Power Rangers

Season 15 Episode 32

Crown and Punishment (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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With the ultimate power of the completed Corona Aurora at his disposal, Flurious freezes all of San Angeles and prepares to conquer the world in his new form. The Rangers must use every item at their disposal to make their final stand against him. But in their darkest hour, it will take the greatest sacrifice from one of them to ensure Flurious never cools off again.moreless

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  • Kind of ockward by comparision to the other seasons

    This conclusion to the 15th season of power rangers didn't feel as action packed as it could have been. It did have a first in power ranger history in the fact that the battleizer beat the final boss however it was a really short battle seeing as the conclusion was only a half hour long. Also the pinnociho ending was misplaced and stupid since they made it seem that there is no way to repair an android, though Dr. Hartford built Mack and repaired him when the morphing grid was damaged. Plus there was only a conclusion shown for Mack, it's just assumed that everyone else went along with there old lives. All an all, the milestone season didn't have the milestone conclusion that could be expected.moreless
  • It felt rushed

    Like this entire season, the season finale was equally rushed. I had hoped for some more of the Ty/Vella subplot, or at least an explanation of how Moltor had found where Crazar had stashed her, but no, they didn't want to do that. Mack becoming human went the Tin Man route ("I have a heart!"), which was appropriate given his attitude toward Andrew after finding out he was an android, but the Pinnochio "I'm a real boy!" route would have been even worse. Flurious looked stupid wearing the crown (anyone would I guess), and despite the jewels being the same colors as the Rangers, they had no use for it in that vein. The very end was equally corny/sappy, and our favorite Mercurian couple didn't even kiss.moreless
  • "King" Flurious finally has the crown and all the jewels. However...I was expecting more.

    The episode started off so promising, the mummy gives the Rangers the final jewel of the crown. Seeing Dax's reaction to the mummy was funny, "Don't open it!" Its obvious he's seen a lot of mummy movies to know not to open anything associated with a mummy. Once the Rangers have the final jewel, Flurious shows up to take the rest of them. This was a great battle in my opinion. Eventually Flurious gets his hands on Mack and tries to bargin for the jewels, which he does with success. In the typical fashion of bad guys before him, Flurious left the Rangers alone after getting what he wants. What the hell? Icehead can freeze and shatter his brother but he can't kill the Rangers after he gets the what he wants? Heh...I guess I can say that was villain ego. What was nice is that the Rangers gave up their jewels which made Mack realize he was important to them, despite being nothing more than a robot.

    Flurious decides he doesn't need Norg anymore, so he fires him. Who didn't see that coming? Flurious is a jerk! When the chillers tried to "take care" of him and Vella, the gentle yeti went berserk. It seemed odd and unrealistic, but Norg is a yeti after all....

    Soon after, the Rangers and Flurious meet for their final showdown! Flurious puts the crown on his head and becomes super powered. *Cough*Gajadom*cough*. By looking at Flurious' form after putting on the crown, I can speculate the crown cursed him again. If you put on the crown, you'd expect to become a near god-like being. Regardless of his appearance, Flurious is powerful and takes everything the Rangers can dish out. He declares he stronger than any human and then summons a legion of chillers. He may be stronger than a human, but not a machine. Mack takes on Flurious and even defeats to the point that reverts to his pre-crown from. Mack thinks the job isn't finished yet, so he proceeds to destroy Flurious. In a great death scene, Flurious turned to ice and then shattered. That was cool and ironic. The attack proved too much for Mack, as he goes down. Next up is the cheesy part, which I don't like. This part ruined the episode for me. Mack is beyond repair, so the Sentinal Knight shows up in his pre-excelsior form. How the hell did he seperate from excelsior?! In any case, he puts the crown on Mack's head. The crown revives Mack and turns him human. I knews this would happen, but I was hoping it wouldn't. Its predictable and cheesy.

    In the end, the Rangers go back to their normal lives and reflect on what they learned. Just as Tyzonn says he's going to look for Vella, Norg shows up with Vella. Vella tells Tyzonn how Norg saved her from chillers. Happy endings all around. Mack and Mr. Hartford became a father and son adventuring duo, which is ok I guess.

    All in all, this episode and this season could have been much better. There were many unresolved issues with the villains, such as what exactly happened to the jem Miratrix was trapped in. This episode could have been much much bigger, as most finalies are two parters. I hope Power Rangers Jungle Fury doesn't follow this trend.moreless
James Maclurcan

James Maclurcan

Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford, Red Overdrive Ranger

Rhoda Montemayor

Rhoda Montemayor

Rose Ortiz, Pink Overdrive Ranger

Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin Murphy

Ronny Robinson, Yellow Overdrive Ranger

Samuell Benta

Samuell Benta

Will Aton, Black Overdrive Ranger

Gerald Urquhart

Gerald Urquhart


Gareth Yuen

Gareth Yuen

Dax Lo, Blue Overdrive Ranger

Beth Allen

Beth Allen


Guest Star

Nic Sampson

Nic Sampson

Sentinel Knight (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • If Andrew Hartford managed to build Mack two years ago with years of memories, there's no reason why he couldn't have rebuilt him again with the same memories, including memories of the past year that are now on the computer when they used Mack's hard drive to recap the events of the season several episodes back in "Way Back When".

    • Even though they were piloting the Drivemax Megazord (which was riding the Battlefleet), the Rangers called out the name of the Battlefleet Megazord.

    • Flurious is able to put the crown on his head, despite the fact that the ice crystals on his skull would make that impossible.

