Power Play (1998)

Season 2 Episode 12

The Finals

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 2000 on CTV

Episode Recap

The Steelheads play their rivals from Toronto in game one of the final as Duff and management looks on from the owner's box. Duff asks Brett if he's been a best man at a wedding before. Brett says he was asked once before and when the wedding fell through, he successfully sued for damages for time lost. Play gets underway even as Colleen continues to fume about Samantha. Toronto scores first and Samantha slips out to talk to someone at the league office. In the second period, play goes back and forth until Hamilton ties the score. Late in the third period, Hamilton scores the go ahead goal and wins game one. The next morning, Brett wakes up and goes into his kitchen followed by Colleen, who shows Brett phone records that show Samantha has been secretly calling the league offices and Colleen figures she has proven Samantha is the mole. At the arena, Duff congratulates the players on winning game one but his search for a best man for his wedding at the Legion hall does not go well. Mark is summoned outside the dressing room to supposedly meet his estranged wife but there is no one there. Colleen goes to see Duff about the phone calls but instead encounters Samantha, who is being fitted for a wedding dress. Colleen states that she has evidence Samantha is the mole but Samantha says Colleen has no decency or trust in her character. Todd encounters hockey legend Guy Lafleur in an arena hallway and Guy advises Todd the strategy to winning to skate faster than everybody else, shoot harder than everybody and make sure the goalie doesn't stop the puck. Game two is underway and Hudson joins Michelle in the seats. Hudson tells Michelle he is leaving Manta Corp. for a big new job and out from under his father's control. Michelle presses Hudson for details on the new job with none given and Brett joins them momentarily before leaving again. The score is tied at three late when Mark scores and Hamilton wins game two for a two to nothing series lead. After the game, Mark finds the window on the driver side of his car and a note left inside that reads Stop ignoring me Your wife. Meanwhile, Colleen receives a package with a note attached saying Hudson James has been selling out the hockey team. Colleen goes to tell Brett about the revelation but hearing Brett talk about Hudson, Colleen decides not to tell Brett and hides the package among items on Renata's desk, with Renata's grudging permission. Near the dressing room, Duff approaches Todd about being his best man but Todd starts rambling on bout a range of topics and Duff drops the matter. Brett emerges from a elevator into a media scrum and Rose pursues him for comments. Brett retorts that Rose is trying to trash the whole team in her column for personal reasons and the two quarrel back and forth. Colleen tells Michelle about Hudson's duplicity and that Hudson stands to get parking and privilege concessions if the team moves to Houston. Michelle notes that it's the same deal her father hatched when he returned to Hamilton a while back. Colleen notes that Hudson also arranged for Manta Corp. to cut out of the deal and Hudson's father will be furious. In the end, Colleen asks Michelle not to tell Brett about this information. Game three gets underway in Toronto and the Toronto team dominates in an easy win. After the game, Mark is leaving the game when he is approached by a woman named Betty, who says they are married and wants to go home with him. Mark asks her to wait for him and slips away quickly. Brett emerges from his office looking for Renata but finds no sign of her. Looking for paper on her desk, Brett finds Colleen's package and takes it with him into his office. Michelle confronts Hudson about his actions but Hudson is unapologetic and says it is what is good for them and it frees them from Hudson's father for good. Brett tells Renata he is going to tell Hudson's father what Hudson is doing and Renata is upset Brett went through his desk and says Brett can stop Hudson without hurting his daughter. Renata balks at helping Brett in his destroying Hudson and leaves the office. Game four of the finals is scoreless for much of the game until Mark takes a late penalty and Toronto scores on the power play. Toronto scores again and ties the series at two games apiece. Duff asks Colleen to be his best man and Colleen says she can't initially but agrees to do it. At the stag party at the Legion hall, Duff thanks everybody for coming out though Colleen is unnerved by being the only woman there. Outside, in the parking lot, Mark is approached by Betty once again and Mark tells her that she needs help just as Todd pulls up. Back in the hall, Colleen and Brett quarrel over Brett's crushing Hudson using her package and Colleen ducks out just before a giant cake containing Todd is wheeled out. Afterwards, Duff talks to Brett how ghosts can give you perspective in life. Colleen goes to see Samantha and begs her not to marry Duff. Samantha tells Colleen she was the one who sent her the information about Hudson but Colleen refuses to budge from her position that Samantha is taking advantage of Duff. Back at the hall, Duff mentions to Mark that he's not playing like himself and Mark admits he wants his wife back and she won't return his phone calls. Brett staggers inside his apartment and Michelle talks with him and says she's been caught up in a war between Brett and Hudson and they are exactly alike and refuse to be rescued or helped and leaves moments later. Game five gets underway in Hamilton with Toronto taking the early lead. Hamilton ties it only for Toronto to score again and take the lead. Mark gets the chance to tie the score with a penalty shot very late in the game but misses and Toronto wins the game. Brett dodges a media scrum and Rose by getting ready to go to the wedding in his office but Renata says she's not going as she can't pretend to be happy when Brett is acting like he is and says good-bye. At the wedding, Mark sees Betty hooked up with another hockey player, to his amusement. Moments later, Mark is joined by Rayanne and the two make small talk just before the music starts. However, Samantha fails to show and Duff is left standing at the altar, so to speak.