Pound Puppies

ABC (ended 1988)





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  • aaawwww I used to wove da pound puppie's as a kid and the cartoon series.

    I used to love watching the pound puppie's when I was little. I used to have quite a great deal of pound puppy merchandise as well. I had 2 pound puppy video's, quite a few pound puppy plushes(where you pulled the string and it said a catchphrase) and one big brown pound puppy and clothes to dress it up in (OK now I'm blushing). If cartoon network or boomerang put it back on one of their channels I would definetly watch it. I loved anything pound puppies and seeing the cartoon put back on would be great. MY fav'characters are catgutt and bratina because she was just a total evil bitch to the pound puppie's(hahahaaa!!! I made a joke). She made up some funny ryhmes like "na na shut it down, bye bye puppy pound" or "we're gonna starve the puppie's na na na na we're gonna starve the puppie's" she was so funny, especially when she did that silly dance to go with the witty ryhmes and remarks. My fav pound puppy though would have to be cooler who is the leader of the pound puppie's and also lives up to his name as being a cool pup. I also thought his weired laugh was funny too.