures, religions, and social backgrounds. He parties at Mardi Gras, celebrates Chinese New Year, races in a Mush, and dances in a Pow Wow. He visits the Sears Tower, the Golden Gate, the Alamo, and Lady Liberty. He worships with Mormons, Orthodox Jews, Baptists, and Islams. He learns words in many languages, and finds out how kids with different physical disabilites do things most people take advantage of. It helps people see that there are a lot of different people in the world, and although we have different cultures, speak different languages, worship differently, and just do things differently, we're all really the same- human! Sometimes it's kind of weird being half cartoon and half live video, but the message is great. I applaud Marc Brown for creating this Great Equalizer!
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