    • The final jewel of the Corona is named as a Pink Emerald, however all Emeralds are green by definition (it's like having 'Yellow Ruby'). There is a real gemstone referred to as a Pink Emerald, however, it is not an Emerald, but rather Morganite.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Flurious: (has ahold of Mack) It is over! Give me the jewels, or I'll finish what I've started!
      Mack: Don't do it. Keep fighting! I'm not important.
      Andrew: You are to me.
      (Andrew hands over jewel to Flurious)
      Flurious: I want them all.
      Mack: Don't. That's everything we fought for!
      Will: Sorry, Mack. Your life's important to us, too.

    • Mack: You worked so hard. We worked so hard. Why did you give away the jewels?
      Andrew: I did it for me. I couldn't make that sacrifice. No matter what else happens to us, they're giving me another day, another hour...with you. I love you.
      Mack: I love you, too, Dad.

    • Flurious: (to the Chillers) Now it is time to go and conquer this world. Destruction to all those who try and stop me!
      Norg: Hooray, King Flurious! Can I go with you?
      Flurious: My dim-witted, underachieved, useless, hairy bag of flesh, you may not. Your service to me has been terminated.

    • Norg: Did you hear that, Vella? Flurious left some Chillers behind to take care of us. You think they'll make us some lunch?
      Vella: Norg, when he says "take care of us", he means to get rid of us.

    • Andrew: You are amazing, Rangers. I could not have chosen a better team. But what now?
      Tyzonn: Find Flurious!
      Rose: And we kick his frozen butt!
      Mack: And we take back the crown!
      Ronny: And we save the world!
      Dax: And then, we celebrate!
      (computer alarms)
      Spencer: And I'm picking up a massive jewel signature. Flurious is on the move.
      Will: Let's go, team!

    • Mack: Not so fast, Frosty!
      Flurious: Nice of you to show up to see the destruction. But I have some bad news. You won't be here to see this.
      (freezes the Rangers, shouting out "Ready! Overdrive accelerate!" as they morph, along with the city)
      Flurious: Goodbye, San Angeles! Welcome to the new ice age!

    • Flurious: Mere humans can't ever defeat me! I have the Corona Aurora and I am powerful. Big and powerful!
      (Flurious grows)
      Mack: This is it, Dad. Send the big stuff.

    • Flurious: Like I said, Rangers, no human can ever defeat me as long I have the crown!
      Mack: Maybe not a human, but I can.
      Rose: Mack, are you sure?
      Mack: I'm not human, and I'm just fine with that.

    • Flurious: What have you done?!
      Mack: Not enough!
      (punches Flurious)
      Sentinel Knight: Mack, what are you doing?
      Mack: Using all the power I have!
      (destroys Flurious)

    • Ronny: You built him once, and you can build him again.
      Andrew: Yes, but it wouldn't be Mack. Just something that looked like him.

    • Sentinel Knight: You have saved the Corona Aurora, and I have returned to my true form. The universe will be forever in your debt. Why are you not celebrating?
      Dax: We don't feel much like celebrating.
      Sentinel Knight: Ah. The valiant red great warrior has fallen in service to the Corona Aurora. The Corona Aurora -- powerful enough to make mankind tremble at the mention of its name. Powerful enough to destroy all life, and also, capable of restoring it.
      Tyzonn: You can bring Mack back to life?
      Andrew: That's not possible. Mack was never alive. He's a machine.
      Sentinel Knight: A machine? He fought with heart, yet you're telling me he has none. You must be mistaken, for I saw it with my own eyes.

    • Mack: What are you guys looking at?
      Ronny: You. You're alive. It's Mack.
      Mack: Yeah, I'm alive. I can feel my heart racing at a mile a minute. Wait. I can -- I can feel my heart.

    • Spencer: It seems that this, um, this, um...
      Norg: Yeti.
      Spencer: ...yeti, fought off half the Chillers and saved her. And he brought her straight here...after eating all of my geraniums.
      Norg: They were good!
      Andrew: Not a problem. I'll buy you an entire field of geraniums.
      Spencer: Oh, thank you, sir.
      Andrew: Not you, Spencer. The yeti.

    • Flurious: Thank you, Mr. Hartford. If it weren't for you, I would never have found all the jewels. I'll remember you fondly. (To the Chillers) Get them!

  • NOTES (13)

    • Closed Caption Goofs:
      * During Mack's "Red Sentinal Ranger" call, the captions rather say "Red Says You're a Ranger".
      * When the Rangers confront Flurious by saying "Not so fast, Frosty," the captions read "Not so fast, Roxy".
      * After Flurious destroys the zords by saying "So much for your zords," the captions read "So much for your zord."

    • This season marks the first time since PRLG that the Red Ranger uses his Battlizer to destroy the main villian.

    • This episode marks the final appearances of the Drivemax Megazord and Battlefleet ship. This is the first season since PRTF that none of the Zords ever get destroyed (even temporarily).

    • Flurious's Corona-enhanced form is based on PRZ's Super Zeo Megazord.

    • Sentinel Knight uses the Corona Aurora to turn Mack into a full-blooded human in this episode, making this the last appearance of the Red Sentinel Ranger.

    • It is revealed that Norg has expert fighting abilities.

    • Sentinel Knight is returned to his regular form (previously seen in flashbacks) in this episode.

    • Brownbeard's Pearl represented the Black Corona Diamond, the Torhu Diamond represented the Yellow Corona Diamond, the Star of Isis represented the Red Corona Diamond and the Pink Emerald represented the Pink Corona Diamond.

    • This episode aired at the end of the "PROO: Last Dawn Of The Aurora" marathon.

    • This season marks the first time since PRNS that there hasn't been a full-team Power-Up Mode.

    • This is the first time since PRZ that the final two episodes of a season (three in the case of PRLG and PRTF) have not had the same name.


    • Debuted on Toon Disney on its regular day and time of Monday Night at 8:00pm E&P. ABC Kids debut date: Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 12:30pm ET/11:30am PT.