Power Rangers

Season 1 Episode 5

A Pressing Engagement

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 09, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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At the Youth Center, Jason attempts to break Bulk's benchpressing record, only to be repeatedly distracted. Rita comes up with a plan to divide and conquer the Rangers, by splitting them up during a battle with the King Sphinx monster.

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  • good show

    it's At the Youth Center, Jason attempts to break Bulk's benchpressing record, only to be severely distracted. Rita comes up with a plan to divide and conquer the Rangers, by splitting them up during a battle with the King Sphinx monster. It takes the Zord-charging power of their Coins' Power Crystals to bring everyone back together, and to take down King Sphinx & Goldar. Main characters on this episode: Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly Hart, Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger), Austin St. John (Jason Lee Scott, Red Mighty Morphin Ranger), David Fielding (Zordon), Walter Jones (Zack Taylor, Black Mighty Morphin Ranger), Paul Schrier (Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier), Jason Narvy (Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch), Thuy Trang (Trini Kwan, Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger), David Yost (Billy Cranston, Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger)moreless
  • A butchered version of the original episode.

    This was originally a 2 part episode which sees all but the red ranger destroyed at the hands of the Sphinx monster who fools them with his limericks and impossible puzzles.

    All these elements were removed from the power rangers remake of the episode which instead showed the rangers blown back to the youth centre (instead of imprissoned in trees) and the zord battle was an easy win as usual (instead the zords being destroyed and the red ranger traveling back in time to save them).

    Some elements missing from the episode were also needed to explain continuity errors so Zordon was instead shown sending power crystals by viewing globe (aren\'t power crystals made from power coins?)

    Anyway i think this episode could have been much better (but they might have needed more than one set or some actual money in the budget for that).moreless
  • A good episode.

    Ernie coaches Jason as he tries to beat the current bench press record of 1,010 in the Youth Center. Jason's attempts to break the record failed. Jason's confidence is shaken up and Rita takes advantage of Jason's doubts. The Rangers fought Rita's new monster, King Sphinx. When Goldar arrived to join King Sphinx, Jason finally starts to get the upper hand over Rita's new monster, until Rita grows both villains to giant size. The Rangers defeated both of them when they combined their zord into the megazord and when they called upon the power sword. The King Sphinx was destroyed and Goldar retreated. Back at the Youth Center, Jason gave the bench press record another chance. With the support of his friends he finally manages to break the 1,010 record. This episode taught us that our friends will be there to help us.moreless
  • One of the best episodes of the first season, as well as the series.

    There have been many excellent episodes of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and "A Pressing Engagement" is no exception. In fact, this one is one of my all-time personal favorite episodes of the first season – and entire series – to date. For those who have not seen the episode, be advised that story SPOILERS (including the ending) are included:

    At the start of the episode, Ernie coaches Jason as he tries to beat the current bench press record of 1,010 (oddly enough, which was set by bully Bulk) in the Youth Center, while Kimberly does gymnastics nearby on the balance beam. Kimberly joins the others to watch, but Jason's attempts to break the record are foiled twice. The first time Jason fails is when Ernie loses count and the second time is when a skateboarding Zack bumps into Kimberly, just as she makes a bubble of her bubble gum as big as her head, and promptly pops the gum in both their faces by accident.

    Jason's confidence is shaken by not being able to break the record and Rita takes advantage of Jason's doubts by planning to lure Jason out alone and crush him. After Zack and Kim clean the gum off their faces, Zack buys her and Jason drinks to make up for it. Bulk and Skull arrive to taunt Jason for not being able to beat his record and Bulk grabs Jason from behind. Jason rejects his friends' offer to help and steps on Bulk's foot to let him go, causing Bulk's pants to break open to reveal his boxers when he crouches down in pain and then his pants eventually fall off when Skull tries to help, making both bullies hurry off. When the others talk to Jason about accepting help from his friends, the three scurries off when their leader Zordon contacts them from the Command Center and tells the Rangers of Rita’s latest attack in the park with the Putty Patroller henchmen and a new monster.

