Power Rangers

Season 17 Episode 23

And... Action

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 12, 2009 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • At the end of the episode they were "filming" they ran a series of fake end credits that credited all the characters as themselves.

  • Quotes

    • Scott: Now, you should never hit girls. But, considering she's a robot, well...
      Tenaya 7: Boys always think they're so much faster and stronger then girls. (puts Scott in a half-nelson) Don't believe it.

    • Ziggy: Hey Doc, come out and, uh, help us show off some of the weapons.
      Doctor K: Ranger Green, I'm busy synchronizing the energy matrix of three multi-dimensional bio-fields. Besides, I don't go out into the sun.
      Ziggy: Sure you do!
      Doctor K: Not possible.
      Ziggy: Just once!
      Doctor K: Never.
      Ziggy: (holds up a bag of marshmallows) Mister Marshmallow?
      Doctor K: Okay, one minute.

    • Summer: We don't just go out there and "do" stunts.
      Dillon: Yeah. First, we learn how, so we don't break our necks. It all starts with some physical training.
      Summer: Then they hook us up to a rig, so we can fly. And then we go out there...
      Dillon: And break our necks!
      Summer: No, we don't! 'Cuz we're careful. We're very, very careful.

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