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  • Marc Brown, what were you thinking?

    Arthur is by far one of my favorite kids shows that I still love to this day. Now when I heard of a spin off of Arthur, I figured this was going to be bad since spin offs tend to fail. The show stars Buster, Arthur's best friend, and he would go around the world and see different cultures and talk to some of the residents in the country they are visiting. All the show is just showing a first person perspective of a camera and showing the areas of where Buster goes. We barely get to see Buster in this show and only hear his voice. Why do we need to see this at all? Am I watching an Arthur spin off or am I looking at someone's vacation videos? I don't mind learning different cultures, but I don't think kids will be amused of it and find it boring. If maybe Postcards from Buster was shot in animation, not live action, and it shows Buster meeting and gaining new friends in the places he goes to and do adventures together, that would be brilliant, but this is just unneeded. There really is no point to show this to kids since they are only interested in Buster only and will ignore the cultural things. Marc Brown, please remove this show and don't do another spin off on Arthur. If you love Buster, go see him on Arthur instead.