    Jason, Kimberly and Zack morph into their Power Ranger suits (Red, Pink and Black, respectively) and are teleported down to the park. When they arrive at the children's theater in the park (which, oddly enough, has Japanese graffiti spray painted on the walls of a California theatre), the Rangers fight the Putty henchmen, as well as onlookers Baboo and Squatt. During the fight, Rita's new monster, King Sphinx, teleports Kimberly and then Zack back to the Youth Center, leaving Jason alone and blocking contact between Jason, the Command Center and his friends. King Sphinx quickly transports Jason to the desert, where he fights him alone and the two are evenly matched. When Goldar arrives to join King Sphinx, Jason finally starts to get the upper hand over Rita's new monster, until Rita grows both villains to giant size.

    Elsewhere, Kimberly and Zack meet with Billy and Trini to tell them of what's going on with Jason. The four teleport into the Command Center, where Zordon helps them create their Power Crystals for the first time and has Alpha send them down to Jason in order to finally teleport to the area. When the Power Crystals are sent down to Jason, he digs them out and allows the other four Rangers to arrive, restoring contact. With the other Rangers finally with him, Jason is finally able to summon the team's Dino Zord robots and the five robots connect to form the Megazord. After the two villains fight against the Megazord in one of the show's best fight sequences, the Rangers are able to summon the Megazord’s power sword to destroy King Sphinx. With Sphinx gone, Goldar quickly retreats, vowing he will meet the Rangers again.

    Back at the Youth Center, Jason's friends coach him on as he gives the bench press record another chance and he finally manages to break the 1,010 record. Ernie wheels in a last-minute cake to celebrate (even if it does read "Happy Birthday Mom" on top of it) and Jason thanks his friends for being there for him. With Jason's confidence restored, Bulk and Skull arrive to cause trouble and Bulk vows he will get his record back. While the others are trying to celebrate, Bulk trips en route to get a piece of cake and ends up falling onto it. When Skull laughs at his friend's unfortunate mishap, Bulk promptly splatters some of the cake onto Skull's face and makes the five teens laugh, except for a disgusted Kimberly.

    Now that the recap is over, here comes the praise.

    This is one of the best episodes of the first season of the series, if not one of the best episodes of "Power Rangers" to date. There are a lot of good moments in the episode, such as the fight sequences and the cool new monster King Sphinx. While this is Sphinx's only time fighting the Rangers in the season (or on the series), he is a worthy opponent who actually seems evenly matched against Jason, the Red Ranger until he eventually, and naturally, gets the better of the monster. It is also one of the best episodes showcasing the team's leader Jason, showing how even the bold leader of the team has his doubts and can rely on his friends when he needs help.

    There is also a hilarious dialogue exchange early on in the episode between Baboo, Squatt and Rita, in which Baboo offers Rita to send him and Squatt to Earth to do the assignment. Rita quickly replies "Forget it" and the duo nod, immediately replying "Yes, ma'am".

    As for the bad... well, there's not much to complain about, really. The only bad thing about the episode that I can think of is that the cool new villain, King Sphinx, was not used again on the series, whereas other villains of the show like Eye Guy or the Pudgy Pig garnered more than one appearance. Any monster that is evenly matched with a Power Ranger in terms of fighting skills and has an array of cool powers (hurricane winds when he flaps his wings, a staff that fires question mark shaped energy bolts, etc.) deserves to not be included as a one-hit wonder monster on the series.

    Nevertheless, while "A Pressing Engagement" is not the best episode of "Power Rangers", it is most certainly one of the best episodes and is not to be missed by anyone that likes good storytelling and cool fight sequences.moreless
Austin St. John

Austin St. John

Jason Lee Scott, Red Mighty Morphin Ranger

Thuy Trang

Thuy Trang

Trini Kwan, Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger

Walter Jones

Walter Jones

Zack Taylor, Black Mighty Morphin Ranger

Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson

Kimberly Hart, Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger

David Yost

David Yost

Billy Cranston, Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger

Paul Schrier

Paul Schrier

Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier

Richard Cansino

Richard Cansino

King Sphinx (voice)

Guest Star

Richard Genelle

Richard Genelle


Recurring Role

Romy J. Sharf

Romy J. Sharf

Alpha 5

Recurring Role

Richard Horvitz

Richard Horvitz

Alpha 5 (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Billy's garage, which acts as a laboratory for his various science experiments, and will be featured regularly throughout the first three seasons.

