Postcards from Buster - Season 2

PBS (ended 2012)


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Episode Guide

  • The Mykala Pono Buster Big Hawaii Show (Hawaii)
    Buster, Bo and Los Viajeros pay a visit to Hawaii's Big Island, where Buster finds himself immersed in Hawaiian culture. He learns about volcanoes, fishing, hula-dancing and even gets to swim with dolphins. Upon arriving, he meets up with Mykala, a girl who has her own TV show titled Fishing Tip Today. She and Buster decide to get together with her friend Pono and create a program called the Mykala Pono Buster Hawaii TV Show. Along the way, Buster finds that he is more comfortable behind the camera than he is trying to do reporting in front of it. When he pays a visit to Volcanoes National Park, Buster thoughtlessly removes a rock as a present for Brain. He doesn't realize that removing such items are strictly forbidden, but when he finally does, he worries about having attracted the wrath of the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, Pele. He decides he's willing to make a sacrifice if it will help to set things right. He also learns, however, that Pele is considered to be a creator, not a destructive force.moreless
  • The Mitten of Mackinac Island (Michigan)
    When Los Viajeros perform in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Buster gets to visit his Dad's favorite vacation spot --- Mackinac Island. Bo is pleased at the idea of being able revisit some old favorites, such as the Grand Hotel and the island's several fudge shops, but the place seems more like a ghost-town then a bustling city. It turns out that since its' not tourist season, most of the major attractions have closed up for the winter. Buster is initially disappointed, but he and Bo are soon taken in by the family of a boy named Lou Clark. It turns out that Lou and his friends are amateur film-makers. Buster learns that they school they attend is very small --- it serves grades K-12, but only has 67 students, with a combined 2nd and 3rd grade class that has only eight kids. Together with one of Lou's friends, Scott, the group puts together a movie that recalls the War of 1812. Buster is bummed about being assigned the position of second camera, but doesn't know that they have a surprise for him. Buster also worries that his friends at home are getting tired of his video postcards when a dropped cell-phone connection causes him to misunderstand something said by Arthur.moreless
  • Buster's Baseball Merengue (Dominican Republic)
    When Buster learns that Damon and Bateria, two of his favorite players on the Elwood City Grebes, have been traded, he's shocked. Having learned a hard lesson that sometimes players that were thought to be loyal will go elsewhere for more money, he scouts the Dominican Republic at Harry's urging for new talent. Los Viajeros happened to be going on a trip there. He stays at the house of Patrizia and her daughter Patty, who he learns is a concert pianist and also talented at soccer. With her assistance, Buster helps Los Viajeros to develop an album of merengue music (a style native to the Dominican Republic) while also meeting up with a new friend to watch baseball. He discovers some amazing local talent and also finds someone he never expected --- a player from the Elwood City Grebes!moreless
  • The Case of the Coin Purloined (Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri)
    Los Viajeros are invited to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to perform for the troops there. They meet up with General Castro, who provides them with a Coin of Excellence. Carlos gives the coin to Buster to hold on to, and Buster is shocked when it goes missing. Worried about what Carlos will think, Buster at first blames the loss on his own negligence until he discovers a mysterious note in his pocket that leads him to believe the coin has been stolen. Buster enlists the help of a girl named Erin and her little sister, Hannah. Buster learns that Erin's father is serving in the military in Iraq and the two discuss what that's like for her. Buster agrees that they can send the postcard about the case to her father. The two get to work cracking the mystery and find themselves headed into the desert. They then take part in an obstacle course, hoping to track down clues. In the end, they make a surprising discovery as to what actually happened to the coin and Buster earns a reward of his own for his work.moreless
  • Philadelphia Masala (Pennsylvania)
