Power Rangers

Season 21 Episode 4

A Lion's Alliance

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Mar 08, 2014 on Nickelodeon

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  • Solid, even if a bit empty.

    I caught this airing on YTV today. I haven't caught up on recent seasons of the show, and so my immediate impressions are based on comparison to the pre-disney years. In short, i enjoyed it, although there was basically zero character development.

    It looks like CGI has taken a much more prominent role in the production, which is both good and bad. On the one hand it allows more creativity, but it also takes away some of the authenticity that pure models provide. It;s not as bad as i expected though.

    At times the extra prominent beat by beat delivery of the Rangers delivering their power up lines in unison feels a bit too much like post 9/11 kids programming, which this is of course, so i shouldn't be surprised. Still, it never felt overwhelming.

    The production values are much slicker, and frankly, that's a good thing. There are certain times where knowing the show can pull off cool things like ranger suit booming into a mid running transformation sending out a shockwave is just awesome. Also, the shot of production line baddies falling out of the sky. I'd love to see how cool Power Rangers in space would look with this modern production value.

    It's widescreen, it's HD, and the villains are still people in costumes. That's awesome too.

    The mask on the wall and the strange mechanical dude are very Zordon and Alpha, which is fine, because at least the mask on the wall has a certain cool factor. I also like all the Ranger toys on the wall. It's slick.

    The fights in general are as entertaining as ever.

    My only real prod at this episode in general is that there is no character development whatsoever. Having not watched these recent seasons overall, i can't say how much that is a problem as of late, but it is the primary reason my score is not higher than an 8. There's no sub-plot involving character relationships. Why do we care about these rangers? What makes any one of them as memorable as Tommy or How do they stand out at all? Why can't i remember their names? Give me some of that and i'll give you a 9+ score. In this particular episode it is not there. Still, it's as good as an 8, and i feel good about knowing i can give a most modern Power Rangers episode at least that score.
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