Power Rangers

Season 14 Episode 1

Broken Spell (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Feb 20, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Following an Earthquake, the undead forces of darkness, sealed deep beneath the magical dimension hidden within the woods just outside of a city called Briarwood, are freed from their years-long imprisonment. A sorceress named Udonna seeks out five brave teenagers to combat them, and finds those foretold working at a record/comic shop four of them work at, called Rock Porium. The fifth, a relucant loner and new guy in town named Nick, fails to believe in magic as easily as the rest. Can the team come together before evil conquers both worlds?moreless

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  • An embarrassment to the classic episodes.

    Look, Power Rangers is dead if all of the seasons are gonna be like this. I think they took that lame show W.I.T.C.H and fused it Naruto, personally. Power Rangers is supposed to be a wicked, science-fiction related show with all of the sophisticated weapons and zords and other technology, but they carry wands. I like Harry Potter as much as the next guy, but what the-!!!!! And they have cell phones to yell out, "Ranger Source, Mystic Force!" or some crap like that. I saw the cell phone crap in Wild Force, which also sucked, but not as bad as this. S.P.D. had a few bad episodes, but every episode of Mystic Force has made me want to put in on Fox and watch Winx Club instead! Just kidding, Mystic Force is better than 4Kids crap! Anyhow, the characters are dumb, and Nick is a antisocial freak who rides a motorcycle? He's not very capable to be a red ranger in my book. And the morphing sequence: The green ranger yells out "Garuda!" which was obviously stolen from Digimon. During this 1 hour special, I chose Ninja Turtles at 9:30 over this with no problem.moreless
  • Reluctant Nick

    5 teenagers are lured into another dimension to combat powerful evil forces, which were sealed below by Nick's birth father and they are abducted by by brooms to a strange base of magic called rootcore, where they recieve 5 magic wands that are turned into morphers for them. The skeptic Nick still doesn't believe in magic after he witnesses 4 others using it and an ugly-ass giant beast! Nick leaves, breaking the prophecy, while an evil bastard named Koragg shows up to fight Udonna, setting the stage for the next episode. Also, Clare is introduced. This episode was pretty good for a season premiere. Although, they should stop playing with the whole isolated Red Ranger thing. It's getting a bit stale.moreless
  • I am sure going to miss this season.

    This is where it all began. Now that Mystic Force is over, I am really going to miss this season alot. This has become my absolute favorite season of all the Power Rangers. I will admit that yes, one of the reasons for me liking it so much, is because of the very extremely talented actor Firass Dirani (who has kept me the most interested). I really hope to see him continue in other acting projects real soon as well as a return for a team up in the next season Operation Overdrive. But I will also admit, plotline/storyline as well, was also very interesting too.moreless
  • At first the power rangers did not beleave the old man about the other dimension until they went to help the man save his kind from evil demon

    I think this whole season i think is alot more exciting then the others season. Also SPD was about the same kind of action as this season. If you could would you please keep putting stuff like these on television. I would like to see this show to go on and get better and better as i watch it. Please make other power ranger episodes and have it be more and more exciting as it go on. When this season all said and done there will be another one to take it's place. I hope you will have another marathon to connect the others to itmoreless
  • Very nicely done. I especially like where Mystic Force is going

    This was a well done episode all and all. If it wasn't I probably wouldn't have watched more episodes. But I like how this is going. The cast was perfect. When Xandar tried to reason with the enemy I laughed so hard tears were coming out of my eyes.

    It was an excellent way to introduce the series. If this episode wasn't well done I probably wouldn't have watched the series.

    Sure after seeing it alot I have gotten a bit bored of it. But the first time I saw it, it really drawed me into seeing more. I also like how the red ranger (Nick) wasn't going to join the team. It was a good idea because there was so much they needed to introduce. All and all this show appears to be a mix of LOTR and Chronicles of Narnia. The way it is played out. I think it was a very good episode, and I am looking forward to the next one.moreless
Bill Johnson (II)

Bill Johnson (II)

Older Man

Guest Star

Carl Sigvertsen

Carl Sigvertsen

Elf Leader

Guest Star

Mike Drew

Mike Drew

Storyteller (voice)

Guest Star

Donogh Rees

Donogh Rees

Necrolai (voice)

Recurring Role

Geoffrey Dolan

Geoffrey Dolan

Koragg (voice)

Recurring Role

Andrew Robertt

Andrew Robertt

Morticon (voice) [as Andrew Robertt]

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Storyteller: A short time ago, there was a dimension filled with wonderful magic. But then darkness came into power, and the great battle began. An army of the undead led by a powerful warrior, swarmed over the land, setting their sights on the human realm and beyond. All seemed hopeless, when a small legion of brave and true wizards came forth. Against insurmountable odds, they battled heroically. They drove the evil back from the edge of the human world. And then the bravest wizard of them all cast a spell that sent the armies into the underworld. He sealed darkness inside giant gates for eternity, and evil disappeared from the surface world. But with great victory comes with great loss. The humans never knew of the great battle or the sacrifices that were made to save them from destruction. Even til this day, they live in peace, totally unaware of what is about to awaken...

