Power Play (1998)

CTV (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • What It All Meant
      What It All Meant
      Episode 13
      Brett's life falls apart as Colleen dumps him after he has Rose fired for threatening to reveal Duff's disappearance, Renata refuses to even speak to him after what he did, and Michelle tells him she's tired of being treated like a possession and is leaving town. When the goalie is injured, Duff pressures Shakey into coming back for one last game.moreless
    • The Finals
      The Finals
      Episode 12
      As Duff continues to prepare for his wedding to Samantha, Colleen gets the proof that she needs that Samantha is the one selling out the team but doesn't want Brett to find out. Mark is pleased that his wife is coming to see him at the stadium until he realises the woman claiming to be his wife is a crazed stalker.moreless
    • The Cubicle
      The Cubicle
      Episode 11
      Rose Thorton writes a story in the Spectator about an unnamed gay Steelhead player that causes tension as the team heads into the semi final against New York. As Parker and Colleen continue to consummate their odd relationship, everyone is paranoid about finding the mole. Michelle gives Parker an ultimatum about Hudson. Coach Harry Strand seems to be have lost his renewed vigor as the team comes unglued during game 7 against New York. "Terminal Todd" Maplethorpe comes up with a unique solution to refocus the Steelheads. Michelle, Renata and Rose witness a surprising admission by Colleen. Harry Strand redeems himself -– Strand style. Duff and Samantha share some surprising news about their relationship.moreless
    • The Quarter Finals
      The Quarter Finals
      Episode 10
      In the quarter-finals against Philadelphia, off-ice battles over the ownership of the club threaten to distract the players; Coach Tremblay doubts his leadership ability and requests his return to Sherbrooke, setting the stage for the return of a "happier" Harry Strand… who comes fully equipped with a psychiatrist. Michelle talks husband Hudson James into helping Parker get back into the U.S. to attend a league meeting for which he is eternally UN-grateful. After the meeting in New York, Colleen and Parker share more than just a drink. The "new" Harry Strand turns to be just what the teams needs.moreless
    • Foolish Hearts
      Foolish Hearts
      Episode 9
      Heading into the last regular season game against Detroit, turmoil jeopardizes the Steelheads post-season chances. Team Captain Mark Simpson receives divorce papers; Michelle is caught in the middle when Hudson James and Parker square off over Russian player Boris Kerensky; The team gets a new Head Coach in former goalie Al Tremblay. Duff McCardle risks his personal fortune for one last chance at the cup.moreless
    • The Mask
      The Mask
      Episode 8
      When the government decides to enact an equal opportunity ruling on new hires, the entire team is left questioning what will happen to them if they don't fall under the guidelines. When Duff finds out that Brett plans to drive Harry Strand crazy, he hires him in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone and get rid of Sexsmith at the same time.moreless
    • The Jumper
      The Jumper
      Episode 7
      Rose gets jealous and possessive when she realises that there is more to Colleen and Brett than just a working relationship. The entire team rallies together to help a former Steelhead who is planning to commit suicide by jumping from the rafters.
    • The Truth
      The Truth
      Episode 6
      Hudson tips Brett off that Todd is looking for a new agent, but both men are soon fighting over who will get to represent him, and Rose gets caught in the middle. Colleen is suspicious when Duff's new girlfriend, Samantha, is a lot younger than Duff and seems to have her eyes on the prize.moreless
    • Temptation
      Episode 5
      Brett is shocked when Michelle comes back from England married to the much older Hudson James, whom Rose discovers is no stranger to matrimonial bliss. Todd gets in trouble over an unintentional racial slur, and soon begins losing his sponsers and cannot get ahold of his agent.
    • Evasion
      Episode 4
      Brett doesn't want people to know that he is sleeping with Rose, so he tries to keep it quiet as Renata tries to put an end to it altogether. Rose is far from his only problem, though, as he is still wanted in the United States. After a big fight and troubles in his marriage send Mark to a bar, he hooks up with another woman.moreless
    • Manipulation
      Episode 3
      Duff and Colleen don't like it when the government decides to run the Steelheads their way, even though Strand seems to be agreeable. Brett encourages Mark to dump his wife, Rayanne, as his manager and to go with him. Rose decides to write a tell-all novel about Brett.
    • Resign or Re-Sign
      The government is confused to learn that the Steelheads they have just bought up are a hockey team, and not salmon. Brett begins plotting his revenge against everyone who brought about his downfall, and Colleen's name is all over his list. Shakey is devastated when he has to retire due to his bad knee, and Simpson is furious with Strand when Strand doesn't allow Shakey to tell them himself.moreless
    • Everything is Broken
      Brett's world is falling apart as Colleen turns on him after she decides he seduced her to get his job back, Michelle announces that she's going to school in England, and he is facing extradition charges to the U.S. In order to save the Steelheads, Duff makes a deal with the government.moreless
  • Season 1