    • Jason, Zack, and Kim encounter two Putties with dark rocky bodies in this episode. These Putties would be seen again in "For Whom the Bell Trolls", "No Clowning Around" (via recycled footage), "Foul Play In the Sky", "Green With Evil (1)", and "Rita's Seed of Evil".

    • This episode features two firsts for the Megazord :first time it faces two opponents at once, and the first time it destroys a monster using the Power Sword.

    • This episode marks the first (regular) appearance of the Power Crystals, and their use as joysticks in the individual and combined Zord cockpits.

    • After Jason says "Let's finish these Putties", his head keeps moving (as if he's still speaking).

    • Why didn't Zordon contact Billy and Trini to help out in the opening battle?

    • Kimberly was wearing slip-on shoes when she morphed, but was barefoot upon being returned to the Youth Center by King Sphinx.

    • Why didn't Jason summon Tyrannosaurus to fight Goldar and King Sphinx?

    • Zack and Kimberly ran to tell Billy and Trini the urgent news regarding Jason despite the fact it would have been quicker and easier if they'd just used the Communicators.

    • When Jason pulls the crystals out of the rocks he pulls out 5 crystals, blue, yellow, black, pink and red. But Zordon only sent the 4 other Rangers' crystals to him, he had his in his Power Morpher.

    • Jason calls the Megazord's weapon "The Mega Power sword".

    • There is no force field surrounding the location where Jason is facing Goldar and King Sphinx. There is also no problem with the teleportation system. So, why do the Rangers have to convert themselves into their Crystals and be teleported to Jason (not even on target), just to join his side in the fight?! If King Sphinx can blow them away, he'll still be able to do it once they reappear when Jason throws the Crystals out!

    • Ignoring the fact the bench pressing record is supposedly for "Angel Grove High" and Ernie's juice bar ISN'T part of the school (any record concerning the school would have to be judged by a coach or teacher there in their gym, not by the fat guy who runs a hangout down the road), how exactly does Bulk, the fattest, most out of shape teen at the school, hold any record for exercising anyway? He probably cheated, but it's still absurd to do a story that revolves around such a premise.

    • It appears Jason does a grand total of 3,025 (plus or minus one) bench presses in one afternoon, AND fights Goldar, King Sphinx, and the Putties between that. Yet, he doesn't act the slightest bit fatigued between scenes.

    • After King Sphinx blew Kimberly away, she was demorphed and suddenly in the Youth Center and later it happend to Zack. It was surprising how no one noticed them just suddenly appearing out of nowhere considering there were alot of people in the Youth Center.

    • In the overhead shot of the Megazord cockpit, there were three symbols in front of Jason/Red Ranger that were not Red Ranger & Tyrannosaurus symbols but were Green Ranger's & Dragonzords's symbols. However, Dragonzord was living under the water at the time & Green Ranger/Tommy had not yet moved to Angel Grove.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Ernie: Is this a cake or is this a cake?!
      Jason: (Reading the icing) "Happy Birthday, Mom"?
      Ernie: What do you expect for the last minute? It's the only cake they had left.

    • Kimberly: (About Jason) What number is he on?
      Ernie: (Mouth full) Thousand and two.
      Kimberly: Okay, once more, WITHOUT the sub.

    • (after the Megazord is formed)
      Jason: Megazord armed and ready!
      Goldar: Uh-oh!
      King Sphinx: Uh-oh!
      (Rita watches)
      Rita: Huh?! Uh-oh!

  • NOTES (2)


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