Power Rangers

Season 18 Episode 22

Clash of the Red Rangers

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 26, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • An Insult to the greatness that was RPM

    Power Rangers RPM was one of the best ... if not the best series of Power Rangers to date, even better than the original but this so called "teamup" episode is not only the worst teamup episode to date but also insults what made the series fantastic.

    The first and most obvious problem with the teamup is that there is literally no cast or crew from the RPM camp (due to the fact that it was produced by Disney) and the only established character we got from RPM was Scott ... no let me revise that, was A red RPM Ranger, he may call himself Scott, but the writers really treated him poorly. First off he only appears morphed throughout the entire episode and is voiced by someone other than Eka Darville, (though credit where credit is due the sound alike does sound like Eka unlike previous attempts) Also for some odd reason one of the Samurai regulars Antonio also doesn't appear unmorphed (aside from a brief scene done by a stand-in) and voiced by someone other than Steven Skyler, Alright someone not from the series I can understand not appearing, but one of the series regulars too?

    Second problem: dumbing down the dialogue, one of RPM strongest traits for its series was it's well written dialogue though Samurai's dialogue is far more cheesy and simplistic as such they've brought down the quality of writing of the RPM characters to Samurai's level which is downright insulting to the creators of that series. As such the "Scott" we saw in this episode acts differently to Scott seen in RPM, making a big deal about Shiba house not having TV or Video Games, 2 things Scott was never interested in, he was more of a car enthusiast who got his entertainment from a pool table. RPM Red also seemed really arrogant, a bit of a show-off and completely reckless even when not affected by the hypno bolts which is nothing like Scott as he came from a military background which brings me to the next issue.

    Third problem: errors referencing RPM's story, Venjix is never mentioned nor who Professor Cog (a dumb name BTW) is prior and what his relation to Venjix is, "Scott" said that the Robots (again the Venjix forces were never referred to so simply by RPM) created a toxic atmosphere forcing people to live in the artificial environment of Corinth which he states as his reason for being unable to demorph. This again is full of continuity errors, The reason for Humanity retreating into the domed Corinth city wasn't because of the toxic atmosphere it was because Venjix's forces were so overwhelming that humanity was forced to retreat to its safety. Furthermore the atmosphere was never "toxic" as there were countless occasions when not only the unmorphed rangers but also civilians were able to survive outside the dome being able to breathe just fine, the Yellow hue we saw outside the dome was due to the buildup of dust and ash in the atmosphere caused by the destruction of civilization. At no point in RPM were the grinders able to transform into certain objects, in this case motorcycles, so where did this ability come from. When Professor Cog arrives in the Samurai Rangers universe he make the statement "So this is Earth" ... which again is ironic since characters in RPM referenced their world as Earth all the time. I don't have a problem with RPM being set in a different universe, such a move clearly was necessary in order for series continuity to exist.

    You may have noticed I've spent the majority of this review complaining about the inconsistency with the RPM storyline ... because this episode was supposed to focus on RPM and Samurai working together since "Scott" is only in the one episode, I'm aware that the majority of the footage was used from the Shinkenger vs Go-Onger movie, as well as the Shinkenger Movie so it's hard to give credit to the episodes good parts when the good parts came from the Sentai equivalent. Speaking of the Sentai Equivalent in the crossover movie all the Go-Ongers appeared for the final battle, It's a shame that the producers didn't used unmorphed suit actors for the rest of the RPM team like the did with Scott although given that this would have left Corinth unprotected it's understandable.

    There's a saying that something is better than nothing, but in this case I probably would prefer nothing.
  • Just when I think Power Rangers RPM couldn't get any worse, it just had to ruined this series.


    I can't believe they would show a special with just the Samurai Rangers meeting the RPM Red Ranger and only him. Why would they do that? Everybody knows how terrible Power Rangers RPM was. So why make a special of this? Scott didn't de-morphed because it's not the same actor from the series. I don't get why Antonio doesn't show himself in the series, we only hear his voice and I don't know why. We never see Scott's world where the other Samurai Rangers meet Scott's team because that series was own by Disney while this series is own by Nickelodeon. This special is just wrong. They should have show them meeting Masked Rider Decade and watch that team up just like Kamen Rider Decade meets Samurai Sentai Shinkegers, that would awesome.