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Power Rangers

Season 16 Episode 5

Can't Win Them All

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Mar 10, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The second Finger of Poison, Gakko, uses his wall-sticking skills to humiliate the Rangers when they try to face him on his own turf. Theo, used to mastering anything and everything he sets out to learn, finds his confidence decimated by Gakko's ploy. RJ must train him to regain it while Casey & Lily struggle to defend the city without their teammate.moreless

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  • It's Spider-Man, no, it's Theo, the Blue Jungle Fury Power Ranger!

    The Five Fingers of Poison are down to three. But it took tbe Blue Ranger to lose his confidence and some training and motivation to regain it.

    Funny how Casey and Lily held off the enemies unmorphed for so long until the last minute. Mr. Motorcycle Power Up Ranger could have easily eliminated the Rinshi without "tiring nicely" (according to Gakko). Or maybe it was just high time for the series to feature them and Camille fighting in human form, that I don't really know.

    At least the Jungle Karma Pizza scenes have improved compared with the last 2 episodes, some service exhibition instead of store mess. A lot of good points emphasized on this episode, particularly when RJ gives his encouragement to Theo and in the end, when after being highly-regarded by his boss and co-employees, Theo commits a mistake on his pie toss and humbly admits he's also human.moreless
Adam Gardiner

Adam Gardiner

Toady (voice)

Guest Star

Bruce Hopkins

Bruce Hopkins

Gakko (voice)

Guest Star

Sarah Somerville

Sarah Somerville

Stingerella (voice)

Guest Star

Kelson Henderson

Kelson Henderson

Flit (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Theo says that he couldn't defeat Gakko during their first battle because he didn't have enough confidence which clearly wasn't the case at the beginning of the episode. If anything, Theo had WAY too much confidence!

    • Theo treats the loss to Gekko as a personal failure, yet it was neither personally directed at him (Casey was also defeated the same way), nor was it his first loss (he's been bested by several monsters so far).

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Lily: You were great, Theo!
      Casey: Great isn't the word for it; You were awesome!

    • Stingerella:(holding Rantipede's bag mask) Oh, Rantipede. He shouldn't have taken the Power Rangers so lightly.
      Gacko: I think its rather funny. A centipede has 100 hundred legs. He should have used a few of them to run away.

    • Lily: (about Theo) I wonder how he does it.
      Casey: I wonder how he's so good.
      Fran: I wonder if he could teach me.
      R.J.: I wonder if he's the only employee I need.
      (Lily, Casey and Fran give R.J. a look)
      R.J.: A joke. It was a joke.

    • Gakko: (to Stingerella) This is my fight. I will do it my way. Tell Dai Shi...
      Dai Shi: (enters room) Tell Dai Shi what?
      Gakko That the Rangers will be destroyed the next time we meet.
      Dai Shi: Good. Cause the alternative is using your skin for a new pair of boots.
      (Camille giggles)
      Dai Shi: Yours, too.
      Camille: I didn't do anything.
      Dai Shi: Exactly.

    • Theo: I got beat in that fight.
      R.J.: Yes, you did. Beat pretty badly. I saw it on all five screens. It was ugly. Recorded it -- played it back -- it was still ugly.

    • Casey: Lily and I are engaged in a battle with the Rinshi and Gakko. Camille is here, too.
      R.J.: (on walkie talkie) Well, fight on, my man.
      Casey: But we need Theo!
      R.J.: You do not need him. But you may want him.
      Casey: Fine! We want him!
      R.J.: Sorry, not possible. Theo is...occupied at the moment.

    • Gakko: I'll get you, Blue Ranger, and your little friends, too!

    • (watching the Rangers in battle with Gakko)
      Camille: This time they're going down.
      Flit: Hmm, care to make a wager on that?

    • Flit: Gakko is flying like a butterfly, but can he sting like a bee?

    • Flit: You've got to hand it to Gakko. He's got the Rangers beat. Was the young fly wrong in his predictions with the evil, ugly chameleon? (to Camille) Oh, no offense.
      Camille: None taken. But I wouldn't squash you if so pleased with this massacre.

    • Flit: Camille, what a devastating loss. You must feel awful. And, despite my sensitivity to your grief, pay up!
      Camille: Gladly.
      (she smacks Flit away)

  • NOTES (2)


    • Muhammad Ali.

      Flit the fly uses the line of "Float like a Butterfly, sting like a bee" line from the great boxer, Muhammad Ali.

    • Wizard of Oz.

      Gakko uses a similar line from the Wicked Witch of the West's famous line of "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog, too."