Postcards from Buster

Season 2 Episode 2

The Mitten of Mackinac Island (Michigan)

Aired Unknown Dec 04, 2006 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Postcards from You: Ava of Maple Glen, PA, discusses her cat named Henry. She adopted him from the SPCA. Both she and the cat are five years old. She says that she really loves him.

    • The proper pronunciation for "Mackinac" is to pronounce it as if there's a "w" at the end, i.e. "Mackinaw." During the fantasy sequence in which Francine throws Buster's video postcard in the garbage, she mispronounces it with a hard "c" at the end.

  • Quotes

    • Carlos and Mora: (singing) What Buster saw
      Buster: That's me!
      Carlos and Mora: in Mackinac /
      Buster: Oh yeah!
      Carlos and Mora: Was a lot of snow that wouldn't thaw /
      Buster: Come on, guys!
      Carlos and Mora: Just you wait / This island's great!
      Buster: Yes, it is!
      Carlos and Mora: Don't you withdraw from Mackinac.

    • Bo: I know you and I know Arthur and it would take a lot more than a few thousand miles to come between a friendship like that.

    • Jack Rabbitson: (in fantasy sequence) And the award for Best Second Camera goes to Buster Baxter, for The Mackinac Mitten.
      Buster: (sighs happily) It could happen.

    • Buster: Second camera. He probably just made it up so I wouldn't feel left out.

    • Francine: (tossing Buster's video postcard in trash in fantasy sequence) I know what to do. I won't tell if you won't. (fantasy sequence ends)
      Buster: (wakes up) What a terrible dream.

    • Lou: What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten, Buster?
      Buster: A hot dog dipped in chocolate, stuffed into a taco. It's not bad. I call it El Perro Loco.

    • Buster: I like anything on pizza. Bacon, spinach, pineapple. You could even put a watermelon on a pizza and I'd probably eat it.

    • Lou: Hi, I'm Lou.
      Buster: Lou! Are you haunting the island, Lou? I mean, wait, you're not a ghost, are you?

    • Buster: It's like a ghost-town here.
      Bo: Oh, Buster.

    • Buster: It's closed too. Wait a minute, everything's closed. This town is deserted. Wait, don't panic. I hear some music.

    • Bo: Hey, we're here. This is the town.
      Buster: This is the town? Where is everybody?
      Bo: Um, well, they're probably just inside.

    • Buster: There's so much snow and ice down there. Are you sure we didn't take a wrong turn and end up at the North Pole?
      Bo: No, Buster, we're still in Michigan. Heading towards the Canadian border.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Buster: Historic Fort Mackinac. The British used this fort in the Battle of 1812 and they left some pretty cool stuff.

      In this episode, Buster pays a visit to the island of Mackinac in Michigan. He and a group of kids visit Fort Mackinac, an important historical site. It was built as a British outpost and was not relinquished by them until fifteen years after the United States gained its independence.