Pound Puppies

The Hub (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Lucky Has to Move
      Episode 26
      When Dot’s dad gets a promotion, Lucky realizes he and Dot will have to move to another city. It’ll mean breaking up the Pound Puppy team! So the Pound Puppies embark on a mission to jinx the promotion and keep Lucky in town.
    • The Pupple's Court
      Episode 25
      In this series, the mission of a team of fearless dogs is to find homes for puppies in need. Their motto is "A pup for every person and a person for every pup." The Pound Puppies appear to be "average dogs" keeping the humans who are running Shelter 17 in the dark while helping "dog-kind" find loving families. Once you're a Pound Puppy, you're always a Pound Puppy.moreless
    • 11/9/13
      Inspired by a motivational speaker, Niblet senses that three unique pups, Axel, Stuffy and Schleppy, need to embrace their differences so he leads them off on a perilous journey of self-discovery, to see the mysterious Doggy Lama.
    • Lord of the Fleas
      Episode 23
      A Pound Puppy mission turns into an island adventure when the gang stow away on Agatha’s yacht. When the yacht runs aground, adventure-loving pup Solo wanders into the jungle, and the Pound Puppies must go in and find him… before the volcano erupts!
    • 10/12/13
      The Pound Puppies need to place YoYo with his perfect person, Sumalee. But a dispute between Agatha and Sumalee’s mother makes this nearly impossible. That is until Sumalee and YoYo’s beautiful music helps bring peace to the neighborhood.
    • Little Monster
      Episode 21
      Noodles the pup feels left out when his humans bring home a baby named J.D. He asks the Pound Puppies to help – and they better work fast. Because meanwhile Noodles comes up with a crazy plan of his own, to get rid of J.D. for good.
    • Doubles Trouble
      Episode 20

      Sibling squabbles between Sweet Pea and Hairy threaten their adoption and their perfect owners' ping pong championship.

    • No More S'mores
      Episode 19
      Pup Millard is so shy he's too scared to even get adopted. So when he accidentally ends up on a camping trip with the High Energy Scouts, the Pound Puppies hope they can find his perfect person and escape before the scouts overwhelm him for good!
    • 9/14/13
      When Cookie loses Strudel's super-hearing electronic Hearmuffs, McLeish finds them and starts hearing strange things. Soon he thinks the dogs are aliens and his investigation puts their entire operation at risk.
    • Back in Action
      Episode 17

      Bert, a dog who's a faded TV star, has the blues until his skills are needed to aid in a rescue.

    • Lucky the Dunce
      Episode 16

      Strudel's electronic scrambling device goes awry and causes Lucky to act zany. Meanwhile, Niblet must make a difficult decision about his new best friend.

    • 8/24/13

      Two of Patches' old friends tease him for hanging out with girl pups.

    • Hail to the Chief
      Episode 14

      Strudel is challenged with finding the perfect people for energetic pup.

    • The Watchdogs
      Episode 13

      Strudel begins leading a double life after being mistaken for a superhero, but her new job threatens her position on the team.

    • 8/10/13

      A heroic rescue dog arrives at the shelter without any fur; Squirt makes him a full-body toupee, but the pup's lack of confidence makes it difficult to find him the perfect home.

    • Hello Kitten
      Episode 11

      The Super Secret Pup Club take an adoption mission.

    • 7/27/13

      The puppies suspect that Ralph is ruining their plans on purpose, so Lucky tests his loyalty.

    • 7/20/13

      Giblet and Niblet fall in love at first sight. When Giblet is adopted, Niblet sets out to find her.

    • 7/13/13

      Cupcake becomes star-struck while filling in for Pooches, the TV sitcom pup.

    • Hot Dawg!
      Episode 7

      Pupster's chance to find his perfect person may be ruined when a love triangle between Cookie, Strudel and a new smooth-talking Chihuahua named Antonio threatens to break up the team.

    • When a boy gets in trouble in school, Pepper and the club investigate to clear his name.

    • 6/23/13

      The Pound Puppies are all ready to place Puddles with his perfect person Sam, but there's one problem... Puddles isn't housebroken! They work together to find creative ways to train Puddles until they realize that Sam may have the solution.

    • 6/15/13

      The puppies sneak into a museum to place a pup with the curator's granddaughter; Niblet and Squirt face a cat mummy.

    • 6/8/13

      The Super Secret Pup Club sets off agent Bondo's flying car and travels to London.

    • 6/1/13

      Buttercup looks like the latest toy sensation that children think she is a toy that comes to life; Pound Puppies try to find her a perfect person before she gets taken.

    • Working K-9 to 5
      Episode 1

      Dolores must prove to her father that she is responsible enough to have a puppy; Dolores becomes a delivery girl for the newspaper.

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