Potatoes And Dragons

TELETOON (ended 2005)





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  • So, how does one extinguish an annoying dragon from the land of potatoes?

    Well, that is what everyone in the Potato Kingdom including King Hugo III would like to know! King Hugo III suffers daily with dragon problems thanks to a curse placed upon him and his kingdom. He is at wits end... to the point where he will make Madoline, his one and only daughter sacrifice her love, Jester Riri. He has promised her hand to any man who can extinguish the dragon. Due to her fathers cruelty, Madoline will have none of this... and she gathers together Riri, Juju and on several occasions, Merlin to go help protect the dragon and get back at her dad.

    Although it sounds cliche, it is not really... it is pretty unique in animation and appeal... storyboard has a classic feel and each episode is plotted out pretty much the same way. Voice acting is definitely well thought out and well directed.

    I saw this in Canada some time ago and after getting over the whole; what the heck bit, I fell absolutely in love with it! Its jokes are classic and the theme is something I remember even after it having gone off the air some time ago! Infact, I will include it as part of my review for future referance!

    Long ago in Potato Land, there lived a king noble and grand. Some revered him, others did fear him! One dared to jeer him, a dragon not a man. Hey-ho, away we go! Get that dragon, get that dragon! Hey-ho, away we go! Get that nasty dragon! Hey-ho, away we go! Butcher him and cook him slow! Hey-ho, away we go! Catch that nasty dragon!

    Highly recommended to audiences of all ages!

    - Tinker
  • A long time ago in Potato Land There was a king noble and grand.

    This has to be one of the funniest and wierdest shows I have watched in a very long time. It seems to appeal to a large range of age groups (I should know it was a 15 year old who taught me the theme song). The show's plot never varies and in that it's nice and simple to watch, but it's the changing in the Dragon's protagonist each week that gets me giggling. It varies in some way that sometimes they end up being flamed by the Dragon and other times they helkp him get revenge on the King. The show rocks tehre is no other way to describe it.
  • Follows the mishaps of King Hugo III and his attempts to be rid of the dragon that plagues his kingdom. Only problem is his daughter and her friends actually like the dragon. Oh yeah, and the aformentioned daughter is in love with the jester.

    This is a small show I saw on ABC TV in Australia. And I must say it is very enjoyable. Sure, each episode follows the same basic plotline but it manages to be amusing everytime.

    The animation is quite simplistic but I think it adds to the show and King Hugo is quite cute (for the given value of cute)when he is drawn like that.

    This show is short and sweet.
  • Potatoes and Dragons: An incredible show Nickelodeon is broadcasting. It is a MUST SEE! Always the same concept, the same storyboard, but always very funny!

    When the Dutch version of Nickelodeon started to broadcast this show, I was a capted fan from day one.
    The extremely hairy King Hugo III tries very hard to get rid of the annoying dragon, while his daughter Melodine and her friends are on the dragon's side; otherwhise, her father will give her away to the first man who can defeat the dragon. Everytime Melodine get notices of her father's bad plans, she and her friend sees the dragon to tell him what to do, and they help him. And everytime Hugo III thinks that the dragon is gone, he will be fried by the dragon's fire.
    Although the concept is the same everytime, the storyboard is quite small, the show is hilaric. It is not a pants-wetter, but it is extremely funny for all ages who has a good sence of humor.