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  • Buster?! Of All The People To Get A Spin-Off!

    "The Arthur Adventures" was a series of books that looked like it aimed for a much younger audience. And some of those preschool shows are really meant to brainwash little kids, but when the series went to TV, it was still really lame. But it eventually got better, and funnier.

    The show was about to run out of ideas when they started to get rid of characters that they never really talked about, such as Mr. Morris, and Arthur's Piano Teacher, and Mr. Sipple.

    And Arthur is a kid who wears these huge glasses that look like they are made of wood, (something that is not common these days); and plays the piano, (something to be rewarded, and not bashed by MTV), and develops a love of reading. That is something else deserving a reward since the books that kids have to read in school are really boring, and almost nobody reads them after school, and they really should be focusing on things such as maps and grammar and writing since those things are necessary, and actually, that reading thing is really boring.

    Kids shows today are turning away from that reading stuff and now aiming toward exercising, which is much better than reading those violent books anyways.

    His "Best Friend" (Who spends half the time picking on Arthur behind his back.) is somebody who eats all the time and watches a lot of TV and shouldn't have been the one to get the spin-off. They should have picked DW.

    She is much more interesting and funnier, and she's from a different bunch of kids, that almost never get talked about. It is a much better idea. And the show is about more than one group of kids, There's DW, The Tibbles, and all their friends, and Then There's Arthur's bunch, more on that later, and then there's Prunella; Rubella; and Katherine Frensky.

    This new tasteless show is all about BUSTER, he talks the ENTIRE time through the show, And I really think they could be doing better with the boring and inaccurate things that they talk about...

    And kids shows used be for everyone, but now they're just for kids, cutting out most of their audience.

    Give DW the next spin-off, please.