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  • Hey Buster! Where You Off To Now?

    Postcards from Buster is a new PBS children's series from WGBH, Cookie Jar Entertainment and Marc Brown Studios. It is an innovative blend of animation and live action starring Arthur's best friend, Buster. Buster's dad, a pilot, is flying Los Viajeros, a rock group, on a North American tour and he's invited Buster to come along. Buster's mom has given him a video camera so he can record his new friendships and discoveries and send "video postcards" back to his pals in Elwood City.

    Designed to delight and intrigue young audiences, Postcards from Buster has two key educational goals: to build awareness and appreciation of the many cultures in America and to support the language learning of children in the process of acquiring English.

    In each episode, Buster travels to a new location and meets new kids and families. The kids invite Buster (and us, the viewers) into their lives, sharing their enthusiasms, experiences, and family cultures. These children reflect the many different voices and faces of young Americans today. Many of them are bilingual and/or bicultural.

    Buster is a curious and open learner, always ready for fun and adventure. As he meets new people and explores new places, he models the language young English learners need in order to find their way around, make new friends, learn more about other people's lives, interests, and cultures, and share information about themselves.

    Each episode features key vocabulary and sentence structures in a natural, authentic way. Key language is introduced in the opening song and then woven throughout the animation and live action segments.
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