    • Udonna: Remember, in order to use magic, you must first believe in magic.

    • Udonna: Well, well. Very nice. You truly are the ones. Are you up to the task? Are you now ready to accept your legacy?
      Chip: Oh yeah. Bring it on.
      Vida: I'm in. I kicked some serious evil back there!
      Madison: This is so unlikely of me, but I'm -- I'm sticking with my sister.

    • Vida: XANDER! I told you if you EVER used my car, I'd rearrange your limbs!
      Xander: You're going into the woods and never returning. As if you're even going to see it again.
      Chip: He has a point.
      (Vida glares at him)

    • Vida: Weren't you taking the day off?
      Toby: As a matter of fact, I was at the beach, uh, snorkeling with the little fishies. And one swam right up to my mask. And he looked at with these big fish eyes, and he said "are your employees cleaning your store like they said they would do?" Now, I have to go back to the water, back to the reef, find the fish, and say, "no."

    • (during the earthquake)
      Chip: It's the end of the world! Just kidding.

    • Madison: Tell me, Chip Thorn, what type of pizza are you eating?
      Chip: Chicken, pepperoni, cheese and chocolate marshmallows.

    • Xander: You go into those woods, you don't come out.
      Nick: I heard about it. But the guy needs help. No one else in the city seems to care.
      Vida: I'll go with you. Not everyone in the city's a coward.
      Chip: I'll go, too. I've always wanted to go on a dangerous quest. This is a dangerous quest, right?
      Vida: Perilous.
      Chip: Sweet!

    • Nick: Guys! There's no such thing as witches. Oh, okay. So now you're playing with me. (mocking) "Ooh, someone's behind me, I'm so scared." BOO!
      Vida: There is someone behind you!

    • Udonna: When the five of you entered the forest, you stepped into a magical dimension.
      Chip: A parallel dimension outside of Briarwood? Do we live in a great city or what?

    • Udonna: You are those warriors. You are the Power Rangers.
      Chip: Oh, nice!
      Xander: Look, excuse me, but there must be some mistake. How are we gonna defeat pure evil? Our high school hasn't won a football game in, like, six years.

    • Clare: I will conjure a spell that will freeze you where you stand until Udonna gets back. Um... Corum Oviat Detrob! (she turns into a sheep) Oh, boy, is Udonna gonna be ma-a-ad at me.

    • Villager: Hail the Mystic Force!

    • Vida: Whoa! I'm a tornado! And I'm pink?! I like... Well, all except the color.

  • NOTES (13)

    • This episode, and the majority of every season from now on, technically made their world premiere on Jetix On-Demand, a service currently only available in limited markets via Verizon's FiOS TV, a week prior to the normal national airing.

    • The Rangers' base for this season is known as Root Core, a giant tree where the entrance is through the mouth of an operative wooden dragon's head. It is located deep within the magic dimension hidden in the forest on the outskirts of Briarwood.

    • Xander is the second Power Ranger to come from Australia, following Kat Hillard (second Pink MMPR, Zeo Pink, and first Turbo Pink Ranger).

    • First season since PRZ in which the none of the main villains are listed in the opening credits.

    • First time in PR series history that the 6th Ranger's powers were introduced before that of the 5 main core Rangers.

    • First time in PR's history the first part of a same-titled multiparter has lacked a "part 1" tag in its singular airings.

    • This marks the third consecutive season in which the team's mentor has Ranger powers, thus making Udonna the first ever female mentor to be a Power Ranger.

    • This season marks the first time the Ranger costumes feature cloaks.

    • The only Ranger to appear morphed in this episode is Udonna.

    • Executive Producer Bruce Kalish, honoring himself by denoting this as being his second season in charge of the show, has dictated all episodes of PRMF must have two word titles.

    • This is the first season to feature both a Pink Ranger and a female Blue Ranger. Speaking of Blue and Pink, this is the first team to feature siblings as Rangers since PRNS, and the first ever to have sisters as Rangers.

    • Debuted on Toon Disney, on its regular day and time of Monday at 7pm E&P. ABC Family debut date: February 25th, 2006 at 10am E&P. ABC Kids Debut: Saturday, March 11.

    • POWER RANGERS MYSTIC FORCE begins with this episode.


    • When Clare turns herself into a sheep, the tune from the "Baa, baa, black sheep" nursery rhyme can be heard.

    • The Book of Unknown: From the long-running TV series, "Charmed". The magic book is called, The Book of Shadows. The vast book contains info about demons, warlocks, & more. Also on "Charmed," magic really does exists, but has to remain secret in modern world.