Power Rangers

Season 17 Episode 32

Danger and Destiny (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Dec 26, 2009 on Nickelodeon



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    • Venjix: Join me in a world of machines. You'll suffer no disease, no hunger, no fear or be crushed and destroyed!
      Summer: That doesn't sound like living at all to me.

    • Dr. K: So far the implants are holding, but I can't predict how long you'll be able to see.
      Tenaya: Either way, I'm going to be fine.

    • Dillon: I hate to break this up, but we got to get going.
      Scott: Sorry, going where?
      Tenaya: We have no idea.
      Summer: But somewhere out there, there's a world waiting to be rebuilt.

    • (last lines)
      Tenaya 15: It's beautiful.
      Summer: Like a whole new world.

    • Summer: No more Series Operators. What next?
      Doctor K: Ziggy and I are starting a school for kids.
      Summer: "Ziggy"?
      Doctor K: Well, he's not a Series Operator any more, so I have to call him something. I suppose "Ziggy" will suffice.
      Ziggy: She's gonna teach all the kids about the, uh, the Biofield, physics... you know, the fun stuff.
      Doctor K: And he's gonna teach them shadow puppets and cooking. You know, the tough stuff.

    • Scott: Drum roll please, ladies and gentlemen, because you are looking at Eagle squad's newest recruits.
      Gemma: We get to blow things up...
      Gem: And get paid for it!

    • General Crunch: You traitor! You're not Tenaya any more!
      Tenaya 15: I never was.

    • Scott: Ziggy, you stay here and guard Doctor K. We're going in.
      Ziggy: Don't worry. You can count on me, Doctor K.
      Doctor K: Yeah, last time I did that, I ended up in a cave.
      Ziggy: (laughs) Good times, huh?

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