PoweR Girls

Thursday 10:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Mar 10, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Ali and the Valli Girls
      The Power Girls are in Hollywood. There are in Hollywood because they have to promote a new band for Sony called The Valli Girls. They want to give them some publicity by goint to he Teen People party. Teaching the Valli Girls to pose, walk and answer journalists' questions seems to be going well...until one of the Valli Girls makes a gross, inappropriate comment during an interview with an Elle Girl reporter. Also the Power Girls throw a big bash for Ja Rule because of the album release, but no one famous shows up. Ja Rule's first week of album sales rank at a disappointing #7, and Lizzie must cope with the fallout.moreless
    • Millie Runs the Show
      Fashion Week is going on in the Big Apple, and LGPR has been hired by Wyclef Jean, whose wife designs the fashion line Fusha. Lizzie puts Millie in charge of finding celebrities to fill the front row of the fashion show, but Millie starts to slack off at work, dumping all the work on Ali. So that causes Lizzie to give Millie a harsh talk.moreless
    • Kelly Gets PR Fabolous
      Kelly's first assignment is to get the right people at a party for the rapper Fabolous at a private mansion in the Hamptons. There is one problem, Kelly invited 250 people and the house can only hold 100 people. Also Lizzie assigns Ali to grab the Gotti boys to escort them to the party, but the Gotti boys turn out to be a handful, spending hours goofing off at their mom's palatial Hamptons pad while a frustrated Ali begs them to get ready.moreless
    • Rachel Breaks Down
      The Girls go down to Miami for the VMA's, they are trying get the word out about his upcoming album. When the girls return to New York they find out that Ruby Falls has dropped LGPR. So all this stress causes Rachel to breakdown so she is then sent to a hospital. After Rachel gets out of the hospital she goes to see her new clients, The Gemz' at Planet Hollywood showcase, but Lizzie and the girls fear Rachel is heading for disaster.moreless
    • PR Girls in the Hamptons
      After landing the hottest celebrity event of the summer-P. Diddy's annual White Party-the Power Girls head to the Hamptons for Fourth of July weekend. So when they head over to the Hamptons Kelly's fiancé arrives and Lizzie worries that she will not work as hard at the White Party. Also kelly really wants to meet Paris Hilton, who happens to be there. So when the PR girls start to work, Kelly ditches the girls and looks for Paris. Her dreams come true when she not only meets Paris, but leaves with Paris in her limo. When the girls return to NYC, Kelly gets a taste of what it's like to be on the receiving end of some bad press when she finds web pics of her stalking Paris that call her "creepy."moreless
    • Ruby Runs Ruby Falls
      Rachel get her first major assignment: the grand opening party for swanky new nightclub Ruby Falls. Her mission is to attract a sexy crowd of celebrities and VIPs t the clip, then spot some juicy gossip she can fish to the press. But first she must contend with menacing paparazzi, a mob scene at the door, and a bad attitude from her co-workers! When Lindsay Lohan sneaks in the side entrance of the club with a coat over her head, Lizzie and Rachel realize they've spotted the perfect item to pitch to the gossip columns the next morning and the night is saved. The press runs the item verbatim. In contrast to the success of Ruby Falls event, Lizzie's firm finds itself with en unhappy client with Ja Rule shows up for an autograph signing with no pictures to sign.moreless