Power Rangers

Season 5 Episode 45

Chase into Space (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 24, 1997 on Nickelodeon
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The Turbo Rangers battle to defend the vulnerable Power Chamber against the invading Piranahtron army, but already the odds are stacked against them, and they soon are overwhelmed by Divatox's evil space pirate forces. Can our heroes rise from the ashes and grip victory from the jaws of defeat? Whatever happens, one of their teammates won't make it through this adventure!


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  • Turbo: A much better season than some people make it out to be

    It gets off to a terrible start, but gets itself together by episode 10-15. This season has some real duds, but so does the first 4 seasons. The best episodes, and there are a good few of them, are as good as anything that came before it. The battle in the power chamber is an easy discussion for best sequence in the first 5 seasons.

    The hate is understandable, but inflated. For all the love of Power Rangers in space, Turbo spends half its season with those very same Power Rangers. For those who prefer Tommy and company, there's 20 episodes of that too. Bulk and Skull are also here. Divatox and her crew are pretty decent villains as well. Honestly, to say she's more annoying than the constantly screeching Rita is ridiculous. The machine empire was cool, but made up entirely of stock footages, whereas Divatox at least had her own set from the English production. Of course, she's really very easy on the eyes and that doesn't hurt either.

    Alpha 6 makes a bad first impression with all the yo yo yo's, and seeing as everyone loves Apha 5's meeker aye aye ayes, the confident yo's getting hate is natural. He came on strong in the beginning, but the writers and voice actor really toned it down. Especially in the second half. Also, although Dimitria is no Zordon, the annoying thing about her is that she would only ever ask Yoda questions. After the passing of the torch this immediately stopped. Then there's Justin. Maybe a bad idea from the start, but as a human being, the actor playing him, Blake is solid. The show never makes him a whiny brat, nor is he inherently dumb. He tends to keep it cool and calm on screen a lot and that needs some credit. It could have been much, much worse.

    Also, the car theme should not be scoffed away. There are some really memorable ground sequences with the cars in this season. It's the sort of thing that couldn't be done in other seasons. It's unique and awesome. This is also a season that saw some real advances in the complexity of the English production. Better fights, tighter editing, more complex sets, and location shooting. Plus, the Pizza episode is an all time ranger classic.

    Ultimately, Zeo was a more consistent season. The first MMPR season also had the awesome original cast and some great episodes like 'Green with Evil'. It might be easy to forget though that at least 15-20 of those first season episodes were epic BAD. Also, MMPR3 trying to fill out 50 episodes with little to no quality Sentai footage left made for some turbulent times given that the series couldn't hope to come close to what Chase into Space pulled off at that point.

    The series made some great strides in a short time. Much as Turbo has its flaws, it is also the link in an upward momentum between the great Zeo season and the seasons which follow. Maybe it is never consistent enough to be at the very top of a best seasons list, but the best of Turbo stands along side anything in the first 4 seasons. It deserves better than to be relegated to the bottom.moreless
  • Justin is gone, Turbo ends, it's all good!

    This was one heck of a finale! The endless battle against Divatox's army was exciting to watch. I thought a whole episode fighting footsoilders would be bad but I was wrong. This episode was exciting to watch and the destruction of the command center was like Deja Vu. One thing I didn't get: Why did Elgar destroy the plasma tube when it would have been destroyed just minutes later? Anyway, this was a great way to end a good season and leaves you with a very good cliffhanger at the end and I'm glad there won't be another kid ranger. That was just bad. Didn't hate Justin but a kid ranger was a bad idea.moreless
  • Just agreeing of what 4EverGreen said

    Ever since Fox told Saban to add a kid to be the Blue Power Ranger I was mad. Come on a kid that is the Blue Power Ranger what a great season this is going to be. Yeah right. Ever since Justin came Turbo was just plain. I wanted Justin to be gone in a heartbeat and have been replace by Rocky. Rocky would have been twenty times better than Justin definitely. Thank goodnes he wasn't in Power Ranger In Space and thank GOD he wasn't in the next season. I bet that in that season Power Ranger would not be that exciting and that people would change the channel.moreless
  • Thank the heavens that whole "Justin" fiasco is over!

    There's no doubt in my mind that I wasn't the only person in the world who hated Justin. All of my friends agreed that they completely hated Justin and his guts. I wanted so much for Justin to be gone that I actually rooted for the bad guys

    to kill Justin off just to put us out of our misery. Unfortunately, they didn't kill him off, but at least the Power Rangers had the sense to Not drag him into space. With this season's finale, I had high hopes that things were going to get better for the Power Rangers.moreless
Blake Foster

Blake Foster

Justin Stewart, Blue Turbo Ranger

Hilary Shepard Turner

Hilary Shepard Turner


Patricia Ja Lee

Patricia Ja Lee

Cassie Chan, Pink Turbo Ranger

Roger Velasco

Roger Velasco

Carlos Valerte, Green Turbo Ranger

Selwyn Ward

Selwyn Ward

Theodore Jay Jarvis "T.J." Johnson, Red Turbo Ranger

Tracy Lynn Cruz

Tracy Lynn Cruz

Ashley Hammond, Yellow Turbo Ranger

Lex Lang

Lex Lang

Rygog (voice)

Recurring Role

John McGee

John McGee

General Norquist

Recurring Role

Ed Neil

Ed Neil


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • How did the communicators work properly without access to the Morphin' Grid that was obviously inaccessible at that time without the Power Chamber? Any number of disturbances in the past prevented them from working before.

    • When the rangers board the shuttle, it is outside. However, during the next scene, the shuttle is still in the hangar.

  • QUOTES (2)

  • NOTES (10)

    • This episode marks the final use of the original communicator tone (which was based on the 'Go Go Power Rangers' section of the original theme tune and has been in the show since the second episode). For the next two seasons, the communictor chirp is reduced to a simple beep.

    • Divatox captures Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster. They'll next appear in PRiS' "True Blue to the Rescue".

    • This is the last season in which all main villains survive the finale until PRSPD (although PRTF came close).

    • This is also the final appearances of the Pink, Green, and Yellow Turbo Ranger powers. Blue Turbo will appear in PRiS' "True Blue to the Rescue" and Red Turbo will return in PRWF's "Forever Red".

    • Obviously, this is the destruction, and thus final appearance, of the Power Chamber, and with it, the original Command Center's exterior, which has been the base of the Power Rangers since the show began.

    • This episode was considered by Fox Kids to be the 5th season finale. They finally got the hang of new seasons starting in February (when to end them was something they'd need a few years more to master).

    • This episode features the first mentioning of Dark Specter, the "monarch of all evil", and believed to be the ruler of the United Alliance of Evil, the rarely named term for the forces the Evil Space Aliens, such as Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, the Machine Empire, and even Divatox, all belong to. His forces are the ones which attacked Eltar in the previous episode.

    • Only during the original US airing of this episode was the "To Be Continued: Next Season" tag used. All future airings of this episode in the US end with the tag "To Be Continued: Power Rangers In Space"

    • Justin (Blake Foster) departs the cast with this episode. Though, he will return in PRiS' "True Blue To The Rescue."

    • This happens to be the final episode of POWER RANGERS TURBO.