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BBC Two (ended 2008)





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  • Postman Pat has some big changes. See my review for details. The episode guide needs updating.

    Postman Pat has some big changes. He is now being shown weekdays at 8:30 on BBC2. He is now Head of Special Delivery Service in Pencaster with new vehicles. an eco-friendly powered freight van, PAT2
    a gyrocopter, PAT3
    a van like his famous old one, PAT4 (identical to Pat's famous Royal Mail van, PAT1) a motorbike with sidecar, PAT5
    a forklift

    Julia, Katy and Tom (Pottage family) are no longer featured in the show. Jeff Pringle is no longer featured in the show. Lauren Taylor is the new teacher in his place. Lauren is also the new owner of Jeff's yellow schoolbus (what used to be Pat's old Royal Mail post bus, still with the registration PAT2).

    Ben and Lauren have a disabled daughter Lizzie who goes to the school. Another new character is catering van owner Michael Lam. A new mobile shop owner. He could be a replacement for Sam Waldron. Ajay Bains also has a new train called Pencaster Flyer. We can start adding episodes to the guide now.