Power Rangers

Season 6 Episode 43

Countdown to Destruction (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 21, 1998 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great series finale

    Should i ask why the power grid is still operational at the start of part 2? I SHOULD ... but i won't. Not every show gets a great finale. This one nailed it.
  • Pivotal and important as well as series classic

    This will be one of the best if not the best classic finales of the Power Rangers series and that it should be #1. As in a break with tradition, instead of watching their beloved world go into destruction by the evil Astronama, the space rangers morph in front of the crowd as the crowd will later join them in battle. Meanwhile, Zordon is found and tells Andros that in order for evil to be gone, he must break Zordon's tube. Zordon will die. But that is the price that Zordon pays to restore good. Rita, Zedd, every monster about either will turn to humans or dust. Astronama is back as good-hearted Karone, Andros' sister who he batted to restore good. The Rangers, along with Andros, Karone, and Zane go back to earth to live in peace. As the group proves invincible!
  • this episode is all about the end of PRIS. The rangers are faced with all the citizens will be desteoyed enless the rangers show there true identidies. So wat do u think they will do. And wat will happen to zordon and astronama.

    So the best part was the rangers showing who they really were.And the bad part was when zordon tells andros to destroy him.But everythink happens for a reason.And when ashley and zane finally get to spend the rest of there life together zane stays on his home plant.Naw just jokin zane and andros go back with the other rangers back to earth and they live happly ever after.Oh and ceron comes with them.I was so sad that the season had to end.But it all worked out cuz im going to get the complete season from a friend of mine.
  • It was the better one of Power Rangers episod I saw...

    When I was younger, I was like everybody else watching Power Rangers... This season was for me the better one and make me feel very emotive and admirative about it... This season was wonderful and for an end, this episod was so beautiful and good that I was crying when Andros thought he killed her sister in their battle on the spacecraft... This moment of the episod was so terrible with a music which matched it very good. This season and this episod were for me the big one I never see in all my life and I would like to watch them again if I had time...
  • End of an era

    This has been my favourite episode for over eight years nothing is better than this thought it has got risk of being beaten by Spd’s final, but I just love this episode just for the pure crack it’s end of an era and the best episode.
    Only thing I hate about it’s is the loose threads, the divatox story line and never knowing the phantom rangers identity.
  • To me, the greatest episode of Power Rangers, the last episode of the original Power Rangers, and that's about it.

    I watched this episode when I was a little kid. It was great. Andros and the other rangers had to fight legions of enemies. Other rangers were seen fighting hundreds of monsters. Dark Specter got killed by Darkonda in a kamikaze mission. Zordon gets killed and uses his remaining strength to kill all the monsters and villains that were active at the time. Rita and Zedd become human. Divatox becomes human. Astronema beomces good. The series could've just ended now, but of course not. It's Power Rangers! What would Saturday Mornings be like without it? It would be a very boring time for kids.
  • A pivotal and classic episode in the series, nothing will ever be able to be like it in the Power Rangers saga.

    This episode is by far my favorite power rangers episode due to the sole reason that it is a good closer for the series. My one qualm with it is that it in fact did not end the series when it would have been the perfect series finale with the fact that all of the evil in the galaxy was destroyed. That being said, it is still my favorite and being an end to a \"literal\" era as was brought up by a previous viewer it is also the end of a deeper era. After the end of the first six seasons I truly believe that the rangers have never been the same, those first six had something special and were it to have been brought back into the later seasons I still might have been a hardcore fan to this day.
  • Why can't all episodes be like this classic?

    This episode makes all other episodes of the show, even the action bits look pathetic. One monster a week accompanied by a handful of hopeless grunt troops does not count as a proper invasion. This shows that the show can do a proper alien invasion. OK so simply getting client villains to go all out attack on certain systems isn't the most complex plan in the world but at least its workable. It is also a significant episode for being effectively the end of a loose (and near the end it got looser and looser) 6-year chain of events. Such a mass invasion force warrants a mass defense effort and although any signs of an army was strangely lacking on earth, this only gave the opportinity for the ordinary people of Angel Grove to do what their heroes had been doing and lay into those aliens even though it was more like a mass brawl as opposed to a proper battle that made it great to see even those who knew nothing about fighting do whatever they could. It was such a stirring sight it would make me proud to be American if I actually was American but it still makes me glad to be Human. Too bad they couldn't resurrect Winston Churchill since sort of 'we will fight them on the streets' attitude was done in his spirit.

    Add to that the final Astronema-Andros battle and the emotional ending and you get the show's peak point.
  • The great six-year storyline ends.

