Power Play (1998)

Season 2 Episode 10

The Quarter Finals

Aired Unknown Jan 20, 2000 on CTV

Episode Recap

Hamilton looks to win game four of the quarter final series against mPhiladelphia andove on to the semi finals. At the same time, Duff, Colleen and Brett meet with league officials about the team's financial status. Hamilton struggles to keep up with Philadelphia as Al fails to compensate for PhPhiladelphia's coaching moves. Colleen gives a polished presentation on the team's finances but this is dampened somewhat by the league's officials pointing out possible rise in salaries as mentioned in the local party and Duff's disparaging remarks about Americans that don't go over well with the American league reps. Hamilton loses the game and must play another game.

Colleen fumes at Brett's actions before the league officials and tells him to behave from now on or else. In the rink, Al tries working with the players but the players show little faith in what he is saying. Meanwhile, Michelle is at dinner with Hudson and asks her husband to try to get along with her father better.

At the rink, Brett tries to duck Rose but she corners him and tells him that she plans to publish her unauthorized biography about Brett with the aid of an American publisher.

In the Steelhead dressing room, grumblings about the coach are quieted down by Simpson but he privately tells Maplethorpe they need Harry Strand back as the team's coach to go further in the playoffs.

Brett is in his office trying to dig up dirt on the internet about Hudson and fumes about his ongoing legal problems in the U.S. and Rose's upcoming book.

Hamilton plays game five with Philadelphia and loses a one sided contest, much to Brett's dismay. In the early hours of the following morning, a sleeping Brett receives a call from Colleen wanting to know why the team is looking so pitiful. Colleen says Duff won't have enough money to buy the team if they lose in the quarters and adds she has to go to New York for more discussions with league representatives.

Todd and Mark go to see Doctor Tockette, who is treating Harry at what he calls a clinic for voluntary happiness training. The guys want to talk to Harry and Tockette mentions he destroys blocks to happiness with the aid of a small tape recorder that emits the phrase "Be happy!" when clicked. Tockette doesn't let the guys talk to Harry as he says hockey has left with Harry with " happiness issues " and moments later, Harry is seen sitting alone by a duck pond clicking the "Be happy!" device.

Brett is asked by his daughter to get along better with Hudson by thinking of something Hudson can do for him. Brett suggests the charges pending against him dropped and Michelle says Hudson's company Manta Corp. may be able to just that.

Al stops by Colleen's office and tells her that he's stepping down as the team's coach after the game that night. Colleen tries to dissuade him but Al reveals he knows the players went to Harry for advice and he's not right for coaching though he'll try and win Game 6. However, Hamilton loses the game and must play game seven in a winner take all scenario.

Rose tries to get Brett to comment on the team's performance but Brett ducks her and goes into his office. However, Brett sees Hudson is waiting for him inside his office and can't seem to decide who he wants to tangle with first. Al announces to all that that he has resigned and is heading back to Sherbrooke and with that, Brett goes into his office to meet with Hudson. Hudson tells Brett that according to Manta Corp's lawyers, the charges against Brett in the US will be probably be dismissed within days on the grounds the evidence was obtained illegally by Brett's former assistant.

On the ice, Mark leads the team in a practice until Harry, accompanied by Tockette, calls the players over to the bench with a duck call and tells them he will be their coach once again but sounds much more humble in his approach.

Brett confronts Colleen about replacing Al with Harry as the team's coach. However, Colleen refuses to back down and tells Brett and Harry are co-general managers and Duff won't help Brett fire Harry.

Harry addresses the team in the dressing room and apologizes for his past behaviour and says he has learned from his mistakes. Harry says he will lead them to the glorious victory they deserve and says he may have found a flaw in Philadelphia's style of play they can exploit.

Brett and Colleen quarrel more about Harry before Duff tells them that he has been tipped off that the league will be asking Colleen to clarify things and wants Brett to go with her. Colleen points out Brett will be jailed the minute he enters the US on outstanding warrants but Brett starts making a call. Overhearing all of this secretly, Rose vows to go to New York as well to see what is happening.

At the Parker apartment, Hudson and Michelle tell Brett that the charges have been dismissed and Brett is ecstatic as he leaves for New York and thanks Michelle but ignores Hudson almost completely.

Harry leads the team in practice and diagrams a play for Todd and Mark to try that Mark resists initially but realizes it makes sense.

In New York, Brett and Colleen meet with the league officials even as Hamilton gets ready to play game seven with Philadelphia. Brett and Colleen answer the league's questions by pointing out each other's flaws and emphasizing the strengths at the same time. While this is going on, Harry tells the team he is breaking up the top line for the game as part of his strategy.

After the meeting, Brett and Colleen head to the hotel bar to watch the game on the television there. As for the game, Philadelphia jumps out to the lead with Brett and Colleen musing over it and what they said about each other earlier. Hamilton ties the game late but when the bartender changes the channel, Brett and Colleen adjourn to Colleen's hotel room to watch the game.

Harry reunites the top line late in overtime and Todd scores the winning goal for Hamilton. Brett and Colleen celebrate before they start becoming amorous with each other. However, this is interrupted by Rose knocking on the door looking for reaction to the news that the league has turned down the financing proposal and is moving to revoke the franchise. Seeing Brett in the room, Rose leaves in a huff as the teams exchange handshakes and Brett and Colleen ponder silently what to do next.