Postcards from Buster

Season 1 Episode 34

Sugartime! (Hinesburg, Vermont)

Aired Unknown Unknown on PBS

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  • It's not subtly - it's purposeful and it's improper.

    My son checked this out at the school library. Funny thing is we stopped letting him watch "Arthir" on PBS in the mornings before school, a long time ago - mostly because DW (Arthur's sister) often yells and cries and talks back to her parents. This is another example of how ridiculous this author (The famous Marc Brown) is. Shame on him. It's also outlandish that anyone says this book is about Vermont and maple syrup. I'm not some right wing or Christian nut - I just can clearly see the intent of this book - and it's not to help read - it's to
  • this is an imformative episode!

    Why would they want to ban this episode? It imforms children about different kinds of families, like lesbians. I notice that more kids are having gay and lesbian parents and people should learn and understand about them. It only shows the parents hanging out once, I mean once! And the rest is just the kids! They should not have a ban on this episode.
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