Postcards from Buster

Season 1 Episode 34

Sugartime! (Hinesburg, Vermont)

Aired Unknown Unknown on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Buster celebrates Shabbat with the family in this episode. He mentions that he celebrated this with Aria in a previous episode, but she did it a little differently.

    • The controversy due to this episode killed the official government funding for it (PBS Kids Ready to Learn Grant) and funding for future episodes of the program. However, thanks to the generous donations of a group of supporters, Postcards returns in Fall 2006 with ten new episodes.

  • Quotes

    • Buster: Scout ate Mother's Day. (scene change, Buster is now talking on the phone with Bo) It was awful, Dad. The dog ate all Mom's gifts.

    • Bitzi: (in fantasy sequence) You are just the best son ever.
      Buster: Aw, Mom. I'm your only son.
      Bitzi: No, really. Who else would think to get his Mom a pickle and a doughnut?
      Buster: Well, it's just a Vermont thing. But it did make me think of you.

    • Buster: Look at these calves. They're awfully cute. Do you milk them too?
      Girl: When they get older.

    • Buster: (in fantasy sequence) I got you your very own maple tree. You'll never have to buy syrup again.
      Bitzi: That's wonderful, Buster, but how do you turn it off?
      Buster: Hmm. Aw? Help!

    • Buster: So Gillian's your Mom too?
      Emma: She's my stepmom.
      Buster: Boy, that's a lot of moms.
      Emma: Yep.

    • Bo: While Carlos and Mora are getting ready for their club date in Burlington, your Mom has arranged for you to spend some time with Karen.
      Buster: Who's she?
      Bo: She's a photographer who used to work with Mom. She lives here with her partner Gillian and their kids.

    • Carlos: (singing) The winter snow is melting / But it is not green yet / What season do you call this? / It isn't quite spring yet.
      Carlos and Mora: It's Sugartime in the mountains / Sugartime in the woods...

    • Mora: This is the best time. It's Sugartime!
      Buster: What does that mean?
      Mora: Sugartime is when the sap starts flowing from the maple trees. Poeple collect it and then they turn it into maple syrup and maple butter and maple candy.

  • Notes

    • The controversial episode "Sugartime!" is now available on the DVD "Postcards From Buster: Outdoor Journeys."

    • This episode was online at the Family Pride Web Site.

    • When virtually no other station would touch it, TPT 2 broadcast this episode at 7 P.M. CST March 23, 2005. Sister station TPT 17 rebroadcast the program at 9:30 P.M. CST March 24, 2005. Some other stations chose to air this, while some aired it, but with a special analysis program. It remains off the lineup of most PBS stations.

    • If you happen to have a tape of this ep, DO NOT tape over it due to the ban.

    • Education Secretary Margaret Spellings warned PBS in a heated letter not to air "Sugartime!" because of its featuring of gay parents in the episode "did not fulfill the intent Congress had in mind for public programming."

      "We believe the 'Sugartime!' episode does not come within these purposes or within the intent of Congress and would undermine the overall objective of the Ready-To-Learn program -- to produce programming that reaches as many children and families as possible," Spellings wrote.

      PBS responded by announcing the particular episode would not be offered to its 349 affiliates across the country.

      WGBH, the Boston public TV station which produces the show, says it will still air the episode despite the controversy and has offered it to any station willing to defy the Education Department.

    • Originally scheduled to air on February 2, 2005 on most PBS stations.

    • Curiously, this episode that features a Mother's Day theme airs for the first time on Groundhog Day.

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