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CBS (ended 2008)





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  • So easy the producers are going broke.

    Power of 10,
    The Power of 10 is a new game show from CBS.Starring Drew Carrey. The show has that same kinda feel of the Family Fued, of how they get there answers.The new game show craze because of Deal or No Deal has all of the major channels, cbs abc nbc fox ,having 2 or more gameshows.With abc Who wants to be millionria and spitting out a new one nbc with DOND and 1vs100 and FOX with 5 grader.CBS wants to join the craze with the post 80-50 decades.With only the price is right as there game show.They will try to there luck.PO10 first round begins with two people going head to head. The best out of 5 or 6 i belive. The person who comes closer to the right number,which is what the people of USA said, wins.The secons round does the same thing.But with only one conteants.The person will play out of a round of 5 times. starting with 1,000 dollars then to 10,000-100,000-1,000,000-10,000,000.The have a 40 number range for the first which will go down to 30 then 20 then 10 then 0 for the higher they go up.I might have not given the best summary but the game it to easy and in the first episode the player won 1 million dollars.If this keeps up there wont be a second season.