    Buster pays a visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but on the way there, both he and everyone on the plane are disgusted by the quality of the airplane food. Meanwhile, Buster is also struggling with an assignment given to him by Coach Biltwell. Biltwell wants Buster, Arthur and the others to get into shape by trying some new exercise, or doubling whatever it is they're currently doing. Since Buster is currently doing pretty much nothing for exercise, he turns to yoga as an easy solution to both get him into shape and help him concentrate. He learns, however, that yoga, like any other discipline, requires some hard work and practice in order to master. In Philadelphia, Buster meets up with children of various Indian religions, such as the Sikhs. He learns about Indian foods and a possible solution to the airplane food problem. He also visits a gurd mara --- a Sikh place of worship and learns about their religious ceremonies.moreless
  • A Capital Egg Hunt (Washington, DC)
    On the day before Easter, Buster finds himself in Washington D.C. Los Viajeros is having a concert at the National Zoo, but Muffy is insisting Buster come to her Easter party. Each year, Buster finds the chocolate egg Big Bertha and is the reigning champion. Buster can't come, but tags along with Alyssa on a tour of Washington D.C., meeting some new friends in the process. He learns about the D.C. library's "extreme-mobile" and manages to schedule fun activities with no less than three new friends. Buster worries that he's overbooked, but manages to juggle his schedule, for the most part. When he misses out on the D.C. egg-hunt, he decides to create his very own egg-hunt, featuring riddles.moreless
  • La Belle Poutine (Montreal, Canada)
    Los Viajeros are on tour in Quebec and Carlos is at a loss as to what to get Mora for their anniversary. Every year, he always seems to choose a bad gift, so this time he assigns Buster the task of creating a video postcard. Since the two fell in love in Quebec, Carlos wants Buster to recreate the magic by filming scenes of some of the places they went on their honeymoon. Though Buster agrees to the task, he dreads the idea of it being sappy and romantic. He's surprised when he instead finds himself visiting a hockey rink and trying new food. While putting together the video, Buster finds himself pressed into another task --- to get help for Binky from famous tap-dancer Ethel Bruneau. He needs to come up with a new dance routine. Buster learns that tap-dancing is "rhythm from the soul."moreless
  • Your Friend, My Friend (Encitas, CA and Tiajuana, Mexico)
    Buster pays a visit to Encitas, CA, where Mr. Ratburn assigned the class to write to pen pals there. Buster heads to Capri Elementary School where he meets up with his own pen pal, Kyle. He soon finds himself facing requests from Arthur, Francine and Fern to find out everything he can about their pen pals. While Buster creates his video postcard, he learns a lot about his new friends and also eases the worries of his friends and classmates in Elwood City. He participates in a beach cleanup and joins the Capri kids on a trip to Tijuana, Mexico. There, they all meet another set of pen pals.moreless
  • This Just In! (Alabama)
    When a local TV station sponsors a contest for a news story, Mr. Ratburn turns it into an opportunity for his students to get some extra-credit. Mighty Mountain is also entering, so the competition seems to be fierce. The kids have few good ideas about what to do for the contest, which requires a "human interest story," so they turn to Buster in Alabama for help. The idea for a story about auto-racing quickly fizzles when Buster discovers that that it's the off-season and so there's nobody racing at the Talladega Superspeedway. The kids remember a suggestion by Marina and send Buster to the Alabama School for the Blind. There, Buster searches desperately for an exciting story with high-stakes, but discovers that sometimes a journalist doesn't need to manufacture news, he just needs to keep his senses open.moreless
  • Back to the Bayou (Louisiana)
    After hearing about the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Los Viajeros organizes a relief concert to aid those affected. Together with friends and family from Elwood City, Buster gathers food and clothing to help out. He then joins in on the trip, paying visits to some old friends along the way. Afterwards, the Baxters and the Reads sit down together to watch Buster's video postcard. They witness Buster's visits with three friends he made during his previous trip to the area --- Brittany, Dylan and Niya. They learn about what happened to them during the hurricane, and how their lives have changed since. They learn that while some things have changed, the kids have found hope, and thankfully all still have love and support of their friends and family.moreless