    Well, after six years this storyline ends. 6 years of great villains, rangers, and battles. This episode is great action wise and features a great deal of struggle in order to save the universe. I just wish that there would have been more time to show more air time of Rita & Zedd, the Machine Empire, and Divatox’s battles. I like how emotion strung that battle between Andros and Astronema was showing how much Andros loves her. I also like Elciptor’s reaction to finding her dead and dying by her side (how sad). I liked the whole Zordon Wave that ended the battle for the universe. There are so many things that make this a great episode and things that would have made it even better. If only they could have made that part 3!
  • This episode is the grand finale to an end of a power rangers era. When Dark Spector, evil monarc, summons all of his evil forces to destroy earth once and for all, the space rangers are put to the test for the last time to save earth from total destructi

    I truly loved this two-parter episode. When Power Rangers in Space first aired, it was a dawning of a new type of power rangers.For the first time their was a back plot then just the rangers saving the day from over-confident villians. Besides the Tommy-Kimberly attraction, we had seen Ashley really expressing her concern for Andros,almost as if their was some spark between them.Plus my personal fav was that we got to see all of the past villians coming together to destroy the world,also some past rangers, the aquations,phantom,centurion,zeo gold.Although very sad i thought that Andros destroying zordon\\\'s energy tube, meanig allt he evil was vanquished, was the perfect ending to an epic era, from MMPR-PRiS
  • I\'ve been waiting for this episode for a long time...

    too good to be true... Hmm the part i love the most it\'s when the evil come to earth to conquered it and they ask to fight the power rangers... But they don\'t have any power left ( suppose to) so the people take their courage an affront the evil even bulk and skull. But the ranger saw that and they show their true identities to the people of angel groove... The face of bulk and skull ... too funny... \'\' not them! \'\' very funny. I would say that is th best episode of all the series... Nice going power rangers.
  • The end of an era.

    "Countdown To Destruction (Part 2)" ends an era for Power Rangers. It is time for us to truly move onto a new generation. Yes there have been new Power Rangers over the years, but the next time we see them it will be a completely new team.

    The first team recruited by Zordon appeared in the original "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers"- that original team consisted of Pink Ranger Kimberly, Blue Ranger Billy, Black Ranger Zack, and Yellow Ranger Trini led by Jason. Tommy the Green Ranger would be introduced some episodes later and would make special appearances throughout Season 1 and Season 2.

    Then later in Season 2, Jason, Zack and Trini would leave and be replaced by Rocky as the Red Ranger, Adam as the Black Ranger and Aisha as the Yellow Ranger, and having completely lost his Green Ranger powers, Tommy would become the all-powerful White Ranger and replace Jason as leader.

    In Season 3 of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers it is time for Pink Ranger Kimberly to be replaced by Kat. We also see the Alien Rangers story arc. It is during the Zeo Quest that we say goodbye to Aisha and meet her Yellow Ranger replacement Tanya.

    The fourth season entitled "Power Rangers Zeo" picks up where Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers ended. Later on, we meet Gold Ranger Trey who is briefly replaced by original Ranger Jason, before saying goobye himself. Another goodbye goes to the last remaining original Power Ranger Billy. There is also a change in colors for some of the Power Rangers.

    "Power Rangers Turbo" starts off with the big screen movie "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" in which we are introduced to Rocky's replacement young Justin as the Blue Ranger. What we have now is leader Tommy as the Red Ranger, Kat as the Pink Ranger, Adam as the Green Ranger, Tanya as the Yellow Ranger and Justin as the Blue Ranger. During this series, we briefly say goodbye to the being that originated the Power Rangers, and that is Zordon. Additional goodbyes include Tommy, Kat, Adam and Tanya who are replaced by TJ, Carlos, Cassie and Ashley. Saying goodbye to Justin at the end of this series...

    TJ, Carlos, Cassie and Ashley take us into "Power Rangers In Space" where they are joined by Andros and later- Zhane. On a mission to rescue Zordon they battle Astronema. This episode "Countdown To Destruction (Part 2) is the conclusion, and the only way to stop all the evil in the universe is to have Andros destroy Zordon and have his goodness spread throughout the universe. Thus we say goodbye to Zordon, the one who started it all. We also officially say goodbye to the Space Rangers, though we will see them again in the next series.

    So yes, this episode is the end of an era, but it is also the eve of a new beginning for the Power rangers franchise. With this episode, prepare for action and tears, and then afterwards, prepare to meet the Power Rangers of the Lost Galaxy.
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